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Crm for forex

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XCritical CRM gives your staff flexible access to the system. For instance, a sales manager, group leader, customer retention manager, etc. Access to information is then determined by the assigned position. XCritical CRM ensures that sensitive data is secure without impeding workflow efficiency, by allowing your staff to share tasks and responsibilities. The software helps various departments in multiple ways. For instance, the sales department could quickly get all the required information about leads to turn them into a customer.

Support specialists also benefit from being connected to the platform. You will also be able to analyze all the data available to understand how traders interact with your ads, promotions, sales, and applications. As a result, everyone saves time and focuses on more important tasks. Your sales and customer support departments will get to a whole new level, speeding up processes and helping traders with their needs. Besides, your client data will be stored without duplicates and errors.

As the business owner, you will clearly see the work every department does. There will be no need to distract employees by making them fill out sheets and reports. Our Forex CRM system provides all necessary data in one place. A sales team will be able to control lead status, increasing the efficiency of their work. The marketing team gets insights into conversion rates, understanding when to apply new strategies.

Also, the support team will have all the necessary info to provide maximum assistance to your clients. Everyone benefits from this win-win software. At the very bottom of this page, there is a contact form. Fill it out and leave a message so we can get in touch with you using any convenient option. It takes hours to process your request. Nothing excess, only all must-have features used by your teams. After completing the customization process, our team will install the Forex CRM system.

You can be sure that everything works as intended. Finally, the CRM solution is ready to use! All that is left is to teach your specialists to work with this software. We shall demonstrate the navigation and every feature so your team can use the platform confidently.

Yes, you can. However, you will lose a lot of time and resources trying to do so. A CRM solution will help them track progress and work much faster. It is guaranteed that there will be no data leaks, hacks, or any other similar issues as long as you use our solutions. Of course! Our Forex CMR Skale applications support your growth along every major milestone in building your business and growing it.

Where adding a new brand can be done at the click of a button! The Skale Forex CRM is continuously updated to market needs ensuring you get the leading-edge and built-for-purpose solution from sales all the way through to marketing. Retention is key to success. Skale CRM is quick and an extremely powerful platform that we knew we needed from the get go, to grow our business and help the company manage leads and customers at every stage.

We loved that it would give us transparency across brands and departments. Head of Sales. The company wanted an all-in-one CRM solution and find a product which would help it build its telemarketing presence to attract new business, streamline communications with staff, and ultimately contact revenue manage.

Once the teams met, and were demonstrated the power of the marketplace, complete with the enterprise tiers of Sales, Marketing, Support, Back Office, Finance, Retention and Affiliates, the company realised that with no upfront fees in its packages and all the tools it needed to grow, signing up with Skale was inevitable. Our set up become, in our eyes, the most reliable, powerful innovative trading platform that worked seamlessly across all digital devices. Managing Director.

The results were incredible. The company trained hundreds of salespeople using the CRM and installed a full customer success department, at a click of a button. Onboarding personnel was almost instant which made the client and his investors delighted with the results. Using the initial momentum to develop the solution further as to sell into large enterprises, setup multiple brands and other financial institutions, it became a game changed for the company. The CEO shot us an email not too long ago that he needs ten times the amount of users for We negotiated a good deal, and within 12 months, we took the business from 18 salespeople to salespeople.

Growing the business through our Skale Platform made the 10x possible. The offering and team behind the brand was excellent, support services intact and unique algorithm trading expertise, supposed by none. The company started working with us and by understanding some of the key features extremely well, within one month, the construction of the brand, sales onboarding, marketing collateral, contact import, outbound prospecting messages, and marketing drips were completed.

Founded in with the primary vision to help traders succeed in the foreign exchange market by providing excellent market conditions including prime trading order execution, low spreads and latency, high protection of funds and best possible technical support.

Thanks to Skale, this vision became a reality. We hear many clients complaining of countless hours being wasted customizing their website customer portal, integrating new payment solutions and adding new features and workflows to their CRM. In the end, their solution becomes so complex that companies need to hire full-time employees to babysit the systems.

At skale we believe your business deserves better — solutions that are ready to go, easy to setup and customize and that scale with your business. At Skale we love technology and making our customers happy by keeping their lives simple. Our solutions have been built to grow as your business grows from a 5 person company to a person call center driven business. At Skale we aim to give control to our customers to manage all aspects of the systems via our Skale Management portal.

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