four bagger investing
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Four bagger investing

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So how about we demystify things a little, no not my imagination, let that be. That's the very finance-y and bookish definition. What it means is that multi-bagger stocks earn as much as their price or even more. This earning is generated either through the increase in the value of the concerned share or through dividend earning. This is what the life cycle of your investment would look like:. So based on this example, companies A,B,C and D are the four stars of the aforementioned hypothesis. Now, the odds of finding a multi-bagger with 10x returns are astronomically low.

Based on what I have gathered from my personal experience, the following are the minimum requisites to finding a multi-bagger. Investonomy by Pranjal Kamra is an extraordinary read about investing. Oh, and by the way, you have read Investonomy, right? Based on another inference drawn from the line, I understood is that one should invest in only those businesses that are very easy to understand.

What this does for the investor is it familiarizes the investor with the business on a fundamental level. This allows them to know whether a business is good or bad based on its operations, not superficial and unstable data like just price or rumours regarding market conditions.

Basically, the trick is to not find cheap stocks, but find fundamentally sound stocks that are currently undervalued. Profits occur when the market reaches an equilibrium. During this period of equilibrium, companies reach their fair values and the undervalued, yet fundamentally sound stocks experience value appreciation.

When you think about road accidents, who do you think gets in them the most? Reckless management will also gravely injure companies or if worse gets to worst, maybe even make it meet its demise. The king of the hill reaches the peak with great struggle, damned is he if he lets himself fall off it. This is the mentality that fuels the many businesses that soar the markets presently. Your multi-baggers are hidden among these leaders.

So let it be. You want a company that has met its competition, dealt with it and has left it behind. With a past as deeply rooted in the country as Colgate, do you think that the company could be dethroned from its position anytime soon? Whether you are a brand new entrant to the stock markets or a seasoned veteran, the only thing as valuable as a portfolio with stocks like the ones mentioned above is the knowledge needed to be able to make one. But how and where does one find and acquire the knowledge necessary to create an all-star portfolio?

A lottery jackpot offers an enormous return for your dollar ticket, but only with the near-certainty that you won't win it. Similarly, chasing highflying stocks carries the risk that some of those rockets will crash back to Earth, perhaps even resulting in a total loss of your investment. If you've developed a successful investing approach, stick with it, refining it over time as you learn more through reading and experience.

Be sure to employ a lot of patience, too, and you'll probably accumulate some multibaggers. Patience is more critical to investing success than you might think. After all, if you love the idea of achieving a bagger, that means you should think twice about selling out of a stock once it doubles or triples for you. Sure, you should consider selling if your confidence in the company's future has diminished or if it seems overvalued.

But if the company's long-term prospects are still solid and it's still performing well, then hanging on is usually the best thing to do. It might seem difficult to find stocks that will become multibaggers for you, but it's not quite as hard as it seems -- and you needn't look only among highfliers to find them. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway , a conglomerate featuring a lot of insurance operations, is a great example, having exploded in value fold over the past 30 years, making it a bagger for some patient believers.

Many future multibaggers are right under your nose, and they don't always look like multibaggers. Netflix has been a volatile eight-bagger over the past five years, and Wal-Mart is a bagger over the past 20 years, though it's only a two-bagger over the past decade. Starbucks has been a four-bagger over the past five years and a bagger over the past 20 years. Patience can pay off powerfully with the right stocks.

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Vaalco Energy Inc. EGY-N , with its headquarters in Houston, has been around since and has had many trials and tribulations. The slide caused the company to receive notice in April from the New York Stock Exchange that it was in danger of being delisted, but on May 30 it received a letter that it was back in compliance. At the end of the day, with the price near its lowest level in 18 years, the buyback was cancelled to conserve cash.

Seems ironic, as now the value appears better than before. There must be something positive with this apparent dud? There is. First is the balance sheet. Stocks in the resource sector almost always have debt, often laden with it.

Without this non-cash charge, there would have been a profit. An active drilling program had a per-cent success rate in the most recent quarter, with the bonus of being both on time and on budget. That is unusual to be sure, and helped boost production 35 per cent from the previous quarter.

Management is led by Cary Bounds, who went from being the chief operating officer in to the chief executive chair. Much of his previous experience before Vaalco was with major energy producers in less friendly places to operate, such as Mozambique. He knows his way around the block. Chief financial officer Elizabeth Prochnow has been with the firm since Our belief is that these executives can help return Vaalco to previous form, but they are realistic, with Mr.

One of the many reasons it could be difficult is that this month the commodity swaps put in place in May, , will expire. Benj paid 85 US cents last month for his Vaalco shares. Sustainable economic moat. Remember, even if a company takes 20 years to become a bagger after an initial investment, that still represents a compound annual growth rate of about So look for a company you can hold on to for a long-time.

Sign up with 7investing to keep reading Get full access to all content and our top stock ideas each month. Already a 7investing member? Log in here. Why 7investing? Why Should I Invest? Article Matthew Cochrane. To get this math working for you, here are four qualities I look for when hunting for baggers in my portfolio: Relative size to total addressable market.

I believe both of those statements get at the truth without precisely saying it because what matters is that a company is still small relative to the size of its market opportunities. Because when their respective opportunities are tallied up, I believe they still have lots of runway left to grow. Much smaller companies than these tech giants might not have nearly the same chance of being baggers because their total addressable markets are not nearly as large relative to the company.

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A multibagger is an investment that has gained several times its original value. Each "bag" represents your entire original investment. So if. 2-Bagger: % gain; 3-Bagger: %; 4-Bagger: %; 5-Bagger: % Multibagger investments are not so rare, and they needn't be tied to. Thus, multibaggers are stocks whose prices have risen multiple times their initial investment values. How to identify multibagger stocks? 1. Debt level of the.