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The plot starts with the wife s desire to leave Iran, and her husband s refusal to leave his senile father. This leads to divorce, complications around a young woman he hires to care for the father, an accident, trouble with the law and of course a few surprises at the end. A young woman attempts to bring her long-estranged, alcoholic father back home for a last meeting with her dying mother.

Over the course of their journey, the question of who is or isn t the responsible adult changes. Won a large number of awards in Europe, Joint Norwegan - Scottish pdn. Road movie. English family ties. Free-living bachelor takes a messed-up 12 year old under his wing, originally as a gimmick to get get dates with married women, but they grow on each other and both learn to grow up. Definitely a formula picture, but better than many.

More of an acting job by Grant than is usual. Nominated for best screenplay Oscar. Personal growth. Damaged, repressed man from wildly dysfunctional family is slowly brought out of his shell by irrepressible and slightly nutty dog trainer. One of the great, warm personal movies. Davis won best supporting actress Oscar, movie was nominated for 3 more including best picture. A small, sweet romantic comedy, but one with a spine of serious subject matter: The guy Adam has Asperger s, and the courtship dance with the girl upstairs addresses the question: how do you make emotional connections in the presence of a condition whose primary symptom is an inability to sense emotion, irony and things unspoken in others.

Won the Sloan prize feature dealing with science at Sundance. Delightful, slightly surreal script, with a pseudo autobiographical twist. Cage plays Kaufman, an agonized screenwriter trying to turn a New Yorker piece on an Orchid Thief into a movie.

He also plays his twin brother, who dreams of becoming a hack. Streep plays the New Yorker editor and Cooper the Orchid thief. They all come together in strange, unexpected and very funny ways. Nominated for 4 Oscars. Cooper won best supporting. A SciFi thriller with a very dark soul, but also with a romantic comedy trying to get out. Surprisingly, it mostly works and is great fun. He falls in love with Elise Blunt a dancer who has an equally bright future in her field.

He is confronted by shadowy men in hats with unusual powers who tell him he must forget her. Meeting her was a mistake and isn t part of the plan. Of course he resists, leading to a fantastic chase through and under NY - some interesting questions about free will and a sorta happy ending. An exploration of prejudice, communication and the morality of terrorism, somewhat in the tradition of Crash or Babel. However, this one is less a montage and more a detective story, as a teenage boy tries to find the truth of his parents death several years earlier.

He creates a narrative in which his father was the terrorist who tried to plant a bomb on a plane to Israel. That becomes a sensation when he shares it in internet chat rooms. Very engaging, though you are always aware of the Director s hand guiding the improbable plot.

The great classic that capped Bogart s career and won him his only Oscar. He and Huston had been a partnership since The Maltese Falcon, and this was their fifth feature together, but the first time for either of them with Hepburn. The story of the shoot on location in the Congo and Uganda with the giant 3-strip Technicolor camera, dysentery, snakes, bugs etc. A complex story of relationships and power.

A Dane Mikkelsen working in an orphanage in India, gets the possibility of a big grant, but the rich donor insists he come back to Denmark to get it. Once there, he finds long-lost connections to the rich man s wife and daughter and the possibility that he may be the victim of an elaborate plot. Very well done could be a soap opera otherwise.

Nominated for best foreign Oscar but lost to The lives of Others. Dir Martin Scorcese from Edith Wharton novel. Scorsese s first period costume drama. Refined, soft-spoken intrigues and emotions in the drawing rooms and fancy balls of s NYC high society.

Sort of an American Dangerous Liasons, and very well done. Nominated for 5 Oscars, including best script, but won only for costumes. Distibuted via guerilla marketing and the web. Stars Pete Postlethwaite. In , the curator of an archive created to hold all humanity s treasures as civilization collapsed is looking back through his records trying to understand why we didn t do something to stop climate change when we had the chance i.

Needs to be seen twice or have themes previewed for non-greenies to absorb it all. A classic of the genre, with all the characteristics: Absolutely stunning visuals, too much noisy violence, and an incomprehensible plot about a strange source of energy, teenage bikers, evil scientists, corrupt government officials and strange, ghost-like children.

For very advanced Anime fans only. One of the classics of Disney animation. A bit more sophisticated than some of the fairy tales, so that despite a Disney-invented cute kitty companion for Alice, some of the twisted darkness of the books comes through. Also, Some of Disney s best songs. Dir Jessica Nilsson, Abunch of people out of dogma 95 and the whole Danish new filmmovement. Stars Gry Bay and several men. In most countries, it was a straight to video release, though it had a brief theatrical run in the US and was an official selection at some festivals.

However, mainstream critics never reviewed it and it comes up in most directories as a porn release, It used legitimate actors and had a serious plot, but even the creators said it wouldn t work without the sex scenes. However, lot of Amazon reviewers, including girls, really liked it.

My feeling is that it s sorta the worst of both worlds - crappy drama, boring porn. A single mother in Madrid sees her only son die on his 17th birthday. This leads to relationships with an aging stage star, an odd transvestite, a hooker and others. The usual complicated Almodovar semi-plot, but one of his most successful films. Redford is the only actor on camera and says only about 10 words in minutes of film, yet we are totally absorbed all the way in his story of slowly unfolding disaster for a solo sailor on a foot sloop out in the middle of the Indian ocean.

Nominated for lots of awards, including many for Redford as best actor, but largely ignored by the Oscars nominated only for best sound editing. Adapted form Peter Schaffer s award winning play. Adds a lot of bio-history to that play s musing on the nature of an artistic gift and the tragedy of the one man with just enough talent himself Salieri to grasp what a genius Mozart is. Includes several excerpts from Mozart s operas, staged by Twyla Tharp.

Classical Music. Biography Opera Vienna. Nominated for 11 Oscars, WON 8, including best picture. Light-hearted fable of a totally sweet, innocent girl who conquers her corner of Paris with the sheer power of her goodness. A modern, urban fairy tale. As interesting for its art direction and idealized with some very artful CGI picture of Paris. Jeunet shot Alien Resurrection Nominated for 5 Oscars, including best script and best Foreign-language picture.

Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening. Chris Cooper , Allison Janey. Suburban Middle age man disconnects and drifts into fantasy as he faces mid-life crisis and his super-hyper real-estate agent wife goes off the deep end. His kids are a mess too.

The ultimate existential exploration of American mid-life angst. Nominated for 8 Oscars, won 5, including best picture, best actor Spacey best screenplay, best director. Dir, Ridley Scott. Russell Crowe, Denzell Washington. Scritp by Steve Zaillian Schindler s List. Based on the true story of Frank Lucas, who took over the NY drug business in the 60s, and of Richie Roberts, the honest cop who pursued him while being threatened by all the crooked cops.

Done in the epic style of The Godfather, and it delivers, with great performances by the two leads and an enormous cast of familiar faces. Nominated for a ton of awards including 2 Oscars, but few wins, maybe because Scott is too comfortable doing things like this. Set in the poor part of Venice CA. Very dark and violent. Ends tragically as you just know it will Norton was nominated for best actor Oscar. Loosely based on the facts of the Abscam case in the 70 s. A con man from Long Island Bale and his fake-English partner Adams team up with a wildly over-ambitious FBI agent in a scheme to catch politicians taking bribes and maybe some Mafia chiefs to help a supposed Arab prince build casinos in Atlantic City.

The story is frenetic and difficult to follow in places, rooted in the excesses of the 70s and the comedy of con men conning each other. Sort Goodfellas meets The Sting with terrific performances all around. Nominated for 10 Oscars, including best picture, but won zero in a tough year. Hybrid half-drama, half-documentary on the life of underground comics artist Harvey Pekar. Very weird, but real, characters who inhabit and alternate , but real, universe. Oddball Very independent.

Dir by Lone Scherfig Italian for Beginners. A pitch-perfect realization of the story of Jenny, a bright, ambitious 16 year-old in London and her seduction by a charming man twice her age who also seduces her striver parents. We experience it all through Jenny s eyes: the innocent excitement of discovering a world of sophisticated people and pleasures, and the hard-learned lessons that all is not what it seems. Mulligan, a 24 year-old Brit in her first feature lead, is luminous.

Many critics compared her to Audrey Hepburn. The fairy tale was complete when she was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar. A confused but beautiful mess from LeLouch. Some critics feel that he just keeps remaking A Man and a Woman others feel that he s like an advertising director trying to string a series of pretty scenes on an improvised plot.

A burned-out jazz singer French singer Patricia Kaas and a British jewel thief Irons both wind up in Morocco with brain tumors, get involved with faith healers and a jewel theft. Somehow it all ends well. What does it mean? Nobody knows.

But it s somehow sort of fun to watch anyway. One of the best serious things ever done on TV. Nominated for 21 Emmies, WON 11 plus a bunch of film awards. A character-driven noir that feels real and sustains a true sense of menace throughout. Stephen Holden called it an Australian Goodfellas. When 17 year old Josh s mother suddenly dies, he moves in with his grandmother and his 3 uncles, knowing nothing about them except that his mother had been scared of them.

Turns out their business is armed robbery, and they re sliding into a shooting war with corrupt Melbourne police. Loving, smiling mom Weaver is the scariest character of all. An honest detective Guy Pearce tries to help Josh get out, but in the end, josh doesn t know who he can trust.

A bold, controversial Anna. Critics and Viewers either loved it or hated it. It is mostly set inside a theater, sometimes with very stylized acting. Those who loved it thought this was a brilliant, somewhat operatic solution to the problem of putting pages of social commentary into 2 hours without just turning it into a costume grind. The haters felt it was all art and high concept with no real blood or passion. There s truth on both sides: It s a fascinating idea, and it ultimately engages us, but it doesn t pack a big emotional wallop.

An utterly unique film developed from an experimental theater piece by Kafman and Burwell That used the same voice actors. It s probably closest to Synecdoche, New York among Kaufam s earlier work, but much more successful. All played with unique stop-motion felt puppets. At the center is Michael Stone, a successful motivational writer and speaker, to whom the whole depressing world has the same voice and face literally Then he meets Lisa, who doesn t.

They have their one-night fling, and Michael briefly sees something better. Nominated for best animated Oscar lost to Inside Out. Another seemingly quiet Mike Leigh drama that actually goes deep into life s big questions. In this case, why is happiness distributed so unfairly? Tom and Gerri are a ish couple with a truly solid, happy marriage. Their circle of friends and relatives are mostly failing and unhappy in various ways Leigh once again creates some moments of excruciating embarrassment.

We follow them all through a year, watching the losers patterns repeat and finding no clear answers. There are allegorical hints about the UK s old class lines vs. Several critics noted that the original was much, much better. A glamorous woman sits down next to very ordinary guy on the train and lures him into joining her in Cannes. Next morning he finds himself being shot at and chased by the Russian Mafia and French police as a supposed international criminal.

Lean, taut and Hitchcockian, with very unexpected twists. Not a great flick, but enjoyable. Warm, funny, strong women, relationships, subtle, real life. Lots of odd characters. A few critics thought it was a feminist screed with an anti-male agenda, but most loved it.

Won best foreign language Oscar. Dutch with English subtitles. Brando s last great role. The great saga of the Vietnam war, based on Conrad s Heart of Darkness. This is the re-edit with added scenes. Keywords Black humor, allegory, war, river, swift boat, natives. Dramatization of Apollo 13 crisis. Kinda expectable, feel-good story, but well done.

Real life dramatized. Nominated for 9 Oscars. Won for editing and sound. Maybe the best movie to come out of the banking meltdown. It doesn t attempt to explain how things happened, but instead looks at the moral core or lack thereof in the people at the top.

Gere plays a hedge fund titan at the top of his game. Writer Jarecki is the real-world son of one. A web of lies that all seemed necessary at the time threaten to destroy both his business and personal life. Echoes of how Madoff must have felt. In the end, though, his ruthlessness, smarts and power save the day, but it s not clear what is left of his soul. Also, why do we pull for this guy when we know he s a bastard? A terrific thriller based on a real episode from the Iran hostage crisis that was only declassified in In the midst of the mob invasion of our Tehran embassy, six Americans managed to sneak out and take refuge in the Canadian Ambassador s house.

CIA exfil expert Tony Mendez came up with an crazy idea to sneak them out disguised as a Canadian film crew. To create a convincing legend, he helped a Hollywood friend build a complete phony film company, script, etc. These scenes provide valuable relief from the life-threatening tension.

Nominated for 7 Oscars, won 3 including Best Picture. Science fiction for thinking adults. Twelve extremely alien ships appear hovering over random spots on earth. Adams plays a leading linguist, who is recruited by the Gov t to figure how to communicate. Eventually she does, and the results are gratifying, both in how they pull together a bunch of details that initially seemed trivial and in the provocative nature of the aliens intentions. The sub plot is escalating tensions between the world s nations as they worry about others gaining an advantage.

It feel like a calculated Hollywood addition, possibly real, but cheap along side the grown-ups story. Story of mysogonistic, emotionally crippled writer and single mom waitress. Funny in places, but more serious than you expect.

Nominated for 7 Oscars. Gritty May-December romance between a never-was mobster and a waitress hoping to become a dealer just as the casino era is getting started in Atlantic City. She almost makes him the made guy he likes to pretend he is. Nominated for 5 major Oscars. Fairly successful adaptation of McEwan s best-selling novel.

Sticks very close to the book, which some critics liked, but which others felt made the film labored - - especially the confusing postmodern twist at the end. Regardless of its overall success, there are two highlights that make it worthwhile: a Its evocation of country social life between the wars and b its remarkable picture of Dunkirk as we ve never seen it.

Nominated for 7 Oscars, incl best picture. Deals with the saga of an immigrant Jewish family, from grandpa stepping off the boat through 3 generations. Episodic but good. Sigourney Weaver and a few other actors you might recognize, but it s not about acting.

The highest-grossing film ever. The story is essentially Dances with Aliens Humans are exploiting a distant planet for a rare mineral and are willing to kill the peaceful, deeply-connected-to-nature native people in the process. One soldier falls in love, goes native and helps the Nav i drive out the evil invaders. However, the visual effects are so spectacular and well-integrated into the storytelling you don t care.

AND, if the boom in 3D lasts, this will be the film that made 3D matter. Robin Williams, Robert DeNiro, dir. A true story from early in Oliver Sachs career as a neurologist. As a new doc in a Bronx chronic hospital, he encounters a group of patients locked inside their bodies by what seems like advanced Parkenson s, They were all victims of an epidemic of sleeping sickness in the s.

Experimenting with L-DOPA he is able to release the aware, intelligent people inside, but only temporarily, and this is what lends the movie its deeper level of philosphical musing on what it means to be alive. It was nominated for 3 Oscars, including best picture and best actor DeNiro. Quiet, subtle, deep story about the nature of love and age. Retired professor and his wife have a settled, loving life. But, she is sliding into Alzheimer s and insists on going into a nursing home.

There, she forms an attachment to another patient that upsets everything we and her husband expect. This is not a weepy disease flick, but an exploration of what love really means. Story of a pig who saves himself from the stove by becoming a top sheepdog.

Very warm. Great for kids who can accept the threat of death part. Multi-thread story of American tourist couple in Morocco, misunderstandings with natives, gov t officials etc. Allegory for USA s blunders in rest of the world. Nominated for 7 Oscars, but won only for music. Quiet tale of a French cook who goes to work in a barren, isolated, religiously intense village in rural Denmark.

She comes into some money and uses it to cook a fabulous feast despite the misgivings of the locals. Won best foreign language film Oscar and a bunch of European awards. One of Almodovar s less successful efforts. An examination on the effect of Franco-era religious schooling and sexual abuse on the lives of two longtime friends. Very autobiographical, including Almodovar s growing up gay.

Less of the warmth and comedy we expect from him. Nominated for lots of int l awards, but nothing in the US. Chinese title Xiao cai feng. In two university students are sent to a mountain mining village as part of their reeducation. Both fall in love for the illiterate granddaughter of the local tailor, called "little seamstress".

Stealing a departing student's secret cache of classic western literature, they set about to woo her and teach her things she had never imagined, changing her world and theirs. Quiet, but engaging and warm. A frustrated African American TV writer proposes a blackface minstrel show in protest, but to his chagrin it becomes a hit. Interesting idea, but Lee takes it too over the top.

An Egyptian police band takes the wrong bus and winds up stranded for the night in a tiny town in the Israeli desert. The tough, disappointed woman who runs the cafe arranges for them to be taken in, and thus begins a night of quiet, funny discovery for her and the band s equally beaten-down director. Won several awards at Cannes and worldwide on the festival circuit.

A taught crime thriller loosely based on the actual Baker Street Job in London. A band of east-end occasional crooks is recruited for what they think is a juicy bank-vault job, but then discover that they are part of something much bigger, involving MI5, corrupt cops, a porn king, the upper crust s leading madam and a black power operator with embarrassing pictures.

An added plus is its evocation of radical chic and other excesses of earlys. Remy, an old bull of a retired lefty history professor lies dying in a Montreal hospital, and his ex-wife calls his estranged, investment-banker son to come home and help. One layer of the film is the expectable reconciliation between the two, but there is also much good humor and biting commentary in the way the son eases Dad s passing.

He uses his reviled business skills and wealth to overcome the manifest shortcoming of state-run medicine. Then he gathers Dad s best friends and ex-mistresses to recreate the best days of his past life. Extremely well done and provocative. Won best foriegn-language Oscar. A fresh take on Batman.

Tells the whole back-story of where he came from. It s still a pop movie, but more serious and much less campy than the Michael Keaton films. Sort of a good, serious popcorn film. The first great movie about terrorism. Feels so real in depicting the urban guerrilla war for Algerian independence that it s hard to remember that you re seeing actors and a film crew. Studied in every course in film history and also in many terrorism courses.

True story albeit with a lot of dramatic liberties of John Nash, the Princeton mathematician who fought off severe schizophrenia through sheer will to win the Nobel Prize for his work on game theory and economics. Very effectively evokes what it s like to actually live with the disease.

Nominated for 8 Oscars, won 4, including best picture, best director and best supporting actress Connely. Angela Lansbury Mrs. This was the film that reestablished the Disney animation tradition after a long hiatus. True to many Disney traditions, but with very fresh, funny characters and good songs. Nominated for 6 Oscars, including best picture. Won 2 for music. Hawke and Delpy also wrote much of the script for Sunset. For many, these are the ultimate date flicks about bittersweet love found and lost - - what might have been.

In Sunrise an American guy and French girl meet on a train and she agrees to join him for a night of exploring Vienna before his flight home. In Sunset they meet again 9 years later in Paris and, in just 80 minutes, explore whether you can ever have a second chance with the one that got away. Sunset was nominated for best screenplay Oscar.

A superbly crafted crime melodrama with the downward pull almost of great tragedy. An older, seemingly successful brother manipulates his loser of a younger brother into a jewelry store robbery that s a sure thing. Of course things go horribly wrong, and the drama is in the cascading, awful consequences that entangle their family and all around them.

Great acting, and direction that could be a course for film school. Written by Charles Kaufman Adaptation Dir. Spike Jonz. A puppeteer discovers a portal that leads literally into the head of the movie star, John Malkovich. Surreal, but in the fashion of a weird dream, rather than science fiction. You could say it is a serious exploration of relationships and obsession, but it s more about the fun of a bizarre idea taken seriously.

Nominated for 3 Oscars, incl. Director and script. Based on a Somerset Maugham novel. An old-fashioned sort of picture. Not great, but has its moments due to the very strong cast. Bening was nominated for best actress Oscar. Deneuve had already done Umbrellas of Cherbourg in and Repulsion for Polansky. Still, the importance and notoriety of Belle made it the film people remember as having put her on the map.

Somehow, going to work in a high-class brothel helps her. All presented through an ambiguous, surrealistic lens. Dir by John Madden Shakespeare in Love. Enchanted April goes to India, via Fawlty Towers. A collection of aging Brits meet at a hotel in Jaipur that they have been lured to promises of cheap, luxurious elder living. Of course, things aren t quite as promised and lots of complications ensue and lessons are learned.

It s basically lightweight entertainment, but the cast is so good that we really truly get drawn into the characters, and the fairly obvious life lessons feel profound and important. Older critics said it was a delight, to hard to say exactly why. Some young ones hated it - - probably too strong a picture of their mortality. Willaim Wyler. The first great movie about returning veterans. Three soldiers return to their small town from WWII and struggle to adjust to to the changes in themselves and their families.

Feels a little dated in style, but still has great power in getting to the core of how war changes people. Swept all the major Oscars in One of the great generational movies about how we all age and adapt. A group of people who were best friends at college in the crazy 60s come together for the funeral of one 20 years later. Two years into the Regan era, it was originally intended as a tribute to the death of the hippies, but was seen by most as a record of the emergence of yuppies.

Fabulous ensemble acting by a whole bunch of great actors early in their careers. Also, one of the first flicks to build a great score from the popular songs of an era. Nominated for 3 Oscars, including script and best picture. A story about a son trying to learn more about his dying father Finney by reliving stories and myths his father told him about himself. A little hard to follow, but still a very good exploration of phenomenon of the larger-than-life father and the ambiguity of what is real and what is only in the son s mind.

Good relationships movie with the feel of a little magical realism, old-south style,. Produced by Disney, but with the Pixar side dominating - a little like Wreck it Ralph. No Princesses, no songs, no elves etc. Following the aquistion of Marvel comics by Disney, the goal was to do a Disney super-hero flick ising a Marvel property. They sort of succeeded by combining a typical superhero origin story and a relatable group of nerds and with Baymax a lovable giant robot who looks like a cross between the Pillsbury doughboy and the Michelin man, and who has franchise written all over him.

More interesting is the culture meld: a city that blends Tokyo and S. Coen Bros send-up of classic film noir style. The Dude Lebowski, a total slacker, gets caught up in mistaken identity with a rich and mysterious Lebowski and enlists his slacker bowling buddies to help. The plot is almost impossible to follow but so is the plot of The Big Sleep note the Coens but funny with some very memorable odd characters. Did poorly at the box office, but has become a cult hit over time.

Tries to make the story behind the mortgage crisis comprehensible by creating characters even more sharp-edged than the book most of the real people wouldn t let their names be used Perhaps surprisingly it works. As much fun as the book, in a different way. Nominated for 5 major Oscars, won fro best adapted screenplay. Side-splitting funny. Best is seeing Robin Williams put a lid on his riffing and play straight man to over-the-top Nathan Lane.

Prompted by some online comments, we compared it to the original French movie. Som ethink teh French version is better because the leads play it straight and emphasize the serious side. But, based on pacing direction and acting, this is hands-down much better even thought played more for laughs. The big winner at the Oscars Best Picture, Director and Original screenplay, plus many other nominations.

An aging actor, who once starred in a super-hero franschise as Keaton did in Batman is trying to restart his career with a vanity Broadway production of a serious play. At the same time he is trying to repair his relationships with his daughter, ex-wife, recent girlfriend, etc. This is all delivered with a mix of comedy, surrealism and genuine love for the theater. Violent, gritty re-creation of the incident in Somalia where a large number of American soldiers were killed in a battle with warlord gangs in downtown Mogadishu.

Very realistic and detailed. You really reel what this kind of warfare feels like. The new candidate for the ultimate ballet flick challenging the Red Shoes One foot is in an enormously gritty, real depiction of the physical, political and sexual horrors of the real ballet world including a great monster stage mom played by Barbara Hersey. Nominated for 5 Oscars. Portman won Best Actress. Ridley Scottt. Landmark evocation of a dark, dark future LA. Also the touchstone for the whole idea of the troubled film masterpiece that is recognized as such only years later.

The original release was compromised by studio interference and bombed at the box office. This disc is finally the definitive Directors cut released by Scott in The DVD set also includes three earlier versions - The original theatrical release, the international version which is what I had on Laser and the quickie director s cut. Interesting hybrid of a a thoughtful exploration of conflict, corruption and diamonds in Africa specifically Sierra Leone and b a swashbuckling adventure tale.

They both work surprisingly well. Produced for airing on PBS, this deals with several aspects of fights for control of water around the world: Cities and countries turning over management of their water to private companies, who run it for profit; IMF requiring countries to turn big water plants over to outsiders as part pof debt-relief deals; companies like Coke and Nestle building plants and connecting them to municipal water and then running it dry.

Production values are typical public TV, but the subject matter is very interesting albeit completely one-sided. Controversial winner of the Palm d Or at Cannes, this tells a young woman s coming of age story in an intense, totally engaging way. The director s style of long takes and close ups it s 3 hours long creates a sense of being on the inside, living the story more than watching it.

The controversy centers on two long, very graphic sex scenes that some feminists feel went on way longer than needed. The first of Lynch s weird films to find a larger audience. After finding a severed human ear in a field, a young man soon discovers a sinister underworld lying just beneath his idyllic suburban home town. All takes place on the June day in that RFK was shot, and takes place entirely in the Ambassador hotel. Starts off feeling like a cheezy Airport -type montage, as we are introduced to a large number of characters and their stories.

In the midst of a searing Florida heat wave, a woman convinces her lover, a small-town lawyer, to murder her rich husband. Well done, very sexy, good suspense. A breakout film for Hurt and, especially Turner. Tropical noir. Very funny fake documentary about a TV reporter form Kazakstan who comes to the US and sucks a lot of real people into exposing the hypocracy in our society Full title is Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan six years later, it s remembered as a one-trick thing that hasn t aged well.

Quiet, very European comedy, filmed in a odd post- Dogma method, where a computer randomly sets the framing of each shot. The story: the founder and head of a small IT company has always pretended to be just one of the guys, blaming all decisions on his unseen boss. When a pending sale of the company requires the boss to be there, he hires a failed actor to play the big boss, with comedic results.

Not a great film, but somehow oddly memorable. A reasonably straight-ahead presentation of Pollen s ideas of plants co-evolving with to become more desired and survivable, though it s missing a lot of the philosophical ramblings of the book. Which was written before The Omnivore s Dilemma. Three clueless suburban losers formulate a hair brained robbery scheme and then proceed to screw it up royally.

Sort of defines the loser chic style of film. Won a small number of awards on the indie circuit, but mainly interesting for a preview of where Anderson was going with later films like Rushmore and Royal Tannenbaums. Taught thriller about a mob bag man Panteleone and a lesbian plumber and her girlfriend who plot to steal money he is holding.

Not a great movie, but fun and holds your attention. Interesting mainly as pre-Matrix Wachowskis. The Bourne franchise without Matt Damon. A smart techno thriller with a complex plot that feels more intelligent than the earlier Bournes, Critics complained that it never explain what s going on.

The concept is that while the CIA was creating a chemically-enhanced super warrior in Jason Bourne, a parallel program at DOD was creating a whole bunch. Threatened by Boune s disclosures, the chief spook Norton decides to wipe out every trace of this project. One warrior Renner and a biochemist Weisz survive the first killiings, team up, and try to escape the govt. Much fun. Moore s piece on guns and violence in American culture.

Has as many silly stunts as Roger and Me, but also makes some truly telling points about media hysteria and the creation of a climate of fear. Overall, this is probably Moore s best film. Voices Ben Kinsley, Ellie Fanning and many other firts class actors. Production team is a combination of Aardman stop-motion people and computer types. Another story about the secret people who live under a city, who are thought of as monsters, but who aren t, and the humans above ground, some of whom really are.

Based on the book Here be Monsters, by Alan Snow. The story gets a bit thick at times, but the characters and animated actions are just bursting with little and big delights, including teh best closing credits ever - be sure to stay to the bitter end.

The over-all feeling that is a mash up of Pixar and Aardman, both British and American. Was short-listed for all the awards, but generally ran second to Big Hero 6. Written and Directed by Richard Linklater. A unique film achievement, and a triumph. We spend 12 years with a family as the son grows from age 6 to 18, and it was actually filmed over 12 years as the two kid actors really did move through all those stages.

It is not a documentary, but a scripted, thought-out drama: the largely absent father, doing a lot of growing up himself. The mother, trying hard, but making as many bad choices as good, and the two kids growing up in a way we have never experienced before. Nominated for 6 Oscars inlcuding Best Picture only win was best supporting for Arquette. Entertaining, but not up to what we expect from Pixar. It s more like a Disney flick as rendered by Pixar.

The visuals are fabulous, and the setting of 11th century Scotland is neat in a Pixar way. But, the story, about a teenage princess! Dir by Terry Gilliam. THE movie that made Terry Gilliam s reputation. Bureaucracy and ductwork run amok in the story of a paperwork mixup that leads to the imprisonment of Mr. Buttle, shoe repairman, instead of Harry Tuttle, illegal freelance Heating Engineer. Bureaucrat Sam Lowry prone to escapes to a fantasy world gets branded a terrorist and becomes hunted by the state himself in the process of correcting the mistake.

Nominated for 2 Oscars and a bunch of European awards. Closely based on the true story of the capture of Robert Hanson, the most damaging mole ever inside the FBI. Gripping, quiet, takes place mostly in the office. Very well done. Spy procedural Russia Thriller. Irishmen - some gay - in the midst of the troubles. They live their life by creating their own sweet fantasy world in their minds. Dismissed by most critics as an attempt to do the Crying game over. Sank without a trace at box office, and I honestly don t remember it at all.

A repressed young woman in a religiously strict Scottish seaside community marries an oil worker and discovers sex in a big way only to have him parilysed in an accident. He then insists that she have sex with others. Most of the movie traces her descent into madness and spiritual rapture. Watson s performance is astonishing nominated for awards all over the world, including Oscar A very odd, haunting film. Altman s first film after MASH, it is especially heavy on the Altman style of oblique story-telling, random seeming, layered dialogue and tons of throw-away bits and lines.

This was no-doubt enhanced by the fact that the writer quit halfway through and Altman had everyone improvise from then on. A commercial flop, it has since become a minor cult favorite, especially for Bud Cort fans Harold and Maude came a year later. A low-budget first film, but a much more inventive idea than most. A noir mystery set in a modern high school among the students. And it actually works pretty well.

A teenage loner pushes his way into the underworld of a high school crime ring to investigate the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend. Won a lot of indie awards. It s really two movies skillfully woven together: One a courtroom drama about the trial and conviction of Col. Rudolf Abel Rylance , the other a thriller about the civilian lawyer, James Donovan who, having defended Abel in court, is sent to negotiate the exchange for Powers at Berlin s famous bridge, an exchange that is complicated by interference by the East Germans.

Nominated for 6 Oscars, including Best Picture. Rylance won for Best Supporting actor. Classic story of Japanese POWs and how their commander s obsession withh disecpline holds them together and destroys him. Doesn t feel at all dated after 50 years. Based on Newberry prize kids book.

Two outsiders in 5th grade, connect and create a safe place for themselves through the power of their imagination. There are some special effects, but they aren t as big a part of the story as ads suggested Real world kids story, targeted at age 8 and up. Lots of serious growing up issues, both for the kids and parents. Good, and real, teacher role models. Dir Sharon McGuire. Script by Helen Fielding from her own novel. Loosely based on Pride and Prejudice.

London career girl looking for love hops in bed with the office cad Grant ignoring the dreamy good guy, though of course she winds up with him in the end. Would be an ordinary chick flick, but Zelwegger s crisp, smart performance saves it. Japanese Very dark story of two young men who work in a towel factory, have serious problems with uncontrollable rage and wind up murdering their boss.

Grim, with slightly odd arty tone. Mainly interesting for who the dir is. Fry s adaptation of Evelyn Waugh s "Vile Bodies" a look into the lives of a young novelist, his would-be lover, and a host of young people who beautified London in the s. Acting is all very good and certainly evokes the period, but the script is slow in places and doesn t raise any issues that really mater.

The great classic about live in the newsroom, real reporters vs. TV pretty boys etc. Most of all, as Roger Ebert has pointed out, it s about the kind of people who get high on deadlines, who find working under pressure better than sex. It s also very funny in places. Brooks is the great reporter who s insecure and terrible on camera. Hurt is the empty-head sports reporter who gets cast as the new anchor, and Hunter is the sharp as a tack producer who s torn between them.

Nominated for 7 Oscars, including all 3 actors, the script and best picture. Didn t win any. The last Emperor and Moonstruck swept. Dir Ang Lee. Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal. Sensitive, thoughtful story of two ordinary working-class modern cowboys, who discover their lover for each other and the effect on their straight lives over the years. Was a real breakthrough flick in getting straight audiences talking seriously about the nature of being gay.

Nominated for 8 Oscars, won 3 incl best director. A young girl travels alone to New York in the early 50s to find a life she knows she can t find in her Irish village. Essentially, it s a sweet love story of how she finds her way and her guy. But it s done without theatrics or sentimentality.

It is also a great essay on why the immigrant experience is so important to this country. As the naive country girl turns into an self-confident American, we learn once again that we got the people with the grit and smarts to leave home for someplace better. Nominated for best picture, script and actress Oscars. A searing essay on how war damages men, it has strong echoes of Coming Home though more stark and real thanks to Bier s use of Dogma techniques.

A serious American remake was inferior, in part due to Hollywood s technical polish. The good brother, a Danish Army officer, is sent to Afghanistan, where he does something terrible in captivity. The heart of the film is his effort to work through this after he is home. Very intense, with terrific performances. Won Sundance audience award as best drama. Pixar s first feature after Toy Story. A misfit ant, looking for warriors to save his colony from grasshoppers, recruits a group of bugs that turn out to be an inept circus troup.

Very bright and funny and , in some ways, more sophisticated than TS, though it was nowhere near as big a hit. A season with minor league baseball players - the tough, experienced catcher, the hot rookie pitcher he s trying to groom, the camp-following women. Probably the best movie about the real nature of baseball ever, and Costner s best performance though Field of Dreams is close. Trivia: Robbins and Sarandon started an affair during the shoot that turned into their long-term non-marriage.

Nominated for screenplay Oscar. Russian revolutionary hero Colonel Kotov is spending an idyllic summer in his dacha with his young wife and six-year-old daughter, but a visitor reminds them that this is the time of Stalin s purges, and their happy days are numbered.

Starts slowly, but builds to great intensity at the end like many Russian plays First major movie about this subject after the fall of communism. Won best foreign flick Oscar and a number of other awards. Lee Daniels. Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey and an enormous cast of big stars in cameos. A tour through the civil right era, as experienced by one black family.

The primary focus is on the tension between the generations: Dad was born on a Mississippi cotton farm, experienced Jim Crow it its most violent, and raised himself up through grit and intelligence in service jobs. This draws white audiences in, and helps us feel the contribution of those generations of Pullman porters, waiters and domestics.

Mock documentary by the brits on what life in the US is like years after the south won the civil way. Very broad sophomoric comedy, but with some funny ideas. Degenerates into farcical slapstick toward the end. Best part is mock commercials for products related to a slave-holding, openly racist US society.

French Quiet thriller. A married couple is terrorized by a series of videotapes planted on its front porch that may be the direct result of an event from years ago. Sort of feels like French Hitchcock. Won 3 awards at Cannes, incl best director. Never released in US? Cal, a young man on the fringes of the IRA, falls in love with Marcella, a Catholic woman whose husband, a Protestant policeman, was killed one year earlier by the IRA.

Good evocation of the impact of the Irish troubles at the personal level. Mirren won best actress at Cannes. Taut direction, great acting all around. Nominated for 4 Oscars, incl best picture, Hoffman won for best actor. Tom Hanks. The story of Capt. Rich Phillips of the Maersk Alabama, which was attacked by Somali pirates in and saved by the US Navy after a harrowing time as a hostage on a lifeboat. The film maintains incredible tension by avoiding dramatic flourishes or anything that feels like a script.

Instead, they let the drama flow out of the situation in a very just the facts style. Both Hanks, as the experienced calm captain, thinking about the safety of his crew, and newcomer Abdi, as the almost young pirate leader teetering on the edge of panic are superb. Nominated for 6 Oscars, but no wins in a tough year.

Documentary on a professor and his son arrested in s for supposed sex abuse of kids in his home computer class. The evidence, including a lot of home movies is ambiguous in the extreme. Family is torn apart, and their guilt or innocence is still being debated. Very thought-provoking film.

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