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Forex indicator obv

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Finally, the trend reverses, and a bullish trend starts red line. A bear divergence occurs in the opposite situation. The price chart rises, the obv line goes down. An alternative is the sideways movement of the OBV in a bull trend. In both cases, the signal means a soon price reversal, and a bearish trend starts. The chart schematically displays a bearish divergence purple lines.

The price chart goes up while the on balance volumes are gradually declining. Later, the trend turns down red line. There is a special technical tool designed to spot divergences quickly. A great benefit of this tool is the alert signaling divergence and many additional settings compared to the classical version.

In trading with the trend, it is important to understand if the ongoing trend is exhausting or it will continue. Here, we can use the OBV trend confirmation signal. When the bullish trend is developing, the OBV indicator hits higher highs. The same is in the opposite situation. The bear trend is confirmed when the obv lows are getting lower.

The green line in the above chart marks a bullish trend. The OBV line also demonstrates an uptrend. Therefore, while the line is getting up the uptrend strength is confirmed. A typical trading signal is the breakout of the support or resistance line. It signals the current trend is strong, and it should continue. There are also false breakouts when the price breaks out the support or resistance line for a short time and then goes back.

The technical indicator OBV helps one spot such breakouts. Traders use the obv breakouts to filter false signals. The principle of spotting false breakouts is based on the trend confirmation techniques. A strong trend is always accompanied by the obv line moving in the same direction. When the trend is false, the obv line is going in the opposite direction. To check the strength of the breakout of the support and resistance levels, you need to draw a similar line on the On Balance Volume chart.

If the OBV line also breaks through the levels, the breakout is true. You should also remember that the obv signals usually happen a few bars before the price movement. The green lines in the chart mark the support levels to the price and the OBV indicator. The red arrow marks the breakout point. The on volume balance, however, is going down. It means the smart money large traders do not take part in the price movement.

So, the trend is unlikely to continue, and the breakout is false. So, we have studied how the OBV indicator forex works, how to read OBV signals, and how to interpret the on volume balance chart. Now, we shall see how to trade the OBV in Forex. Traders use this indicator both to predict the trend reversals and to confirm the trend continuation.

It signals the trend reversal. So, we open a short position after there is a confirming signal. We enter a trade when the first relatively long black candlestick finishes. So, the indicator delivers the sell signal, and we can enter a short trade blue horizontal line. Soon, the bitcoin price drops sharply and crosses the take profit level, and the trade is exited automatically. There is also an alternative trading scenario. When the bitcoin price goes down to the first target at the distance of the stop loss, we move the stop loss to the breakeven.

To take the profit, we expect the reversal signal of the obv indicator bitcoin. The signal appears when the resistance level is broken out red section of the chart and the classical bullish divergence green sections.

The bitcoin obv indicator signal is confirmed when there appears a long white candlestick marked with the red arrow. When the candlestick closes, we can exit the short trade and enter a long. Let us explore how to trade trend reversals on the example of the IBM shares.

The chart shows a clear divergence between the price chart. This bearish divergence signals a soon trend reversal. The confining signal to enter a short is when the IBM price goes below the trendline, and the indicator breaks out the support level.

Note, the On Balance Volume serves as a filter and confirms the trendline breakout with a slight delay. When the signal is confirmed, we look at the difference between the opening and closing prices. The next bar closes with a down gap, which is another bear signal. We enter a short by market. A stop loss is set according to the common principle, a little higher than the local high red line in the chart.

We shall take the profit manually when the opposite reversal signal appears. Thus we have a higher risk of a loss, but the potential profit is also bigger this way. As you see from the above chart, the IBM price goes down after we enter a short. There is forming a bear wedge that signals a reversal. Such a pattern usually ends with a bear divergence. The price is going as expected. I should note that the trendline breakout in the On Balance Volume window occurs a little earlier than in the chart.

I take the profit once the breakout bar closes. I mark this bar with an arrow and the exit point with a green line. Intraday trading is similar in terms of spotting and reading the OBV signals. The values of the OBV indicator do not depend on the period, unlike other, more popular oscillators.

The difference is in the timeframes. Intraday on balance volume trading strategy suggests trading in the charts from M5 to M This divergence is not typical for a bull trend. I can explain it with the features of the on balance volume. We are waiting for a confirmation signal from the price chart and on-balance volume. The uptrend should change relative to the previous bars, and the trend line will be broken.

We enter a trade at the close of the signal candlestick. Due to the high volatility within the day and the abundance of false signals, we set a take profit level at a fixed distance twice as long as that of the stop loss. The stop loss is set at the local high. In the case of the bullish reversal in intraday trading OBV, the strategy is the same.

The only difference is that the stop loss is set at the local low. The above chart displays a good example. There is an untypical divergence. It looks like an expanding bullish formation. However, the price breaks through the local lows in the expanding formation, and the situation is the opposite in our example. I should note that the OBV signals do not always work out; it is clear in minute timeframes.

But the uptrend continues. You can combine the On Balance Volume with other technical analysis indicators to filter and confirm signals to buy or sell. This way, you can increase the performance of your obv indicator strategy and have more winning trades. You can use the OBV and Stochastic or trend indicators. One of the trend indicators, the Bollinger Bands indicator, is covered in this article. Now, I would like to give an example of a successful obv trading strategy. It is the obv indicator with moving average mt4.

You know that the MA is a lagging indicator. To trade the MA and OBV forex strategy, you need to add two exponential moving averages with periods 34 and The purple lines in the chart connect the highs of the candlesticks and the OBV peaks. There is a divergence, and so, we can anticipate a trend reversal. The initial interpretation of the signal confirms the trend line breakout in the on balance volume window.

When there opens the bar immediately after the crossing, we enter the trade blue horizontal line. A stop and loss and a take profit are set according to the trading strategy rules green line. The sideways trend is indicative here, I marked it with the red oval.

You know that MAs often send false signals in trading flat, and this results in a loss. OBV helps us avoid a loss. It is clear from the above chart, the indicator does not rise during a flat and does not cross the resistance level the blue line. This allows us to hold the position and the market and not to close it too early. The OBV has some advantages and flaws we should consider when trading with the on-balance volume indicator. It could be an advantage in some cases.

For example, the signals are not distorted by the new releases. In other cases, it is a limitation. For example, if the sharp price rise is confirmed by a hardly noticeable move of the OBV line, an inexperienced trade could see it as a reversal signal.

Considering the OBV indicator description and the above information, I want to sum up and give some tips on using the On Balance Indicator:. The On Balance Volume is not that popular among technical analysts and traders. The signals are not clear at first sight; you need to be able to spot signals and interpret them correctly. So, do not waste time and open a demo account in a couple of clicks. Apply the information from the article to practice to develop your skills and start trading like a professional.

The On Balance Volume indicator is a momentum indicator of technical analysis. The obv technical indicator measures the relation of price movement to the trade volume at each point. The OBV is good at trading different assets, like currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies. The On Balance Volume sends various signals: divergence, breakouts of the support and resistance levels, trend continuation, and trend reversal signals.

The OBV stands for On Balance Volume — a technical indicator that measures trading volume relative to the price change. Differently put, it allows one to check if the price movement corresponds to the buying or selling pressure or what trading volume corresponds to the price change. When the current closing price is higher than the previous closing price, the current volume is added to the previous trading volume.

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On-balance volume (OBV) is. Key point: OBV is a momentum indicator that lets us track changes in volume. As a leading indicator, it can help us get in on breakouts early. How is On-Balance. The indicator considers volume as well as whether the volume is pushing prices up or down. This is the OBV meaning. It is used in.