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Xe Currency Converter. These are the highest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the lowest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the average exchange rates of these two currencies for the last 30 and 90 days.

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Our Community. By Traders, For Traders. Get Connected, Inspired, Motivated. Ready for Growth? Professional Environment. Our Why. Join The Movement. Become a member. Start to execute the markets with confidence and clarity. Bank Rate The percentage rate at which central bank of a country lends money to the country's commercial banks.

See central banks' interest rates table. Bid Price of the demand, the price you sell for. Broker The market participating body which serves as the middleman between retail traders and larger commercial institutions. See the complete list of Forex brokers. US dollar. Carry Trade In Forex, holding a position with a positive overnight interest return in hope of gaining profits without closing the position in order to gain from the central banks interest rates difference.

See the carry trade strategy. CFD A Contract for Difference — special trading instrument that allows financial speculation on stocks, commodities, and other instruments without actually buying or selling those assets. See the list of CFD brokers. Commission Broker commissions for operation handling. CPI Consumer Price Index — a statistical measure of inflation based upon changes of prices of a specified set of goods.

EA Expert Advisor or Robot An automated script that is used by the trading platform software to manage positions and orders automatically without or with little manual control. See our free expert advisors for MetaTrader. ECN brokers do not discourage scalping, do not trade against the client, do not charge spread low spread is defined by the current market rates but instead charge commission for every executed order.

See the list of ECN brokers. Elliott Waves A set of principles for chart analysis based on 5-wave and 3-wave patterns. See the relevant lesson in our free Forex course. Fibonacci Retracements Levels with a high probability of trend break or bounce, calculated as the See the Fibonacci calculator. Flat Square Neutral state when all your positions are closed.

Floating Leverage A leverage that changes depending on the total size of open positions. Fundamental Analysis The analysis based only on news, economic indicators, and global events. Gap A difference between the previous period's close price and the next period's open price. In Forex, usually only occurs during weekends — between the Friday's close and the Monday's open price. See the gap trading strategy. GDP Gross Domestic Product A measure of the national income and output for the country's economy; it is one of the most important fundamental indicators in Forex.

The order is alive good until its execution or cancellation. Hedging Maintaining a market position which secures the existing open positions in the opposite direction. Jobber A slang word for a trader who is aimed toward fast but small and short-term profit from intraday trading. Jobber rarely leaves open positions overnight. Released monthly by the Conference Board. Limit Order An order for a broker to buy a lot for fixed or lesser price or sell a lot for fixed or better price.

Such price is called a limit price. Liquidity A measure of markets that describes relationship between the trading volume and the price change. Long A position which is in a Buy direction. In Forex, the primary currency when bought is long and another is short. Loss A loss from closing a long position at a lower rate than opening or from closing a short position with a higher rate than opening.

Loss may also occur if the profit from a position's closing was lower than the broker's commission on it. Lot A definite amount of units or amount of money accepted for operations handling usually, it is a multiple of Margin Money that the investor needs to keep at a broker's account to execute trades. Margin supplies the possible losses that may occur in margin trading. Margin Account An account that is used to hold investor's deposited money for trading.

Margin Call A broker's demand to deposit more margin money to the margin account when its size falls below a certain minimum. Market Order An order to buy or sell a lot at a current market rate. Market Price A current rate, at which the currency is traded in the market.

Martingale A position sizing strategy that involves doubling the bet after each loss. See the Martingale trading system. Momentum A measure of the currency's ability to move in a given direction. Moving Average MA One of the most basic technical indicators. It shows the average rate calculated over a series of time periods.

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Silver — Silver is a commodity whose precious metal is generally implemented in coins, jewelry, and electronics. Generally, t raders employ a hedge fund strategy known as global macro as a precursor to determine opportune times to buy silver through commodity markets.

Slippage — A resulting difference that occurs between the requested bid price and the price acquired, generally a byproduct due to fluctuating market conditions volatility. Spread — The value difference between the bid and ask price. Stop Loss — Used as a risk reduction method, stop loss relates to an order to sell a commodity or security at a predetermined price to limit a loss. Take Profit — A trading command that is used that allows profits to be obtained after the price reaches a predetermined level.

Trade Size — A fixed fiat currency or percentage of your trading account balance used to execute a trade. Trading Strategy — A strategy, oftentimes technically-based, that is used to help traders more accurately predict the future direction of an underlying asset. Technical Analysis — An analysis methodology that is used for predicting the direction of trends, typically leverages the analysis of market cycles, trends, and patterns.

Technical Indicators — A mathematical calculation that is based upon historic price, open interest and volume of an underlying security that is used by traders who employ technical analysis. Quote Currency — Also referred to as the counter currency, a quote currency is the second part of a quoted currency pair. Remember, based currencies are the first quoted currency in a currency pair.

Below you will find an index of online trading terminology oftentimes used to explain market and trader behavior in forex trading. Aggressive — Price action or a trader acting with conviction. Bearish — A market declining in value, reflects a negative price direction.

Bullish — A market rising in value and showing signs of strength. Ex The financial markets will become bullish after the effects of COVID wear off and trader sentiment is no longer affected. Buy Dips — Generally associated with an intra-day trend, traders seek to buy between 20 to 30 pip pullbacks.

Choppy — Short-term price movements that are not consistent for aggressive trading. Crater — Term used to describe a potential hard sell-off in the market. Dispersion — A statistical term that relates the size of the distribution of values that are expected for a particular variable.

Downtrend — Also referred to as a bearish market, a downtrend is where the price of an underlying asset is decreasing in value. Extended — A market that has been considered to travel too far, too fast. Gunning — Referenced with respect to traders where traders seek to push stops or technical levels in the FX market.

Level — In regards to technical analysis, may reference a price zone or predetermined price that is considered significant. Neutral — Price action that is neither increasing or decreasing in value much over an extended period of time. Resistance Level — An upper price level for an underlying asset that has been repeatedly reached but not surpassed as a result of resistance from the market.

Support Level — A low price level for an underlying asset in which price meets but does not generally fall below in value. Uptrend — Also referred to as a bullish market, an uptrend is where the price of an underlying asset is increasing in value. Volatility — A statistical quantification of the dispersion of returns for an underlying asset, market index or particular security.

Arbitrage — The practice of conducting a simultaneous purchase or sale of a financial instrument in order to leverage small price differentials occurring between markets. Chartist — An individual who relies upon charts to better interpret the historical price action of underlying assets to predict future price movements and trends.

Conversion Rate — Conversion rates are defined as a rate that is used to compute all profits and losses of a particular currency into U. Correlation — The measurement of the relationship between two assets; correlation does not infer causation. Cross Rate — The exchange rate between two currencies. Day Trading — The opening and closing of a position on the same day; day traders trend to invest short-term market movements. Decentralized — Decentralized refers to the market not being controlled by an institution or an entity.

Financial Instrument — Sometimes called an asset or underlying asset, financial instruments are monetary contracts between two parties. These contracts may be established, traded, modified and settled. You may learn more about Forex FX Delta here. Forex Triple B — One of the most dominant and versatile forex trading systems that autonomously employs Bollinger Band trading techniques that leverage the foreign exchange market to conquer pips and capitalize on divergence trading situations.

Open Position — A trade that is currently active. Over-The-Counter — Opposed to a regulated exchange trading platform, an OTC market occurs solely between dealers and principals sometimes through telephone but primarily computer network.

Learn more here! Traders Academy Club — An industry-leading educational service designed to educate online traders with college-level equivalent courses regarding the fundamentals, complexities, and need-to-know information designed to mold students into professional-level traders.

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The Forex Dictionary is a Belgian education platform. We will teach you to trade in a efficient way. We look forward to guide you! Forex definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! The simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another. The global market for such transactions is referred to as the forex or FX market. Forward: The.