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AutoTradeMate was developed by one of the greatest forex programmer who worked with the best traders out there on more than 1, indicators and EAs so he knows how to program the right stuff for the traders; experience is everything in this area. He not only developed the automated version of the strategy, but also made hundreds of tests and forward tests to find the most profitable parameters and money management solutions.

No need to spend hours in front of your PC — configure the AutoTradeMate to the same hours as yours and you can check the trades it does during those hours, no need to stay wake just to monitor the EA. Look at these 2 great signals one after another. A fair price for this cool software. Cancel any time during these 7 days if you do not like it, No questions Asked Guarantee. I hope by now you understood the power of this automation — it could make you double or triple or even much more of what you would make by trading manually.

Let the AutoTradeMate to do the hard work while you will enjoy your time and money, while it does all the hard work for you. And you can get started in as little as 15 min average time for setting up our EA with all the settings is 12 min. It is called AutoTradeMate and you can order it on this page. In the settings you can specify either automated or pop-up trading. The logic is the same as the strategy and indicator we give away at no cost, download and check it out. I have no idea why the wording have not been altered as so many people raised issue with this.

So we keep it this way and cancel manually. Can you clarify that? So we can be sure you will not be charged anymore. The license will be active since we make sure it is active even after that period. From our experience traders will better use the trial then pay the difference.

The thing in here is that our payment processor does not have trial setups, sp we had to create a subscription of the longest period. Sorry for confusion. Hello, have recently purchased your product. Are you going to add more set files? I Like the gbpjpy eurjpy and nzdusd. Also will there be more videos of your automate set ups in action? You have none for this year. If there will be other set file we definitely will let our clients know. For this year we do not plan any new.

Good morning, I have two questions. Does it work with Ninjatrader and 2. Hi Miguel 1. No — only with MT4 2. You could try , check if your MT4 has features and try it. Can i use other indicators in same chart with AutoTradeMate. Hello, so I now have indicator on a 14 day trail right now. Is the demo not the same as the video or is this simple a different version?

You need to set the indicator on 5MIN chart to see those 3. If you want you can trade manually on any timeframe. The settings for the EA are from M The indicator below which you can see is some old version of our indicator. The you have now is the latest. My name is Kevin and I download and have used your pro-emagain indicator and I like it. Now is this the same system sold for We recommend you try it first on demo account with pop up version, and tweak it if you want, then move to real if you are happy with results.

Can the EA be back tested under MT4? Will it work on 1 MT4 terminal or multiple terminals — live and demo accounts? Then, if you truly do have a gold mine… why on earth would you sell it for pennies on the dollar? This is why we offered it free with the indicator so you can see how it works. Yes — over optimization is not good most of the times, but in general it will make sure it does not offer unpredictable results. We also recommend people to use pop up confirmation so they can filter some trades which they do not consider proper.

In this case we recommend our buyers to buy in dollars, and then your credit card company will make the conversion itself and it could be in advantage for you. It depends on RSI or something else? Do you think that to stop the activities of your EA half an hour before the news and reopen them after half an hour may be sufficient as a precautionary measure?

Can you suggest a different alternative? Naive question, but relevant and fundamental! This means that the result of those investments is a loss of threehundredthousandonehundredtwentyfive dollars? I feel confused…Pardon, I really do not understand.

Which means it lost k and made k and in the end there was a profit of k. I mean, for example: if I have an account of 3. Therefore, since all settings are optimized by default, I have to do nothing else but to purchase your EA, place it into metatrader, start the investment operations and observe the results, just avoiding news impact? The question, analitically read, is: a has THAT optimization of the.

Please, anwer the two with a yes or a not. LAST question Ii swear it! Thank you. Check your settings to make sure they are correct and no errors in the experts tab update: the columns of data you posted were wrong. I feel confused and stupid…Pardon, I really do not understand.

Kindly send me alternative payment method. I want to try your autotrademate to see how it performs. I will like to pay through mastercard. Treat as urgent. If so, will you suggest accurate and complete suggestions about the needed settings to optimize to the best your ea? You can optimize it by manual trading or you could use the optimisation from MT4. We suggest you make at least trades using the pop up option so you understand how the EA and market works, sometimes under some situations you better stay away from market.

If so, how do the money end risk management work? Buenos dias quiero comprar el Autotrademate relleno todos los campos para la compra con tarjeta y me dice que el DNI mio y el de mi mujer no son correctos, podrian decirme el motivo. The EA uses both M15 and H1 timeframes. On the same currency it could use M15 for Sell orders and H1 for buy orders or otherwise. We recommend you to place the EA on M15 chart to make sure the chart is updated properly.

The file comes with a manual and detailed installation process. If you want guided help and us to install it via teamviewer you will have to pay us extra. We provide support over email as well. The entire process is described in the manual which comes with the installation archive you receive when you purchase the EA. When I am transferred to your purchase payment site, it states that I will be re-billed every 2 years.

Is the purchase a lifetime one-time payment or not? Set it to true and before each trade you will receive a confirmation for the trade to be entered or not. VPS is too expensive for me to maintain. Also, how long will you keep the promo price run? If you want you can keep the PC open only during New York session in this case only some pairs could open trades.

In order to have the EA working do we have to maintain the PC open? Do we have to keep open every pair we wish it to be traded automatically?. Each morning when I enter the PC I look for a sell or buy signal and I do not see anything but the basic ProEmaGain indicator and the EA on the right of the screen What is to be done if an arrow buy signal is given while the PC is closed.

The subscription is the longest we could choose with our payment processor. We offer the license full-time and there will be no other charges. I have used this C. F for over 40 years A. What shall I do?. Another question: The signals given auto….. My question is because on all examples shown the signals are after 8, 10 days….

After each signal I suppose we have to wait for the next apropiate bars to open, or we just simply enter the trade. Daer friends, your indicator is great! And I would like to know how does it react on news? Thank you for your answer, my best wishes, Yvette.

Hi Yvette — you could use it as post-news indicator more — to see where the market will go after the news. Do you have stop losses in the following settings? I have found faults and inconsistencies with data and or platform provided yes tech guys did also admit to problem. Q-How can I locate an ethical reliable broker? Because buying an EA wont do if the broker will use nasty software to retaliate your EA and rob you blind.

I think the best way is to check the review of brokers — check them on sites which are reliable like forexfactory, myfxbook and others. Then we recommend to have funds separated on few brokers — not only 1, this way people are protected. And by time you will see which broker is better and which one is not. The reason I ask..

I asked the broker why the candle sticks of their own software provided do not match of their MT4 they provide at same time frame and pair. I am suspicious and think that will confuse the EA. It cannot be changed. And state that there will be different candle sticks due to the time difference of 5hrs. To my understanding..

Some brokers have anti EA software to sabotage after so many wins in a row. Does your software have this EA hidden from broker and makes it look like a regular person is trading? To our knowledge any EA which is working could be seen on MT4, this is the way they work. They are using Magic Numbers for both — to recognize the trades and know where they came from.

Our EA trades just like any other EA. But we could tell you one more thing — if you do not trust your broker better find one which you will. This is better for your future trades. Beside automatically traded by Auto Trade Mate, can I review and modify entry by myself? I want to know if I can entry trades manually when seeing the pop up of signal? Or on the pop up version just say No and then enter you own trade. If you want you can use it on M1 for scalping, but we recommend using it on M15 charts.

Hi Luffy, when you buy the trial you will have a detailed manual with all the instructions and answers to your questions. Cordialmente Eraldo. We have both versions, we can provide you the older one with manual confirmation if you require it. Hi , i am using your indicator and it seems work well , but i loss good opportunity.

In the purchase email there should a link to cancel the trial — or you can send us an email to cancel it and we will do it for you. Is it possible to operate several broker accounts with one EA license. We recommend it to be used on trending instruments. If they are too volatile you can decrease your risk on those and see how that will work for you.

Danke im Voraus. Hi Laszlo our website is available only in English — you could try google translate for your language and check our information. Hi admin, please i will prefer the version that will place the trades for me on my behalf as am the type that is always busy, i wunt have the time to seat with the computer, so please is that available for me. Third attempt at downloading — same message from Adobe saying the file has been damaged.

That is done so you learn and practice properly the system and know what you are doing. Dear Customer, We were unable to verify that the information you entered on the order form is valid. If you have not received notification within 24 hours, please contact our customer service department for assistance. Hi,i want to trade crude oil and silver. Here there is no facility to trade directly from mt4 charts.

Yes, of course you can try it with Oil and Silver. You can use the mt4 charts to get the signal then use it on your own broker. Let us know how that worked for you. The Best time-frames we recommend are m15 and h1 and the results depends on your money management settings. Those are the timeframes we experience better profits.

Hi Raj — you will receive an email with detailed information on how to install it and how to download. It should take at most 30 min. It was developed for Forex Market more — but we have clients who used it in binary options as well with good results. You can give it a try with our trial version and see how it will work for you.

I need you to answer ma question: How to use your system? I have to use use your broker or I have to integrate your system with my own broker?.. Please, reply asap because I am going to buy it tomorrow Saturday.. You can use it on any broker which has MT4 platform, no problem at all. There is detailed installation and user guide for how to use it — for both indicator and AutoTradeMate.

This is the message that I am getting: Dear Customer, We were unable to verify that the information you entered on the order form is valid. I have tried to make payment by debit card. Hello Thanks for this products. Hi William — we like trading more M15, but on M5 we also have good results being profitable after understanding properly how the strategy works. And thank you for all your tips on how to filter out the bad signals, this increased my profits quite nice.

If this is profitable why are you guys sell it to everyone just use it for you self? The answer is very simple: we want other traders to succeed as well and for this they need some help and guidance which at some point requires investments. Now the price is there to filter out those which are not serious about trading and like to download all the stuff available on internet.

From our past experience many traders want to automate their strategies at some point and this is what we did. And as you saw we offer the strategy and indicator at no cost — so you can try it for yourself and see how it works, we charge you only for the AutoTradeMate which automates this, because if you would like to automate it — the price will be much higher.

I have ready install your software in MT4 terminal window,it appear the icon to fill but i did not see the place to fill email and product ID in order to activate, so when i continue to trade it not appear the the icon to notify me to enter into trade or no? When auto trade mate gives a signal , must the 3 different timeframes text on the right side of the chart, those indicate the lower, current and higher trend direction of ProEMAGain, must they all show the same trend direction before i allow auto trade mate to execute the trade?

Do not look at other timeframes — just decide based on chart. Then after 10 such trades on any currency start using higher TF only as confirmation, after 10 more trades like that use the lower as well. In some of the cases I will not trade then lower and higher have different direction — but there are very little signals like that, do not remember the last one I had :.

Usually if the lower timeframe shows other trend and I am already on second or 3rd signal in the same direction on current TF I will not take it. The instructions for how to do it yourself you will receive in your email when you buy. It should come from our payment processor vendor. And when the market is ranging no signal will be taken, will wait for break of the ranging channel before entering the market. If trading H1 or H4 you could try any time since this is already works better at setups more then time.

The best trading hours is when the market has activity and could bounce enough from the indicator. How many time take to receive a additional information via email shortly, I have just purchased. Hi Habibo — usually you should get the email right away, under exceptional cases it could take up to 30min or it could land in SPAM Box. If you still did not receive it just drop us an email and we will check it. Yes — you can use on both demo and real accounts, no limitations, it has the full functionality during trial — just like real product.

After testing the AutoTradeMate I should say that the concept of semi auto trading is very good. It is just like trading manually but much faster. Of course I do not place all of the trades which are alerted by software, just like in real trading, sometimes I enter the market sometimes I stay away. If everything looks good, do i execute a trade immediately or wait for the next candle to open before i execute? Yes — you can execute the trade immediately, no need to wait for candle close — this is the purpose of it, to show you the potential trades and enter them faster.

I noticed that you have three indicators 1 min, 5 min and 15 min. Can this system be traded on 4 hours. Yes, in this case you could use Daily as higher confirmation for long term. On H4 we recommend to start from However I have a question, Does it repaint and also what difference does the green and red bars make as the gold colours appears on both of them at both ends.

Thank you Yaya for your feedback. No — it does not repaint. Green bars are for uptrend formation and red for downtrend, the yellow is the confirmation of the direction. If it is below red bar — strong downtrend and if above green — strong uptrend. You are honest and generous to share with us of your trading success.

Your auto tool is just like eliminating the emotion and leaves the results to the Almighty. It is very clever of you to use the pullback and candle close to determine the flow of the trades. Along with it , I would consider the RSI indicator before placing any trade. We usually advice to take Friday off if you had a good week and trade it only if you are break even over the week. If during the time you want to place the trade there should be some big impacting news like NFP better to stay away, especially if you are trading lower time-frames since the market is very volatile during that time.

Picked 4 marked trades that seemed good to me and 3 were successful, actually gained more than 30 pips in two trades and 7 pips in another trade. System is working good for me and thinking of trading good signals only. Thanks for the system and regards. By the way the automated thing is really cool and I really like that I need to aprove the trades. Guys, the SYStem works, so does my account lol, I just need a few more instructionsto follow to improve my trading.

Hi Tom we are having weekly outlooks which we send to email so we can share how to find best trades. I am very grateful for the system you given, rarely can see that for free. And the results are impressive after I followed the rules as you said and made more trades. It is simple and effective — will try your automated software. You will be able to use the license even after 2 years from purchase date as well as the future updates. PS: thank you for great support and for pointing me where I made mistakes while learning the system You Rock!!!

Can I use it during trial on a real account or only demo? Is the software compatible with ECN brokers? This rule is valid for any time-frame bigger then M5. I want to try you own version also for 14 days but I can only pay through money transfer,can you send me details on how to make the payment. Your email address will not be published. Make sure to read the manual for best results. If you are serious about trading Forex then sooner or later you would like to automate your trading in such a way that you do not have to stay in front of your PC looking signals.

You would like to have an automated tool to provide you signals and approve only the one which you know will be profitable. Check below how bullet-proof it spots the entry. Now, if you do not have the experience we can help you get it in the fastest way possible , we developed a great tool called AutoTradeMate. Originally we made an automated version which will give you a pop up alert every time there is a signal.

Our clients asked for fully automated version. Based on their feedback and our dedicated experts in Forex programming and optimization we finally developed the fully automated version. How much time do you have to trade? Buy It Now. Instant Entry in market when there is a signal based on the strategy Trades and monitors Sell and Buy Orders separately to increase profits. Enable PopUp Confirmation for each trade if you need. By default it is fully automated. Professional traders like to have control over each trade.

Can trade separate time-frames for Buy and Sell Trades. All the calculation for StopLoss and Take Profit are automatically done for you in advance based on the closest low or high point — just like professionals do. LotSize calculation based on the Percentage you are willing to Risk per trade Partial Close of your profit at profitable levels or can be customized by you.

Essence of technical forex analysis. Technical forex analysis can be generally defined as a method of forecasting prices, based on mathematical rather than economic computations. This method was created for purely industrial purposes, namely income while playing at first in the securities The Maastricht Treaty on European Union. Signed in February and came into force on November 1, , provided for the gradual formation of a monetary and economic union: The first phase began almost since July with the withdrawal of all foreign exchange restrictions on the movement of capital within the EU.

At this stage, the problem was solved by reducing the rate of inflation and reduce the budget deficit. Best pages on Forex-grashid. Domain history.

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