where you invest your love
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Where you invest your love

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General Comment this song is about individualism and finding out who you are. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment It sounds like a coming of age song - a struggle with the tension of youthful idealism vs. It's a personal wake-up call to re-evaluate one's purpose and re start living with some intentionality. Rise from your apathy! MountainMan on March 02, Link.

General Comment I see this as someone who is struggling with real faith. The song seems to be about the contradiction between feeling something and living something. I think he has believed but struggles with following through. The verse that begins "Lend me your hand" is about the different ways to live out faith works, emotions, belief but then he says, "but your soul you must keep totally free. I see this as responding to one of the lies he has heard.

I think it may be himself that has been telling these lies. He's been holding back and now realizes that is a lie and sees his "fickle heart" as his "weakness. General Comment For me, this song is about recovering from alcohol addiction. Anyone who has had this baffling love affair with alcohol may be able relate. But it is incapable of honoring your heart. Because alcohol is cunning.

For me, I took it as do I want alcoholism to define me- is this where I want investing my life? And one day the love for it could kill me, because I would have invested my whole life into it. If any of you have ever done a 12 step program, you will understand that you cannot overcome something as powerful as addiction on your own. You must have a spiritual experience, connect with something bigger than yourself, and ask for guidance. Awake my soul, because this is who I was meant to be and I need help.

I was made to meet my maker. Thank you for this connection. My mom has been sober for over a year and I was genuinely touched by your realization. Never will I listen to this song and not think of that. God bless you and stay strong. KarleeAnn on July 17, General Comment Well, I think this song is a praise to science: "How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes I struggle to find any truth in your lies" It refers to the fact that we can't rely heavily just on what we see, because looks are deceiving, so we have to observe with a critical thinking to avoid being "lied" by our eyes.

If done right, though, science can get you very far. Anyways, seeing all these interpretations made me giggle. It is so specific and yet so subtle that anybody can find a way in which it applies to their interpretations.

I love this! I agree that the interpretations are half the fun - especially with this band. The versatility of their songs' impacts is fascinating. I would say that this song is actually criticizing science. If you want me to explain I will but I don't want to start a huge argument.

MattDS21 on May 17, Haha, Very good. I have a feeling you may have some religious nuts wanting to counter that. Bet this MattDS21 is one of them. If it was a praise to science, then the song wouldn't even be about a soul. Because science theories claim we don't have souls. This song calls attention to an almighty God. Our maker. I do feel the song writer struggles with what he believes, but indifference is a true sign of a nonbeliever.

Even if he's fallen away from God, he will go back. Even if his heart and mind constantly convict him, God never leaves us, nor forsakes us. And throughout our lifetime, God makes it really hard for us to NOT love him. It's just a mattter of time for everyone to notice that. ItsYours on September 30, It was so cool just watching the live version at reading festival, the fact that maybe some people may understand the meaning but some might not, and it felt like the words he was singing were so powerful.

They were giving me goosebumps and I was just watching it on Youtube! But the coolest thing is that, all I could think of is the fact that there is a lot of pressure on the young generation now more than ever I should know I'm one of them. And in that one moment from watching that video, I could just feel hope. We need to realise that we are the generation that will shape the future.

Icedrummer4 on June 11, Link. General Comment This band is amazing. I love Verse 2. It is all about Christ and how if you walk with him and give him your heart, eyes and soul he will show the way you will be free. Christ is talking to those who struggle in Verse 1. Those that see only lies but realize there are things that cannot be explained. Then they turn Christ weakened, looking for answers. Remember that love should be genuine and without any dilution or ambiguity.

It is important to love someone who understands us and values us. It is important to understand the fact that if love is genuine, it will surely find its way. Human relationships are heavily based on trust and faith, and therefore the person whom we love should essentially be honest and trustworthy. He or she should also have a good character and value human bonding and emotions above all materialistic things in this world. Love should be true and complete in itself. Nobody can control genuine love as it is by itself a synonym for truthfulness and honesty coupled with integrity.

A person should love the other just for the sake of love only and nothing else.

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