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Core durable goods orders m/m belajar forex bahasa

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Es una idea marivallosa. Todos, especialmente los gobiernos debemos apoyar y fomentar el software libre, ya que nos beneficia a todos. Government especially must support FOSS in their work because they are spending public money now and in the future. Public money should benifit the common good.

By favoring software that is free and open source the public good is increased. As a software developer, I can see the world's best software runs on top of open-source code. Software developed with my tax dollars should be made accessible by all who fund their creation. Us the tax payers own this software it is.

Getting more and more dependent from a few software companies is a threat for our liberal society. Since data, people only care about technology,that sucks, real people is the only intelligent investment! Transparenz Demokratie Offenheit das wird immer wichtiger, weltweit, auf allen Ebenen. So kann es gehen. Working together uncovers more opportunities for advancement of things we wish existed. If we want access to all then we must enlighten all.

I want my government to use free software, because I do not want my tax money to go back info corporations. I sign this letter for being helpful to the FOSS cause, a cause that liberates us from big tech monopolies and their surveillance. Stop closed source legacy code. Push application and code reuse. Please take in consideration this letter and signers. Against proprietary software in public sectors! Software financed by public money must be free and open source. Simple logic any 3 year old would understand.

Code ideally immediately FOSS. At minimum, timed-release of deposited code 1y, 3y? Change "free trade" agreements if need be. As a taxpayers we should be entitled to the codebase of what software our administration uses. For interoperability and peace of mind. The public should have the right to the software, including the unencumbered source code that they've already paid for,.

Public code is exactly that, public, that won't just benefit you but the whole world. Nice idea. Good luck. Honor the afflicted with a new perception of self control leading by example enlightening those who are and will benefit from this. Thue la trach nhiem cua moi nguoi dan. Public code and free software in general are necessary for independent, free and educated society.

There is no other way. Copyright was intended to promote availability of works, not to reduce it. When fully paid from tax payer money, copyright only does harm. As a long-time user of free and open source platforms, Linux and Unix, and software I know the importance of this legislation.

Act now! The worst thing of these old softwares is they're too "old". Let's push it for the future technologies. As a public library employee and open source developer I've seen firsthand how open source software can benefit everyone.

When governments build software it is not in order to sell it for a profit. Therefore, it makes sense to offer it as open source. It is crucial that publically funded applications can be available to the public that paid for it. But why did every other country want to create its own app?

The open letter makes the matter quite clear. Its actually p. Works made by the US government is not copyrighted. Why should software be held to a different standard? I worked on publicly financed software 20 years ago. This would've been harder back then. No longer. It's an idea whose time has come. How is proprietary software different from encrypting somebody's hard drive and demanding ransom for decrypting it? In the name of every sentient individual i know: We want public money spent in public code, and we want it now!

Public code, public money. It's quite simple really. We already have several laws where the public can check the government and documents! El software libre empodera a los usuarios y ahorra costes. El software propietario es inseguro y opaco en su desarrollo.

Debemos actuar. I totally. Tax papers should own the code and the code should be available to all genuine democratic countries. Can't agree more with this open letter as in the Netherlands the government is hijacked by few closed source IT companies.

Space treaty internet inspoter treaty of the inspoter geranal all code and play forms have to be delivered topo box Avery ca and that ma. Let's get to a better solution! Software being Open Source creates trust and enhances security, as anyone can audit and improve it. Free Software gives everybody the right to use, study, share and improve software. This right helps support other fundamental freedoms like. Public access was originally created by seeing the beautiful beaches we hold so dear to our hearts.

Now, the software is our beach. Bisher gibt es nur Lippenbekenntnisse zu OSS. Gelebt wird es anders. Wir brauchen freie Software! GAFAM are killing life! This is the right approach. We're starting to get there in New Zealand, but it needs to be mandatory. Le pubbliche amministrazioni che trattano continuamente dati personali e sensibili non possono non sapere come operano i loro SW.

Today's software is infrastructure. Patrick Connolly CA I want my tax money to go towards companies and initiatives that are building shared wealth, not building private prod. As a proponent and developer of Free and Open Source Software I regard the proposed changes to legislation as more than overdue!

I want my tax money to go towards companies and initiatives that are building shared wealth, not building private products to lock us in. As I want my devices run free software OSes only I'll have no other choice than to switch back to paper mailing very soon. This is great news! This would prevent elections fraud using personal ID numbers from gvt web apps Serbia Als IT-Untern. Erfolg; diesen Erfolgsansatz sollten wir mit Steuergeld ebenfalls nutzen. Public Money should guarantee reasonable remuneration to those creating the code — and then this very code should be open source!

If taxes paid for it, it should be free. Like the billions that were given to pharmaceutical companies to develop vaccines. Overcome knowledge barriers, allow us to proceed as a knowledge society, together to find solutions. Concordo muito com esta iniciativa.

We live in a WWW driven world. Open source and free software increases trust in governments and collaboration between countries and people. Be transparent in government is vitally important. More so with the software they use. Every bit of code has to be availiable for all to see. Support this call for actions by Siging our Open Letter make a such as bigger impact by siging it.

Queremos software libre porque es la mejor forma de agilizar el proceso de tener justicia socioambiental global y localmente. Free software promotes transparency in the governing body and liberty for the citizens. It could also promote freedom elsewhere.

If it's payed by the public it should be usable by the public. And it's a way to get rid of the US companies. Taking public money, but not keep that code in the public domain is wrong. We can do better and open-source has proven itself to be useful. It's imperative for trust and efficiency in goverment projects moving forward to use Foss licenses.

Csv with men public gov money public service social poor family members brnfet gov support scheme framer in educational society bihar govern. Profiteering off public money encourages corruption and inequality. Our governments have a duty to ensure this does not occur. Bessere Koordinierung der Projekte und fachlich geschultes Personal auch in den Verwaltungen notwendig.

Heureusement "l'argent magique" existe. Donc donnons a tout le monde les bienfai. Software paid with public money should be free and open for anyone to use, inspect, repurpose Not only money spent directly by the administration should result in free code, but also all public funding. Wer nichts zu verheimlichen hat, hat nichts zu verheimlichen. The step taken is a good step for all international humanity.

I am happy to support you. Es ist wichtig, dass nur die Wahrheit unser Leben bestimmt, weder kriminelle Energie noch Lobbyisten usw. Open source allows everyone to audit and improve the code and that will drive both quality and security up, while driving the costs down, as. I beleive that people should have access to software they paid for through taxes.

All government software should be opensource. Me panchayat social work india digital seva loan financial services industry bihar public bhulekh bihar land record nikalna in bihar samaj s. In a democracy, we need digital sovereignty! Only open source can guarantee we aren't at the whim of corporations or foreign gouvernments.

The privacy improvements in our COVID app since making development public is an example for the future. Hello, I need your help, need a copyright licence and cc code for Ireland, I have online web sales share products. All public funded entities need to treat its citizens as project sponsors who owns the rights to products and services created. Hi me mbabar here i am new user this website and this is my website site u come in and see my website thnks.

We rebelled at Taxation without representation. We also rebell that code we financed is not free to all! This should be an universal rule. Public money, public ressources, public results, open results, transparent results. Free software is like free speech, without it the Internet will never be able to be a free medium for the exchange of information and ideas.

Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available. Adapting our infrastracture for Libre Open-Source development will support our economy and save lifes. If it is created with public money, real owner would be the public. So Public must have the authority to access the code. Always be true and honest with our own contribution.. A very important point. Due to recent events in the USA, the politicians in the EU realize the importance of privacy and data security now.

Using Open Source Software in the public space would free the goverment from problematic vendor-lockins. Public The use of public funds our taxes ought not be spent on proprietary software. Software has to free, as in freedom! Multinational capitals are taking control of the people private information, information that belongs to every single citizen, not to privat.

Public software is just another form of public documents, all public documents should be openly available for scrutiny. Public code would also help to keep the software vendors accountable; right now they can deliver bad solutions without being called out.

Saya ingin berjaya seperti orang lain tolong berikan tunjuk ajar pada saya.. Me alegro de esta iniciativa. Ik develop voor de gemeente Amsterdam en alle code die ik schrijf wordt gepubliceerd. All software has annoying little things. I've fixed some in open source software for free.

I'd love to do that on software used by society. Public financing should result in public knowledge. This will also protect against software becoming unsupportable in the future. Open Source gives back more than it gets. Support open source and help make the world a better place for everyone. I think it is a great idea because some like myself are capable of doing a lot of useful things but because of money I couldn't go to colleg.

I have some strong work experienc. You can help us make a much bigger. What about the money the government pays the federal reserve general fund that should be dispersed to all americans. Software engineers can attest to the waste of resources induced by independently reinventing square wheels. We all deserve better.

Libre Software has proven to be beneficial to all parties involved. It is time we use it to build our society! This would make a sustainable change in the next years and the near future. I really don't know why a majority of the politicians don't care. In this day and age the state of digitisation in Europe is alarming.

In my opinion an important part of this digitisation is public code. Versucht bitte dringend zu verstehen, was "Freie Software" bedeutet! If we want transparent institutions, the first and foremost part of the process is to make the infrastructure transparent.

Think Globally not Locally. Raise the power of WE. Positive thinking must be established. Waiting for you at my country. Das Geld ist so zukunftsorientiert angelegt. I agree with the exception of some really sensitive system's and some others. Our future is open-source! Governments that do not openly and transparently share their resources will eventually lose and become a supporter of anarchism. We love this initiative. As an IT provider, we've been acting accordingly for years and we'd love it to become an EU-Wide law.

Weg von teurer, unsicherer Software! Expecting tax payers money to go towards transparent software is no different than expecting transparent governance! Free and open softwares are leading computing innovations since a few decades, public funds should enter that move and sustain it widely.

I have used public code my whole life and the result has always been better that private software. Access to opensource software is in the public interest, 'pro bono publico', especially when public money is used to develop it.

We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and Op. Publishing the code paid by public money is good for transparency , pressures contractors to write good code and lets us help too. Public money, public code. It should be mandatory for all public administration IT to work with free operating systems and free software.

This must be put into our school system starting from grade school it is a language barrier that must be overcome mandatory code. Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for public sector must be made publicly available under a Free and.

The cost of taxpayers turns to zero if passed on and people are allowed to develop more technology and businesses. Knolo Libre is a concept that means "Free Knowledge" and in the case the public is paying, this particular knowledge should be free. Fri software er billigere, mere sikkert, og demokratisk. Instead instill the possibilities and advantages of FOSS to all citizens thru school.

FOSS adoption will help to guarantee the privacy and security of citizens' data, whilst also promoting local software development. As a software developer and citicen I firmly believe we must requirest open source for any software paid with taxes. Transparence de fonctionnement. Opensource is already massively used in the private sector. Let's fix the anomaly by using it in the public sector too! I do research in computer science and it's baffling how some papers do not publish their code.

My name Andrew and I am not getting now cash in this time we r going throw me and my love of my live e heaving a baby soon give the cash 2 t. I want code on my URL I have tried to create account with your platform but I couldn't I lost my existing account details help please. Daher: Schulen vor! Dear representatives, dear deciders, free yourself from lobbyism of the mighty, rich corporations, and listen to the civil society! Software which is built by public money must be owned by the public, giving anyone access to the essence of the software: its source code.

If software is financed by the public, for the public, then it should also be publicly available under a FLOSS licence. FreeSoftware fsfe. Absolutely, We aren't only to pay. If we are paying we must have this power to see what is happening and how it could be improved. If taxpayers paid for something, they need to own it. Transparency and open access will reduce corruption and lower costs for everyone.

We all have been eyewitnesses and trying to use a bad, in a lot of cases useless, government software. I strongly believe that publicly financed software for the public sector should be kept open, since its a legitimate payback of our taxes. Modern society can no longer exist without software. So it is a great need to democritize software, if we want a democratic society.

This would be mutually beneficial, fostering collaboration, gaining access to more development resources, and distributing software to incre. Open Source is the only viable solution on the long term, but it shouldn't be the case for the private sector only.

Keep it up! Free software is the only future for a democratic society which bases their political debate and social discurs on digital technologies. It should be like the supermarkets: You see the item, you buy it, and it's yours to do as you want.

We should not accept that public money is thrown at the same problems again and again. Our best chance is to make sure that data and code a. I don't want my tax money to fund companies that obscure their code in the name of Intellectual property and force people into an ecosystem. Software produced for government needs to be FOSS. This is vital to the future of software in Government. Anything paid for by the public should be available to the public. This includes research papers not hidden behind paywalls.

Any software which is built using public money should be open for public or else its called stealing the public money. Public Money? Public Code! To use an open source model for developing code with public funds should have been obvious from the start!

Motto: Wer zahlt, bestimmt. As a former language school owner and IT employee responsible for FOSS deployments, I am sure that such legislation will be very beneficial. It's only logical! Don't believe the corporate lobbyists. Be relevant, consider your legacy for the future. Publicly financed Software must be in public ownership to ensure data protection, and to keep it scalable and adaptable to changing needs.

It is very important to be able to review public code infrastructure. That way we don't have to trust as we can check. Openness is particularly important when public services rely on software, and make decisions that have an impact on our lives. The most expensive thing is the time to bring knowledge in peoples heads. And this knowledge never should not be owned by a SW company.

Life is always a lot to say. Life is a deadlock with repeated arguments that make fairness unsurpassed. It's a nonsense to use public money for privative code. Software funded by public money should be free as in freedom , auditable, etc!

Inoltre fa risparmiare soldi! Assolutamente giusto e necessario per costruire un sistema equo, solidale e sostenibile. Basta con le ricchezze di tutti in mano ai pochi. Il est temps de faire bouger les choses. Marre de donner de l'argent aux multinationales pour aucun retour. For people of the world to be free, information and policy has to be based on free and open sourced software.

In an age of growing Artifici. I support this political idea for a very, very long time. It only feels natural to help out make it more popular. Public code creates transparent governance, fosters public knowledge and improves internal and external governmental collaboration!

I strongly believe that proprietary software should be banned from public institutions, in favor to open source programs. I totally support it as many suspicious acts arise from government pays for closed-source software dev. Es necesaria la transparencia para evitar fraudes. This idea is great and obvious. Please show the exemple to motivate other country to do the same. Estoy muy de acuerdo con este proyecto ya que los politicos gastan a destajo el dinero que el contribuyente aporta a pais.

Improving code in terms of efficiency and security, making code reusable, sharing by-public-financed knowledge. Softwares developed using various technologies should have free editors, free hosting and free learning curve. I am looking forward to work. Systems that manage sensitive data must be open-source.

Closed-source software should be 1 priority for all the public sector especially public schools and universities. The most of inovations is based on open source code, why to pay for its closed versions and vendor-lock in solutions if they prowe to fail. Public monies should not go toward paying for proprietary sw licenses, when FOSS alternatives exist. We all think that everyone should open-source their code just for the sake of security and privacy.

Free Software makes this world better for everyone. And it enables everyone to make more Free Software. Sounds nice? Is nice! Yes I believe that people should have access no matter what there income. We should be thankful that the individual has the willingness to. Public code FOSSters participation, transparency and trust. It's a mandatory feature of a smart state. With open source code we are not endlessly reinventing the same wheels, so what we make is better and can benefit more people. This initiative is in to with the EU spirit and will score points with the tech savvy EU citizens.

This should go not just for source code but any public funds used for research. No patents or copyright should be allowed. Making code funded by taxpayers money opensource by default has the potential to revolution government IT infrastructure. A government should be open towards the public, free software is a huge step in the right direction.

As a software engineer and an advocate for the open-source and privacy movements I wholeheartedly back this goal. Free software is an important matter, that becomes more important each year. It can be used to combat many of the problems we're having. Software paid by public money MUST be free and open sourced at least in the same scope as the source of the public money used.

This makes perfect sense and would speed up the improvement of our physical and intellectual infrastructure at a portion of the cost. Thanks to the parliament of Netherlands, wish Indian Parlament will take same decision some day soon,.

I care for the growing population, and it's children. They all need freedom, truth, and prosperity. With your organization it will. Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available und. This would benefit our current infrastructure. A lot of IT projects of the Dutch government are now viewed as failed.

Als de code gesloten is, bevorderd dat hun veiligheid en controle. Als de code open is, bevorderd dat jouw veiligheid en controle. Open software has been a proven concept for many years. Let's make sure lawmakers commit to it too. The choice between closed and open software would be an easy one, if only anyone paid any attention to it. Konzerne haben schon viel zu lange an uns Steuergelder und mit unseren Daten verdient - jetzt reichts!

In this period internet is a compulsory part of life. Oui, le libre dans les administrations. Depuis quelques mois je me bats pour cette initiative There is reason why having public to help create and display open course code software is important.

It's to further everyone's opportunitie. I think that priority should have interest and needs of community, society and not the wishes and ideas of some private privileged. I expect my tax payer money to be used the best way possible, and this is such an obvious improvement and benefit for everybody.

I love this opportunity for us get freely, Our humanity beings is world top religion, I always try to help poor and uneducated people but F. My name is Reezy i'm developp programmers and gestion marketing i'm 19year old i work Job freelance i leave an Toamasina. Its good for person that really want to learn about software without any charges. As long as don't use the software for bad vibes.

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Meanwhile, orders for non-defense capital goods excluding aircraft, a closely watched proxy for business spending plans, decreased by 0. Week Ahead. Investors Rush to Safety of Government Debt. Philadelphia Factory Activity Unexpectedly Contracts. Initial Claims Fall Less than Expected. Calendar Forecast Indicators News. More Indicators. We have a plan for your needs. Standard users can export data in a easy to use web interface or using an excel add-in.

API users can feed a custom application. White label accounts can distribute our data. We Are Hiring. Trading Economics welcomes candidates from around the world. Current job openings:. Durable Goods Orders MoM. Durable Goods Orders. Durable Goods Orders Ex Transportation.

Durable Goods Orders Ex Defense. Factory Orders Ex Transportation. Factory Orders. New Orders. Business Inventories. Wholesale Inventories. Retail Inventories Ex Autos. Dampak perubahan itu masih memungkinkan kita untuk mengambil untung pip. Kan sudah saya singgung sebelumnya bahwa tidak semua berita ekonomi mempunyai dampak seperti yang seharusnya. Tapi setelah saya hitung-hitung dalam seminggu, jika ada 10 berita yang keluar, maka yang salah kemungkinan hanya 3 saja. Dan persentase ini harus dikurangi dengan bertambahnya modal.

Jika uang anda telah berkembang jadi 1. Selalu menggunakan Target poin dan Stop Loss. Maximal Indikator yang ada di Chart anda adalah 2, karena semakin banyak indikator akan membuat anda pusing. Setelah anda menentukan indikator yang akan anda gunakan, jangan diganti dulu sampai tiga bulan, hal ini untuk mengasah feeling anda berdasarkan indikator yang anda gunakan.

Jika target anda sudah terpenuhi matikan komputer anda dan kerjakan aktivitas yang kain. Besok lagi lanjutin tradingnya. Ini bukan akhir dari proses belajar, proses selanjutnya adalah mempraktekan ilmu yang sudah didapat 9. Dan tidak lupa saya mohon maaf jika ada kata-kata yang menyinggung teman-teman semua. Karena saya manusia banyak salahnya. Dan ini bukan akhir dari Thread, jika ada yang tidak mengerti tentang FOREX posting aja disini, kalau sempat saya jawab, kalau tidak, saya yakin banyak Teman2 yang berbaik hati, dan dengan senang hati akan menjawab pertanyaan teman2 yang tidak mengerti.

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Waktu proses biasanya menit, begitu anda mengkonfirmasikan transfer anda ke CS lewat online di Sreamster atau lewat Live Support. PENTING, jika anda telah memilih cara pertama atau transfer antar bank, maka untuk seterusnya anda memakai cara ini, tidak bisa menggunakan cara yang kedua, jadi pikirkan sebelum memilih cara transfer. Ada tiga komponen yang harus anda penuhi dalam bertransaksi dengan cara ini, yaitu : 1. Account di Marketiva 2.

Account SentraEgold banyak pilihan selain SentraEgold, tapi karena saya menggunakan ini, jadi saya tulis yang ini 3. Account LibertyReserve banyak pilihan selain Libertyreserve, tapi setelah saya coba yang lainnya, ternyata lebih mudah pakai yang ini Dua terakhir Anda belum punya, karena itu anda harus daftar ke SentraEgold dan LibertyReserve 1.

Klik dibagian Create Account daftar 3. Akan keluar form E-mail Verification. Isi email anda. Lalu cek di email anda. Jika berhasil akan keluar form berisi penjelasan data account anda. Harap dicatat diamankan datanya semua informasi yg keluar. Untuk memastikan proses sudah selesai anda bisa lanjutkan dengan login ke account.

Step 1 : Masukkan no account Anda. I confirm Keterangan 1. Setelah mendaftar di Sentraegold, lakukan order untuk mengisi uang di LibertyReserve. Pada akhir proses order anda akan disuruh mentransfer uang sejumlah yang anda inginkan ke rek BCA atau Mandiri terserah anda , lalu lakukan transfer.

Cara order beli dan jual di SentraEgold, Kondisi yang harus dipenuhi : - Anda harus telah memiliki account LibertyReserve. Jika ingin membeli - Login di Sentraegold. Atau bisa juga dilihat di history di member area Anda. Lakukan manual transfer LibertyReserve. Caranya : Login ke account LibertyReserve Anda.

Note: lihat penjelasan diatas bagian Bagaimana melakukan transfer antar account LibertyReserve - Setelah itu anda tinggal meng cek email pemberitahuan dari kami. Nah sekarang masuk ke halaman member di liberty reserve dan lakukan order pengiriman uang dari liberty reserve ke Marketiva. Sedikit mau nambahin tentang jenis Trader, dilihat dari keuntungan yang dia ambil.

Trader pertama disebut Scalper, asal kata dari bahasa Inggris scalp yang artinya kurang lebih adalah kutuloncat…? Ciri kedua, biasanya trader Scalper menggunakan timeframe 1H untuk major trendnya dan 5M untuk eksekusi order. Ciri ketiga, nah ini berkaitan dengan broker, biasanya para scalper mencari broker dengan spread yang rendah, selisih poin sangat berarti bagi para scalper. Ok nanti kita lanjutin lagi ya, ada urusan dulu :Peace: Mungkin ada Scalper yang mau bagi2 strateginya disini…?

Trader ini bisa disebut trader harian, karena paling lama dia membuka posisinya hari. Trader ini bisa disebut pertengahan antara Scalper dan Swinger. Target pip yang mereka cari juga masih dibawah Swing Trader tapi diatas Scalper, yaitu antara Tapi karena target tidak terlalu besar trader tipe ini bisa membuka posisi lebih dari 5x atau bahkan lebih, sama dengan scalper.

Kekurangannya menurut saya , trader ini harus orang yang analisanya kuat dan lebih banyak waktu melihat pergerakan harga. Berbeda dengan scalper, dia mau masuk pada awal, tengah akhir gak masalah karena TP yang ingin dia capai pun Kecil.

Nah kepada para Day trader, ayo bagi-bagi strateginya disini.

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Simple Order Block Strategy

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