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Amazon stock price forecast 2020 roukaya mataf forex

Amazon stock price forecast 2020

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Strong Sell. Rohit Kulkarni. Youssef Squali. Mark Mahaney. Daniel Salmon. John Blackledge. Scott Devitt. Michael Graham. Brian Nowak. Shyam Patil. AMZN is forecast to generate Avg 1 year Forecast. Avg 2 year Forecast. Avg 3 year Forecast. AMZN's earnings are forecast to AMZN's revenue is forecast to The Dow rose 0. In addition, the value of listed corporations on U.

The current low level of interest rates and the relatively high level of the dollar both attest to the confidence that global investors have in the innovative U. Last week, the stock market did what it often does in September, which is head lower. The DJIA fared the worst, declining 2. The U. Even more impressive were trends in unemployment and overall income. The unemployment rate dropped by a half percentage point, to 5. Average hourly earnings were up 0. The gains in hours and workweek put more money in the pockets of all workers, not just new hires.

The re-opening trend continues to drive growth, as jobs gains were led by sectors such as leisure and hospitality k and local government education k. Industries including professional and business services also added jobs. The prior two months featured strong upward revisions, with May growth at , jobs and June at , Heading into the payrolls report, the number of jobs was approximately 7 million lower than the pre-COVID level.

Still, the economy added 1. The labor force participation rate remains low at The number of people filing initial unemployment claims each week remains above K. Though trending in the right direction, the data indicates that the employment environment is still under stress. We expect the unemployment rate will remain above 5. The stock market was flat to down last week as positive earnings surprises proved to be baked-in.

Tech stocks modestly underperformed blue chips. For the week, the DJIA was down points, or 0. Year-to-date, the DJIA is up This edition features electrical suppliers and the fight against greenhouse gases; more talk of tapering; Amazon's earnings; and notes from Tesla, Starbucks, and Pinterest.

In a week that began with somber discussions of an overdue correction, stocks wobbled -- and then used "buy the dip" momentum to race to new all-time highs. In late May, we commented on a trend that was developing in the weekly insider-sentiment data from Vickers Stock Research. Specifically, we noted a seeming shift in the behavior of insiders at companies that list on the NYSE as compared to those that list on the tech-heavy Nasdaq.

Stocks fell on Friday morning following a new round of first-quarter earnings reports from major companies along with March consumer spending data. The Commerce Department said that U. The reading came in slightly ahead of the Reuters consensus forecast of 4. This edition features an oil market update; Amazon's potential in Australia; revisiting our North American airline coverage; and notes from Maersk, Air Liquide, and Allstate. Manufacturing industries that dominated the economy decades ago - textiles, televisions, even automobiles, to a large degree - have moved overseas, where costs are lower.

And now, the U. The delta between GDP growth and population growth has been driven in large part by innovation. The current low level of interest rates the benchmark year Treasury bond yield is 1. There are now more than 80 million Millennials, born between and and ranging in age from their early 20s to their lates.

This generation is the largest in history - bigger than even the Baby Boomers. But as Millennials rise into their peak earning years, their earnings are expected to grow. As we noted just before the New Year holiday, the market concluded with impressive breadth, which was reflected in the percentage of stocks trading above their near-term, intermediate-term and long-term trend lines. Equally impressive was sector participation in the rally, which in the fourth quarter included some impressive rotation into formerly unloved areas.

Over the past couple of decades, the market has corrected when it was this extended. This edition features digital ad spending outlook; pandemic's impact on payments industry; chipmakers; and notes from Boeing, Amazon, and Curaleaf.

Stocks closed October with their worst week since the early days of the pandemic. In spite of a positive week for 3Q20 earnings and better-than-expected 3Q20 GDP, markets were slammed by concerns about possible lockdowns related to the rising tide of coronavirus infections. As polls tighten, investors are also worried about an inconclusive and contested election, something that slammed markets in the year Selling was harshest in tech names, but few areas were spared. For the full week, the Dow was down 6.

For the year-to-date, the DJIA is down 7. Over the past 52 weeks, the Dow is down 3. Our rating on the Consumer Discretionary sector is Over-Weight. Many employees are splitting time between work and home, and we expect efforts to refresh the home space to continue. Consumer Discretionary niches including housing and retail have been strong, and we look for this strength to extend to the recovering auto industry going forward.

The following are the Consumer Discretionary picks we use in our model portfolios and our Focus List. Fink's new focus follows rapid growth in sustainable assets in recent years. The discipline, originally known as Socially Responsible Investing, focused at first on excluding companies for various reasons.

Now, the discipline promotes "sustainable" business practices across all industries that can have an "impact" on global issues. It was certainly anticlimactic considering the recovery we have seen. Stocks were mixed on Friday morning as investors weighed strong earnings reports from major technology companies and positive consumer spending data.

Innovation may be hard to define but, to borrow from former U. And now the U. Healthcare industry is mobilizing to improve COVID testing, treatments and, ultimately, a vaccine. A couple of statistics should help illustrate our point. We have published our latest version of the Argus Millennial Generation portfolio.

This new generation of consumers - the Millennials - has recently become the largest demographic cohort in the country, and this group, with new lifestyle preferences and different career goals, is demanding a new menu of sustainable products and services. The intersection of important Millennial trends - sustainability, healthier living, an entrepreneurial spirit - has resulted in the emergence and growth of numerous companies well suited to the new generation.

Many of these companies are expected to be future industry leaders and are included in the dynamic Argus Universe of Coverage. A diversified portfolio, of course, is more than just a list of companies linked to themes. To build the Argus Millennial Generation Portfolio, we applied financial concepts such as industry diversification, income generation, risk reduction and growth at a reasonable price.

Our stock market valuation model takes into account factors such as stock prices, five-year normalized earnings three historical years, two forward-looking , GDP, inflation, and T-bond and T-bill yields. Still, stocks rarely stick right at fair value. Since , on average, the index has traded at a tight 0. In the meantime, the outlook may improve for corporate profits as states and economies start to reopen.

That is what the stock market is implying. Yahoo Finance. Sign in. Sign in to view your mail. Finance Home. View all reports. Date Range. AMZN Amazon. Current 2, Average 3, Low 2, Related Research Reports of results. Analyst Report: Amazon. Rating : Increased. Price Target: Maintained. Rating : Maintained. Price Target: Decreased. Earnings Estimate: Decreased. The Argus Innovation Model Portfolio. Weekly Stock List. Earnings Estimate: Maintained.

Rating : Decreased. Technical Assessment: Bullish in the Intermediate-Term. Earnings Estimate: Increased. Price Target: Increased. Prev Next. All rights reserved. Data Disclaimer Help Suggestions. Consumer Cyclical. May 09, Subscribe to Yahoo Finance Plus to download the full report.

May 02, Apr 29, Apr 27, Weekly Stock List Innovation may be hard to define, but to borrow from former U. Apr 25, Mar 18, Mar 10, Healthcare,Consumer Cyclical. Feb 07, Feb 04, Dec 21, Weekly Stock List Explosive growth in mobile and fixed-line traffic is driving demand for robust data centers that are enabled for artificial intelligence AI and can manage rising and increasingly-complex traffic flow.

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But we will discuss the king of e-commerce in detail. Although the share has increased significantly in recent years, the end does not seem in sight here either. Amazon was named one of the most innovative companies in the world by Forbes.

Not only is the number of products sold growing strongly, but the cloud division is also showing double-digit growth. Amazon has since grown into one of the largest cloud providers in the world. This cumulative growth also appears to continue in the coming years. If we take the profit of , this valuation drops again to approximately 59, so this growth also justifies the valuation.

Amazon has only just started conquering Europe, so there is still plenty of growth potential here too. The first figures are promising; the group can push away the competition with low prices through economies of scale. That's why Amazon. Amazon has already become a pay-to-play platform. To sell and rank your products on Amazon, you need to pay for advertising. Unlike many other platforms, Amazon offers advertisers something irresistible: a closed-loop that shows how effective every dollar they spend is, as well as more than two decades of insight on the actual buying habits of consumers, rather than just their web-browsing practices.

Bloomberg is also very rosy about AMZN stocks, predicting a one year return of We expect to see enhancements in advertising reporting to help sellers better understand their ad performance. The 1-month time frame of AMZN quotes is presented in the chart above. The Amazon prediction chart suggests that the minimums have been regularly updated since March The maximums have been growing too.

There has been a stable bullish trend. However, the ascending price movement discontinued in September The market has then consolidated in the past six months. The blue dots mark the candlesticks forming the key levels in the chart. The earliest upsurge in trading activity gave rise to the bullish trend in March According to the price history analysis, March's candle has pushed off from the powerful support level at 1, USD red line , thus confirming its importance. The following candle is linked to the bullish price movement's stop in September At that moment, big investors fixed profits, and trading volumes, therefore, soared in the chart.

That monthly candle's peculiarity is that it updated the historical high and simultaneously marked a new local minimum where a powerful support level is now located. That's how the current trading range's limits of 2, 3, USD have formed. Let's now switch to the weekly time frame and try setting a price target for the nearest three months.

Since neither monthly nor weekly time frame provides trend reversal signals, the bullish movement's continuation is the likeliest medium-term outlook. However, the market can be expected to continue consolidating in the coming months like it did from May until March marked with the red circles. From April to June, the AMZN shares will most probably fluctuate in the range of 2, - 3, USD, gently attempting to form a local minimum at the lowest limit of the trading range.

A sharp upsurge in trading activity, with the price located at around 2, USD, may become an indirect indication of a further upward movement. The projected growth will be confirmed if the resistance level of 3, USD is crossed. So, if you are planning to open a long trade at the bottom of the bullish wave, I suggest keeping at least half your money to build up the trade later after the level of 3, is broken.

In an alternative scenario, the AMZN price chart may move down after consolidation. That may happen if a future price consolidates below 2, USD. The market's powerful moves used to lose their potential at that psychological level in and To make a realistic prediction for this year, I plotted monthly candlesticks' projections considering Bollinger bands' width.

Obviously, the price will be forming a local minimum up to the beginning of July, approaching the range's lowest limit at 2, USD. Next, the ascending movement will probably continue, and the Amazon projected stock price will have exceeded the value of 3, USD by September-November, crossing the range's upper limit. At the end of the year, the Amazon stock will probably trade above that level, at around 3,, US dollars. Amazon stock price predictions for January Beginning of the year.

The forecast for the beginning of January is with a maximum value of and a minimum of The average Amazon stock price for the month is forecasted at With a price at the end of the month at , this is a change for January of Amazon stock predictions for December The Amazon stock forecast for the beginning of December is with a maximum value of and a minimum of The average Amazon stock price prediction for the month is forecasted at With a price at the end of the month at , this is a change for December of 2.

The average Amazon stock price prediction for this month is forecasted at With a price at the end of the month at , the change for January should be 5. Suppose Amazon is broken into several smaller companies; you can double or triple all these values.

The individual companies will grow better as independent companies than they will as part of a very, very large diversified company. Keep in mind that such long-term price forecasts are indicative. Estimates for such a long time are very approximate and those Amazon stock forecasts certainly cannot be considered as investment advice.

How has the price of the Amazon stock changed over time? To make the most reliable stock price predictions, it's crucial not just to look ahead but also to look back at the previous price performance of Amazon stocks. Below you'll see how Amazon performed over the years of its existence:. Stocks rise and regularly fall - choosing the best time to buy or sell is very difficult. Almost everything affects quotes: from the state of the world economy to the momentary mood of investors.

However, there are several factors on which the Amazon share price forecast depends the most. We note right away that the market value of securities is determined by supply and demand. If, for one reason or another, the demand rises, the stock price rises. Conversely, if demand falls, stocks become cheaper. Understanding the factors that shape the demand for securities will help you anticipate changes in quotations in time and improve long-term investment results.

Trends in the global economy affect the business of specific companies and largely determine the behavior of investors. A striking example is the coronavirus situation, which put pressure on the entire stock market prediction. Amid uncertainty and general panic, investors began to get rid of risky assets - as a result, many companies' shares fell to record lows.

Long-term trends in the global economy have a more stable influence on securities quotes. These include the development of renewable energy and green industries, the growth of the technology sector, and social projects' proliferation. Companies that succeed in these industries can generate significant returns for investors over a long period. It was a total failure. The Amazon Fresh shopping service was another fail and has now been discontinued in many areas.

The AMZN share price usually changes after the company publishes the next quarterly or annual revenue reports. If the results exceed the earnings expectations of experts and investors, stocks rise, and if they turn out to be lower, they fall. When analyzing the issuer's reporting, one should pay attention to four key parameters: net profit, revenue, capitalization, and debts.

It is desirable that the first three grow and the latter decrease. Another factor involved in the formation of demand for AMZN shares is expert forecasts. Investment bank analysts monitor companies' macroeconomics, news, and financial results, conduct technical analysis and generate price changes based on the data received.

You can find out about them from specialized media or reviews of investment ideas. If investors share experts' opinions and expect that some event will happen - for example, a company will make a good deal or receive a high net profit - they start buying shares without waiting for the event itself. InvestorPlace 9h. Amazon Historical Prices Feb. Download Reset. Amazon Analyst Data Total Analysts: Lowest: 2, SOE Revenue or per share e. Source: FactSet. Amazon Stock Snapshot 2, Amazon Profile Amazon.

The North America segment includes retail sales of consumer products and subscriptions through North American-focused websites such as www. The score provides a forward-looking, one-year measure of credit risk, allowing investors to make better decisions and streamline their work ow. Huttenlocher Independent Director Edith W. Gorelick Independent Director Judith A. Stonesifer Independent Director Wendell P. Analyst Data. Analyst Opinions. Insider Activity. Dividend Calendar.

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