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Wc arc in viola- Maryland laboratory and still needed evidence and other matters. All along, the Clinton adminis- tration hii. Tuesday, American diplo-. McCurry said they wen: pushing for improved accounting methods. He sugge. But the implicit criticism of President Boris Yeltsin gave way Wednesday to praise for, jhc Russian leader's pledge of coop- eration in a letter lo German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. The Clinton adminisiraijon is pleased the two governments will work together to investigate circum- stances surrounding the suizbre of four batches of plutonium since May, The splintering of the Soviet Union into.

IS republics and East Europe's flight from Moscow's orbit have raised concerns about, the future of the nuclear arsenal' and the. He said the center at Port-au- Prince. Meanwhile, a Vnitc. Your home can be a showpiece In your vldnlty. T-he following schedule is an estimate of what this change mav mean to a taxpayer:.

OOO taxable value last year For a typical businessor" S All citizens are invited to attend a public hearing on. Bolli ' in the next century, a private advocacy group Chater said the system is not in a state of crisis. Security payroll. Annual Against GovcmmcnuWa,stc. By Some of the proposals, which have Competitive Enterprise Institute and«cditor of the bencfiUv lo 70; eliminating the taxation of Social , -. Among hem: gradually reducing the real policy choices to be made in the noi-too-di.

At Cliambois, enemy infantry sup- ported by tanks mcnaccd the th Infantry Regiment. John D. Hawk, manning a machine gun, kept the infantry at bay until a German shell hit his position and wounded him in the leg. Gntbbing'h biftooka. Hawk drove the tanks to cover' in the woods. During the. More than pri.

The German units that escaped the pocket were in no condition to fight for some time. Only a himdful of German units could be sent to he. Jim Beals received his Purple Heart. TKe U. The Allies wanted to push hard before the Germans could recover. It was decided to attack along two axes. Bernard Montgomery. It would aim directly at the Ruhr Valley, the heart of German industry. It would move from the lower Seine northeast through Liege and then north of Ardennes. In reserve was the 1st Allied Airborne Army, with five divisions of paratroopers.

Along the way. Montgomery would capture the Channel pons including Antwerp and Roitcr-dam. However, his concentration in the north left only Lt. It - would stay south of he Ardennes. Two major drives would split the enemy's dofeniscs and allow shifts of cfTon as opportunities developed. Paris -was to be bypassed to keep the pursuit moving, but on Aug. Infantiy Division also joining the fight. Paris was liberated Aug. The main prob- lem was supplies, ns Montgomery had first priority, and he Normandy beaches were ever farther away.

Houseleader hospitalized in Colorado. They later ed of murdering the. Rakow, a security guard, guilty Tuesday of smothering his could get up lo 60 years in prison at -month-old. Advonisomont Weight loss program introduced to area women. Idalii area residents arc invited to try a new program to help them lose wcigiit llirough a new method using videotapes at home.

Heart at Work. A Program Direaor will call you back with information and cost. CiU today, between Sam and 10pm, to start the program by August 29th. Close out sales, employee discount sales, no-interest sales, you name it - everybody in town claiming to have the lowest price. When the doors open tomorrow at 9 AM, there'll be no room for doubt.

It you want the lowest price and best service for furniture and carpet in this town, you come to Self-Service Furniture. We defend our reputation every day. But now and then, we feel we have to really drive the point home. Tomorrow, and right through til 5PM Sunday, that's what we ll be doing. We'll be looking for you!

We defend it evieiy day. Wa wll not be undarsold. Price Protactlor Quarantea details In atora. Noon-5 p. Thursday, August But for all the talk of report said. Writing achievement has thoughtfully. The department cautioned against read- cncc. But the study did find an increase in the percentage of ycar-olds and. Almost ail Americans drink chlori- natcd.

Chlorine is a vital disinfectant for water, killing bacteria that cause a host of deadly diseases. Up to 9 mil- lion people die every year from drink- ing contaminated water in ports of the world that don't disinfect iL But during chlorination, the chemi- cal reacts with other compounds to - form byproducts that some studies have found slightly increase the risk of certain cancers. Scientists now ore trying to prove whether there is a risk and, if so. The Finnish study, published Thursday in the AxncricanJoumal of..

They were 1. Meri Koivusalo of the Finnish Cancer Registry. The Finnish study was the first on cancer in people with a documented lengthy cjfposurc to chlorine byprod- ucts. It examined communities with. Endeavour and its crew of six was' set to blast off at a. On Tuesday, weather permitting, German oceanographers will spill more than gallons of crude and diesel oil offthe coast of Denmark. Amy Wright, 34, had attached her- self to her husband with a clothesline and -climbed over the roofs edge early Tuesday.

No immediate charges were filed. Under the local plan, a con. You, the employee of one. But an 1-IMO is a for- prqfit business - and almost in- evitably, a bureaucracy. Wc have yet to see the details of ' how managcd-carc would work in the Magic Valley. But the. In Bible-based religions. Without a father or some' other male rule-giver, young men arc likely to do great harm. Many mothers will tell you that if there is no male authority fig- ure to give a boy tulcs, it is virtually impos- sible for her to control his wilder impulses.

Tliosc who do not acknowledge the need for male moral authority only have to study the criminal population in the United States in the late 20th century. They will find that. In order. York Advertising director Letters ' The members of the editorial board and writers of editorials are Stephen Hartgcn,. Letters GOP targets president I tim very concerned with all the hate mongers everywhere - even from the pulpit of certain churches. You would think Presi- dent 'Clinton and Mrs.

Clinton were the most evil of all ever. If he has done any- ihing.. I have never seen or heard so many igno- rant, stupid people who do nothing Tor themselves, including think. If Rush says it. Pat Robertson, etc. Dole did not. The Chri. Dole, we are powerful and. Dole, you want to be president, OK. And for the love of God arid country, read your Bible, put down the En- Dairies wairant closer, look.

They arc coming from farmers who live and work in agriculture. The agricultural dairy integrates its dairy into a broader farming opemtion'and its impact is far less [ offensive. The industrial dairy is just u milk and ma- nure factory and should - if it is to be al- lowcdm all-- be restricted to an industrial zone set up for Just lhat.

Everything- from - water quality to adjacent property values is threutcncd by 'ihc current system of regula- tions, which is almost nothing. Added to the problems that already exist is the recruit- ment of dairies to Idaho by the Idaho De- partment of Commerce. Wc the taxpayers are financing our owri demise.

A few years ago when the copnty was working on thc'livcstock containment ordi- nance which scttlie criteria for how and ylicre such things os dairies and fccdlots could be set up, I suggested two categories be set up. The industrial and the agricultural operations. That can and,should be done now, along -with a cessation of dairy recruit- ment by the slate.

It is on election year and this should be a front-burner issue for the people and for the candidates for both legislatiyc. The interests of greed, should not come ahead of the health arid welfare of the rest of the citizens of this county or of the other Magic Valley coudt tics who face this onslaughL This is a criti- cal issue and it deserves your attention now. After being caught in lie after He. Hawk to brag that they forced a "cleanup.

Qnd storc. They say an accident. These money makers are taking care of b. Bet you never stopped to think about how that newspaper got to yo'ur front door this morning. There are more than a hundred young boys and girls who get up every morning seven days a week between 5 and 6 a. Doonesbury Ctv. The problem of violence is a male one — and one the Bible is most concerned with — and girls are able to retain their fem- ininity and their decency with a malc-dcpict- cd God.

Of course, girls need female role models - but not in order to avoid violence. Law and order arc not code words for repression, but rather the essential building blocks of a decent society. It is, therefore, natural and desirable that God will be identified with the gender that is more naturally disposed to rules and justice — males. Females are more naturally inclined toward feelings and com- passion — essential qualities for a decent personal life, but not for the governance of society.

If their goal is achieved, it is wom- en who will suffer most from lawless males. We have loo many absent fathers on Earth to begin to even entertain the thought of havingno father in heaven. He wrote this commentary for the Los Angeles Times. And there are blizzardy, stormy days when their moms and dads drive them around to bring your paper. They might not always get the paper on your top step and they might sometimes be a few minutes late, but you always get your paper.

You -knowhow muchthey-get-paid-lobring-thal — paper to your door? Now The Timcs-Ncws has provided for that thank you! These kids ore industrious and savers. An extra dollar or two on your bill will only add pennies to yoiir carrier's daily delivery, but these kids ore dealing in pennies. Re- member the coffee sarhpics you got recently with your paper? Tfti ''Timos-Nows. Get ready fbr ducting tax cuts. Next month. Then, in early , President Clinton, now mum;; on.

John R. Kasich, R- Ohio, the top Republican on,the. House Budget Committee, told me. Both parties see the enormous appeal of linking a tax reduction to the trendv topic of family values. But a family that mokes. In- stead, Clinton opted for trying to close the deficit gap with higher taxes on the rich and no cut for the middle doss.

Interest mtcs. But rates have gone back up shorply. QTassihan plan to announce- 1 0 policy changes they will push for , when they hope to hold far more seats'in Congress. One of those changes will be tax cuts.

Rush Limbaugh tantrum that the reasoned conservatism to save and invest pipre, rather than edjionais. Yourad homincm attack on the First Lady was in bad taste and. But in the long'run, more saving is what the Sens. William V. Roth Jr. But don't bet on that scenario. Within months, taxes will be a hot topic once more. Clinton is. That, rather than hysterical attacks upon proponents of any type of health care coverage, would elevate the level of debate about this national problem.

Giassman writes regu- larly on Cmancial affairs for The - Washington Post. Give them a head start! Fox alleges in a February lawsuit scheduled for trial next March that St. Vincent dePaul, a nonprofit corporation, reneged on its agree- ment to pay her almost SI 13, for work she did to secure a S1. Otis winter. Tliat way. Court records said Zolber traveled to Prairie on business but before starting on the trip home visited two taverns.

The next morning he was found dead in his crashed vehicle on the road to'Lcwislon. She attributed the slowdown to a number of new motels in the region. Empty rooms haven't been a problem for the Days Inn in Rexburg. More than 1. He was- chorged again'wiih the sotne crime on Tuesday. Ken Reed, the St. Paul detective who pulled the case back together. Vanzanot Ji'acTbccn living with his girlfriend, her'two children and the daughter they had together.

Supak on Tuesday before ordering him locked up for attempt- ed murder and aggravated assault. He didn't hurt he boy, but was charged with kidnapping. Tlut was in June ; and was the last anyone heard of Robert Vanzandt -until ftTcw-weeksago, He married — by then he was known as Jack Green ' — and ' divorced. After his cx-wife, Rita HoVnady, died in Idaho in The stepfather died in March. Justice, a trustee for Homady's- estate, found what Homady had writ- ten about Green.

T When the attorney for the boy's deod stepfather started nosing around, he earlier charges comc. The lawyer called the Ramsey County attorney's ofTiec, which had been waiting to prosecute Vanzandt for almost two decades. The Look That Lasts. He went right out and bought lottery tickets. LangstafT, a freshman from Columbus, Mont. Tuesday he was playing the Riverside Gdlf Course when he need the yard sepond'hole with an 8-iron.

Two holes later he hit a wedge on the yard fourth hole and it also went right in. The combined age for each-team must be 1 00 years. Winners will receive prize money and silver mounted buckles. The top 12 teams on three head advance to the Twin Fails County Rodeo for their fqurth steer. The Tigers are preparing for their season home opener which Is scheduled for Aug. Each runner on the 1 1 -person teams wilt run one leg each day.

Despite posting liicrs around town. Brandt was not able to generate any intei:cst in the Boise area. I think everyone will enjoy themselves. Satur- day. After a a. Weitklosse Grand Prixtrockmcci Wednesday. Americans, however, finished in the men's meters, with Derek Mills the wln-.

Michael Johnson of the United States won the meters in Don King. The federal charges stemmed from a sched- Christie notcd"fhat Lewis and other Ameri- cans had been. Following the cancellation. Ameri- cans John Drummond and Leroy Burrell placed second and seventh. Oiaries Sapicnza, a. QQO-Sal at y. Idaho Thursday. Untilfyfeu consider that Jim Everett is his starting quarterback. Everett, you see. He received tlie NFL min- imum salary of S Bowl player until injunes cau. Broncos Shawn Moore says he knew all along he wouldn't make Denver's II- nal roster, but that didn't.

Both are hcallliy again, and No. Giants On another day, the New. That was be- fore the bubble. Nor did cor- nerbuck Phillippi Sparics arthroscopic surgery, right knee or linebacker Tommy Thigpen sprained right an- kle. Defen- sive lineman Dan Stubblefield lower back strain also is out.

UODS Detroit coadi Wayqc,Fontes said a number of roster spot races remain, and he'll use the last two exhibition games to decide the winners and losers. They had been warned about the possibility a cou- ple of months ago. He said the Yankees hadn't decided what to do with employees wlfen vacations end. Union head Donald Fehr and management negotiator Richard Raviich said no negotiating ses- sions were scheduled. On Friday, the work stoppage wtl! On 0 more serious note, legisla- tion was introduced in the U.

Senate to estobllsh a national com- mission that would regulate base- bull. The bill sponsored by Sen. He ought to be pleased Punch. The Miami Dolphins' middle achieved, indudin'g All-Pro honors, linebickifr relumed to work on his 30ih OfTcrdahl's biggest challenge will be birthday Wednesday after signing a. Last sca- t timcinccniives. Offerdahl, who was a free agent. McDonough said.

A wouldn't be significantly harmed by spokesman, Michael Marley, noted not gcningobc-fight-on closed-cinnai-rihatNcvada rcgulators:bavc'optcd to — television. All 12 Atlantic City casinos let King continue with promotions be- were notified of the pending suspen- cause he has not been convicted. Track cent of the Dolphins' defensive plays South Florida — os well as a chain of s he did lost year. Hc'Il'cam SI. Miami Dolphins' John Offerdahl signed a one-year contract with the.

Dolphls on Tuesday. Here he is with defensive coach Joe Green on Wednesday. The race finished ju?. Tom Condon, for two hours Wednesday. The Chiefs, alarmed over reports that Casillas wanted to return to the Cow- boys, who now arc coached by his old college coach. Twill be negoUaiihg -with NFL ireams in the next few days, including several thal.

Venuste Niyongabo of. Burundi, who took the men's 1, n n driving rain in Sairtif'iQmi tranpCM a a P m. Foundation, a private group of universi- ty donors. Varsity Club. On that same day, Weaver filed articles of incorporation for'tbe dub. J'The It climbs. Friday night and a postrace picnic at Wells City Park at 1 p.

PDT for walkers, 8 a. Shirts arc guaranteed only to the - first entrants. For more information, contact Naveran at or Just kidding. Parcells with the New York Giants from Neither team's running attack is up to speed yet either. Gory Plummer, who plugged the middle for eight seasons with the Chargers, now plays inside line- backer for the San Francisco 49crs. Plummer said. He was a rookie lost year, gaining yards os Marion Butts' backup. Butts was traded to New England in April.

He led the team with eight touchdowns, and his yard TD run. The , pound Plummer, meanwhile, had. It'll be a plus for us going out and playing against a defense with so many proven guys, experienced guys, and just hope that wc can come out and have a positive showing and win the game.

San Diego is afler losing to Atlanta in Canton. Means said. It's just improving week to week. No miaiier what Means said. Ken Norton Jr. Leader died Monday. AP — town of Nivcrvillc. But that The power of a promise Mo - promise fell through.

Vaughn kept when he hit a home Then the Jimmy Fund, a charity run for a dying boy lasted long that helps childreri afflicted with after the larger-than-life talc made cancer, helped put Vaughn in con- sports Headlines lost year. Ohio AP — He stands 6-foot-5 and weighs pounds, yet once was fast enough to anchor the and mile relay teams that won state championships for his Tampa, Fla:, high school.

No wonder the Cleveland Browns have high hopes for defensive end Don Footman. A second-round pick from Florida State, he was on the inabtive list for eight gomes — four of them because of a hamstring injury — and played very little in the other eight.

He's begun to attract attention this summer os a pass- rushing specialist. Through two exhibition games, he has five solo tackles and three sacks. The story could have ended there. But Vaughn and Jaspn'struck up a friendship. If final permission is not granted. Fox said. Cleveland Browns defensive end Dan Footman has had three sacks In two preseason games. Darhort Huard -lost-his-job as the starting quarterback of the Washington Huskies to Eric Bjomson in the final three gomes lost season.

New offensive coordinator Bill Diedrick and head, coach Jim i. It hurt his confidence. While Huaed, a junior, starts at qiw With no bowl to go to, Huard took over a Washington team mat was. The quartertiacking switch come after a 17 Washington loss to Arizona State. In fact, they were quite good. He was intercepted 10 times. AP — Pat Murphy, hired season. Arizona State hired Brock, who guided the He inherited on Irish program that had gonc' Wednesday as the new baseball.

We think the world of him, and we're Sony to see him leave. He returned to Florida Atlantic to become on assis- secs the three state universities. Sal Dando and Rick Monday. Ewing, Moiiiiiing to visit j S. Africa with Mutombo The Associated Press hope. Africa this summer, and this time playing in the NBA has given them.

Mourning will join the Denver well known in Africa, and as he Nuggets' center on the NBA's sec- was talking, Mutombo confirmed otid tour of SouiJi Africa later this the- notion by intemjpting to give inohih. Utah Jazz guard John Crotty and Wednesday. Smith Africa with me. Lowe, Lowe had been witli the organization since, its inception. He was the starting point.

So he was fired Wednesday, along with assistants Jim Bretyer and Chuck Davisson, as part of the sweeping changes planned by new club owner Glen Taylor. Taylor replaced club president Bob. CQnirovcrsiaLpubIicJ uyout of. Ashton, group at Caldwel, Stanger, Rupert, the girls.

Blackfoot, Zachary Davis, Rupert. Girls l7Laura Skinner, Boise. Weyland, Meridian, Shelley, all Edwards, Walser, both Fort agreed with. Rcinkc that I county sta Ti,ng should be kept -in check. The Pioneer Fire, 32 miles west of Challis, is the largest blaze at nearly 5, acres. Forest Service fire crews arc concentrating on keeping the fire within the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness and away from private prop- erty.

Firefighters also spent Wednesday bat- tling three other blows. Two firefighters rap- pelled to the area and one load of fire re-. Seven loads of fire retar- dant and 16 smokejumpers were dropped to fight the fire. Eight smokejumpers were to be sent in, but un- safe wind conditions forced them to be token in via helicopter.

Sheriffs deputie. Moreover, County Coroner. The hu- gued that the larger budget would give the county flexibil- ity to make cuts as county rcsi-- dents see fit. Lanham will talk about moil, sweep- stakes and telemarketing fraud. For more information, call For more informa- tion, call Evelyn Hintze at The back- packs will then be fteato every first grader. Box , Twin Falls. Idaho Questions must be received by 1 p. The board will honor each casino on ThursdiO' for keeping nice laridscapcs.

A fresh coat of paint increases the homes' -values, and neighborhoods look better, he said. The people of Paint Magic designed the progibm to help people such os Ver- da Fuller, Fuller said. Before it takes effect, the contract must be ratified by a majority of the teachers when they return to the classroom Aug. This was the first lime in several years that life two sides actually had extra, money to work with.

Steven Tolmun. Next year, Schmidt predicted the pickings will be slimmer. Lawmakers didn't just dump a pile of mon- ey in the district's lap this year to spend wher- ever it wanted. Most of the money was ear- marked for teacher salaries, Donicht said. The district actually'spent slightly more on teacher salaries' than what the state dedicated for that purpose, Donicht said.

The extra money will come from funds that would otherwise be used fpr things like light bulbs and clas. But money for tho. In addition to salaries, replacing positi6n. Tolman said. Several custodians and teachers' aides had -to be cut due to tigliLbudgeis ovcLthe. Those positions will be restored in the coming school year, he said. Larry Craig. R- Idaho! Dirk Kcmplhomc. R- IdaHo, said the water iliat lias been used in at- tempts to save the salmon ho.

Luis Bettencourt was the last of 9 Magic Volley dairy opemfors to be penalized for vio- lating provisions. The symbolic penalty ogainst Hillis was or- dered afier federal officials inspected his bankruptcy filing and financial records, the EPA said in a news release.

Vccnstra was incorrectly cited. The Magic Valley has a relatively high con- ccntnition of dairies where cows are kept in confined fccdloLs. In most cases, excess ma- nure is stored in ponds, then spread on farms fields during the growing season. The conminmcnl ponds are not supposed to discharge into canals, or other tributaries o. Timcs-Ncws writer blaze alone.

A foam, a new fire sup-. Karoline A. A funeral was held June 25 at the —. Interment followed at the ' , Valley View Cemetery in Rockland. A private memorial service will be No funeral is planned. Cremation Is under the direction of Demaray's ' Gooding Chapel. Luke's Regional Medical Center in Boise. A private family serviee will' be held at 1 1 a. Thursday with Larry Hansen olliciaiing.

Burial will be'-ati the Rupert Cemetery. Mortuary in Rupert. Francis H. Arrangements arc pending and will be announced by Reynolds. Funeral ChopKl in Twin Falls. Fieeta A. A memorial service will b e he l d at a. Buhl, 1! Buhl United -Melhodisl-Church. Chapel in Buhl. Vergil C. White Mortuary in Twin Falls.

Bob Packwood, prevents in- surance companies from dropping customers who battle catastrophic illnesses. It also provides tax vouchers for poor people, stan- dardizes insurancc'forms, arid -gives states. But Craig said that plan also lacks enough votes. He also criticized Sen. Mitchell for submitting three difTcrent ver- sions of his hcalth-care proposal in the past week.

Craig credited Clinton with focus- ing'atterilion on the system's ills. Craig says, want to reform the current system without turning it over to the federal government cntircly. Senate may spend its entire summer vacation in Washington, D.

But he denied ' Republicans will seek to derail the debate with filibusters. Annette Lund and Edith Scheffner, both of Rupen. Some of the steel beams were too long and others were too short, E project manager A1 Sandner said at Wednesday's meeting. The delays only put the project one week behind schedule, and con- struction crews think that they will be able to make up the lobt time, Sandner said.

Sandner said. The specs for com- munic'ations equipment will be complete by mid-August and ev- erything should be able to go to bid within two months, he said. Thc'hclp will come from he new Idaho Cumulative Mandates Program. Healih Director Daniel, he said. Kriz said that will allow the smaller communities to work longer on getting funding' to-' 1 meet the mandates. Obituaries For obituary rate information, call , extension Fort said he provided the commis- sioners with-fivc-difibrcm budgctsltat- had possible levy increases ranging from 9.

Estfmates of the county's Fort says now that the esti- mates varied so widely because of a flaw in the computer spreadsheet pro- gram he had been using. That flaw has been corrected, he said. Through June 20, the county had colIcCTcd'itt-Ica s t 9 6 p erc e nt-ofHts real 'property, personal property and mobile home taxes. Combined, the county is expecting almost S S million in property tax revenues from Paint: step grandchildren: 10 step'gTeat- grandchildren; and one stop great- great-grandchild.

He was preceded In death by his parents, a brother, and a sister. Friends may call from 3 to 8 p. ID Dell A. Satunlay,- of Twin Falls, died Tuesday. He grew up and at- tended schools through the eighth grade in Ewing' and then moved with his family to Crawford, Neb. Helen preceded Him In death in On Aug. Dell was active with the Kimberly Senior Citizens. Kelly, Falls, died Saturday. She was born Oct. Craw- ford. They resided in Graceham, Md.

She retired in and moved to Twin Falls. She Is survived by one daughter, B. Sara Lynn Sterling of 'MIdland. She was preceded In death by seven brothers and sisters. Cremation took Ira J. He was born Aug. He married Frieda Darland Bottoms on May Sandra Boden- Steiner of Hailey; two stepsons. Du- ane Bottoms of Durango. Ho was pre- ceded In death by his parents; one daughter,.. Saturday, Aug. James Frisbie officiating, Cremation took place el White Crematory.

Lake City, UT This year, the committee chose a folal or3p homes in Twin Falls, Filer, Jerome and Hazclton to paint - the ipost ever, Muse said. Each home costs between S5S0 and S to paint, said. Karen Etheridge, Paint Magic secretary. No one will know how much paint the crews use or how. However, with 3. Muse said. But after all the numbers are cal-, culaled and-the-paint dries, -only-onc- thing is important to home owners like Fuller - the sense of pride that comes with owning a house that looks like new.

Wc built dams and wc built the economy, but soon we will have no timber, no water, no resources and no economy," said Mark Snider, endangered means a species isin dan- Washington and Northern California! Post eftorts - aimed mostly at the ju- commercial rafting a week ago in the rcnile fish making their way down- Sawtooth NationaTRccrcation Area bc- vcnile fish making their way down- Sawtooth NationaTRccrcation Area bc- stream - have failed to revive the.

Mike Crapo, R-Idaho Falls, also called on the service to release more information. Snake River sbekeyb were listed as cn-. Under the oct, salmon population. The feds arc now salmon. A compromise was reached, targeting their efforts at the adult popu- the lowmakcts reported. The rule provides no additional legal luic Mumuii. In this rural town, about. Later they strolled the fairgrounds at the Cassia County Fair and Rodeo. As part of the exchange program, three Burley High School students and agricultural teacher Gaylen Smycr lived for a month, with families in Russia.

The program is designed to immerse students in a new culture and tcach'them dilTcrcnt farming' techniques. Smycr said. Kuznetsov said he has observed dramatically dilTcrcnt farming styles in Burley compared to Kevda. Kuznetsov said. But it has been a slow, uncertain process. His father, who works for a state- owned collective farm, wants Kuznetsov to cultivate his own crops someday. But Kuznetsov is not sure he. He is uncertain of whether he can alTord to start a farm without financial help from 'the government.

So , far. He toured collec- tive and privatized farms. During his spare time, he played cards and made friends. August 18, Timos-Nows. Fire inches its way near Utah ski resort School, offi- requesting , to expand its eials say the university needs adJi- engineering program in Boise. The lional. It al.

Tlic University of Idalio and Zinser But Finance Committee members have come under repeated fire from want to make sure the board-sets its board member Joseph Parkinson of priorities before asking the Legislature Boise for allegedly not meeting tlic to provide the money.

By Wednesday afternoon, winds were presenting crews with the greatest challenge in protecting the northern Utah resort from the light- ning-caulicd blaze, said Interagency Fire Center spokeswoman Kathy Jo -Pollock. The blaze, which jumped, from acres Tuesday to acres by Wednesday afternoon, pojicd a threat to the entire resort.

Fire engines were stationed at all buildings, which had earlier been sprayed with retardant. Pollock said. More than people aided by an air tanker, a helicopter and four bull- dozers were battling he blaze burn- ing in douglas ftr, alpine fir and aspen. A special team of 15 experts were expected to arrive from Arizona late Wednesday. And a smoll otic-half acre blaze in Cache County's. Blacksmith Fork Canyon had been contained earlier in the day. Pollock said while lightning has been causing many fires; humans were beginning to practice reckless behavior more rampantly since the rains brought relief to Utah last ,.

Government Guaranteed f ij Bonds 7. AP — A woman stabbed a rabid mountain -lion to death with. Winslow said. Mendocino' County health offi- cial s sa id they were trying to reach everyone who came in con- tact, with the cat and recommend they undergo rabies vaccinations. Winslow, who lost his left thumb, was listed in good condi- tion Wednesday ut a hospital.

Strehl, who suffered a 4-inch puncture wound in her left fore- arm. Strehl was shaken but unscathed. Winslow told the Santa. Rosa Press Democrat. Monte, sudde nly leapt to Jtis feet and ran away. The fpqr. They built a fire in hopes of scaring away the cat. But as they were standing around the fire — armed with a shovel, a hatchet and a kitchen knife — the Hon charged out and attacked Mrs.

As it fell, the bosket struck the cab carrying the crane operator. And, Hansen School Board members still hope they can con- solidate with Kimberly and Mur- laugh districts. If we can't eonsulldulc, wc need to pursue a few more options," Hansen enrollment includes elementary students and 1,53 high school students. The present policy expires Octobers. Board incmliei'S re- quested that the ealentlar have a more complete listing of school uc- llvllles and athletic events than has l een included in the past.

A pctlilon filed by the INN on Sept. Wednesday the petition lacked three signatures only because the names in question had moved into other precincts. INN had hoped lo ready thc. But, she said there may not be lime to do that now because the newly filed petition need not be. WttlM Sffiffi. He has a lovely family. And ail of them are honest, ' prthns MB crop —.. S - A proposal to rjidc federal land near he Inlersec- tion of U.

Under a proposal put forward by Arkoosli and ZIdan, Inc. Land Management would trade 2. Area Manager Ervin Cowley said Wednes- day. There has been "neutral or favor- able" comment on ho trade from. An earlier version of Ihe proposal was presented or public comment In and drew no comment, Cowley said. Cowley says he ex- pects the BI.

M's appraisers to finish Ihelr work In about two weeks. Milch Arkoosh said Wednesday nllcrnoon his family has gotten oul of the livestock husine. Though they have np plans or the properly now, they plan to develop It when the economy I turns around.

He sold they have no plans to sell the land alter Ihe swap. The allega- tion carries a maximum sentence of life, imprison- ment upon conviction. Workman is accused of molesting the boy March I' fl4 and May 5. Jury selection had started -Tuesday morning, A panel of six men ijind six women finally was approved Wednesday afternoon, followed by opening state- ments from Twin Falls County Prosecutor K, Ellen Baxter and defense attorney L.

Jay Mitchell. The trial continues today. School Superintendent George Crawford told the School Board Monday that the scheduling of 20 games was an oversight and not an intentional vio- lation oT school policy. Board Chairman Clayton Pope explained that the game limit was set several years ago in an effort to case tight scheduling and give students a little more free time.

But, Pope conceded, all other jSChools In the district play a game schedule and Wendell, "whether we like it or not," must also play 20 games to fit into the conference. The board agreed to amend present-policy to allow a maximum of 20 games. The agenda includes a discussion of goals for the upcoming. Enrollment is limited, and pre-registration is re- quired prior to Sept.

Petitions for nomination of the offices are available at city hall and must be returned by Oct. Department of Defense ad- ministrator. Young told about scientists from dolleges and universities in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyom- ing. Colorado, Utah and Alaska. Our work is conducted in public — and in the national in- terest. She attended the South Dakota Teachers College. She sold books op the East Coast or two years, and then later taught school in South Dakota for three years.

They moved to Filer' and farmed there until , Then In Novembcr. They owned and operated a motel and service sla- Hon until they retired. He died on May 1, The M-Tvlce will be held at 11 u. Sundrn Aldcn officiating. Hurlul will be In Glenn Rest Cemetery. Bom Aug. They armed In Ihe Perrine urea for many years.

They were lolcr divorced. She then married Horry Modretl In W, They moved to Mahomet In She Is a member of thcPcnlacostal Church. She was preceded In dcaih by our brothers and two sisters. A gra. Olson, G6, of Nampa, died Monday at' a Nampa hospital. I Born July 8. Me enlisted In Ihc U. Illgley, H. EY - A grave-slile service or Lucic E. Waite Slagle, 76, ol Lompoc, Cullf. Friday at Pleusnht. View Ceindery, Service orrangemenls lire under the , direcllon of McC illoch'.

H I'unerul Home In Hurley. He married Mary A. He served in the Army until , when he entered the U. Air Force. They lived In sever- al states until he retired as a master sergeant from the Air P'orcc in In they moved to Nampa. He retired Irom the Depart- ment of Employment In Maries; two daughters, Carolyn M. Murphy nnd Ruth Schmldl. Sandy, Ore.

A private-family servitc wili no con- ducted Id u later date. Richard Mark of the Kareher Church of the Nazarenewlllufflciule. Friday at the Joseph Payne Memorial Chapel. Friends may call at Ihe eliupel this afternoon uml evening and jirlor to Hie. Saturday al Hie Halley Cemetery. Mllllnry rile. Service arrungoments are under Hie dlreetlon ol WtMid River.

The family suggests that inemorials may he mudo in his imiiiu to ihe Aiiierleim. Bin Mink ol. Buhl; and Mrs, Jeff Hollingsworth of Filer. Relctaed Doro Denny, Mrs. Roy Duncon, Mrs. Jeff Halverson and daughter; Mrs. Thomas Bhrmanlraul and son of Fllci Mm. Elmo Forrar ol Hansen; Mrs. David Hamilton and ion of Jerome; and Mrs. Flpyd Lamm ol Wendell; Mr, and Mrs. Olin Mink of Buhl; and Mr.

Mark Bennett of Twin Falls. The NAHC repre- found to be in eompijanee with over participated with the review team senls over eliildrcn's homes and. The 'catalog, compiling donated items such as a trip to Sun Valley, art. The National Associatlon. Al he Wendell School Board meeting Monday, Don Fowler, direc- tor of the -Wendell Recreation District, said local softball players,- must go to other cities to play because Wendell ddts not have any - regulation softball fields for adults.

He asked the board to let the recreation district build two softball diamonds on about. This land, the eventual site for a now Wendell High School, is now leased pitch ball if there were local softball diamonds. Tenatively, the recreation district will pay for fencing and other con- struction costs and will maintain the diamonds for summertime use.

Schpol Superintendent George Crawford said he district needs the addlUohal money. Playground watch, done by Fowler said Wendell already has ground is ever needed for a school, teachers last year, will be done this eight men's teams, and many more the diamonds will be removed. To date, the infections seem to be sporadic, Klcinschmldt said.

But only parts of those seed lots may bo in- volved, One Wendell, area farmer grew a clean crop with seed potatoes taken from a lot that also spawned a diseased field, he said. Klcinschmldt said potato growers should check their crops carefully before they put them into storage for the winter. In storage, the ring Tot can make he polalocs suscepti- ble to other diseases, such as soft rot or wet rot, and. The western Idaho potatoes already have been processed, while other affected growers are'digging up th ilr crops right away to send them to processing plants.

However, growers that have ring rot in open potatoes raisctl or the fresh market tnay lose part of their crops. Birth A unto Mr. Danny Foconf Bupert. Released Waller StollerofPaul. Birth Adaughtcr lo Mr. Sum llunlur of Rupert. Much lo their delight, the boys p stayed in motel rooms rather than S the motorliome this year. Jim and Sandy ravel to alt the Idaho shows and major competition to watch the boys compete. When hey are unable lo attend, he twins cnil home every two nr three days to report in.

Tlie boys said they enjoy each other and get iilong "amazingly well" on the rood, "We put up with each other," said Jeff. Other-actions in the plan Include wildlife habitat management pro- posals and. The Inal resource management plon will be completed In la e 10H5 or early Boise Uiglrlcl Office, B.. They will be shown at their homo ln Twin Falls and nt the recent severe. He will lose tonnage and may have to settle for lower prices on the potatoes he can salvage, Millersald.

The film should be ready lo view by the first of the year, -said the boys' mother. The twins also enjoy snow skttng aiid often Invite their horse show friends lo join them here during the Chrlstmiis holidays, "Showing is really fun. A cniolul clorinino otyour aid and mold. A Itiotoiioli iiiKliologicnl oxamin,ilion will bo.

Muscat, oversees the city's recreation fund which includes maintenance of the- city parks and participation in the cost of a public sum- mer swimming program offered at the Idaho State School for the Deaf and Blind. J computer for he city at the. Neighbors Network have hit a snag without format changes.

But, she said there may not be Sept. Smith said member, will undergo some remodel- Parsons declined further comment wanted to register voters because lake the initiative" said Smith the two sludent. Approving on the situation. Smith make the i In Hansen schools stands at about can 'do something 'to get off dead also agreed to write up a district closet space, students, and the only staff center, I'd recommend you do It.

Hoard ineinhers windows, and retired, Class offerings remain about the same. Hoard members. Annale told the hoard. Cowley says he ex- and sagebrush with development poets the BLM's appraisers to linisli potential, near the interchange, for heir work In about two weeks. What kind Qf talk Ihal. Losing moiioy. He seeds his hay, fcrlil- izes, waters and harvests the woy he should and when ho should.

He doesn't smoke, swear, drink, or go with those that do. And, despite what 1 just said, he Is not o very dull fellow. He is quite Intelligent and fun-loving. He has a lovely family, And oil of them are honest, land lhat borders on Bl.

M lands and allows for belter public access and management. Haili ai iace,U»iiigli. Utk,ladl larencaoIUM. Tlienliealam alkeplioiie ' - - 1 kahddk',mo afelnd. So, why In tno past eight years hos his crop gotten ha lf d oi flvo limes? When ho tells us U is, he Just smiles wryly and aays ho fools like umoone'B picking on him.

H ItephenWano? PI»lilutffebyi ep«yXlA» W bint and ua. Cowley soys parcels. He said they, have no appraisal Is an educated guess," plans to sell the land after the swap. Cowley said,. James E. Yarbrough vs. I Thursday. September Michael Marvtir-' - -. Ilalelgli Dean mooIo Klnsralher vs. B,ana Lynn Fisher vs. Dover vs. Jemis Fisher, Linda G. McDonald opening arguments Tuesday m a matenal was needed on me ooais accidents. McDonald It, Virginia multi-million dollar lawsuit brought bclwccnpowersaurcesandhumans, attorneys arc Scott - Jerome, and lltn-bara Hoberts.

Twin vs. Carl Lee Prather, Clardnce N. Prescott vs. Vail, Hayden Lake, grown vs. David Joseph Pelayo, Hurst. Rupert, and lioger Hartgrave vs. Viclil Lee Har- vs. Twin Falls; tgrave, Beverly Jane Nelson vs. Alyce laUndin vs. Hartvey Allen Lun-. Theodore R. Other defense attorneys arc Scott - W. Pietersma Vs. Michael Weatherble vs. Mark Alan Tate vs. Brenda Sue killed, -.

Allen, Twin Fall.? Robert K, One of Ro. Selena Rae Meierhoff. Murray and Ira L. The plaintiff alleges his automobile was damaged due to the negligent man- ner in which the defendant was operating a ten speed bycicio and. Floyd Lilly Co. Hyde, The plaintiff seeks money due on the purchase of a pump in the amount of S plus in- terest, cost of the suit and at- torney's fees.

Credit Bureau of Twin Falls vs. Sherri Bridwcll. The plaintiff, acting on behalf of R. Roberts D. Professional Service Agenc. Robert M. Koopman and Winnie Koopinan. The -plainliff, acting on behalf of Werner H. Kramer M. Charles Smlck M. Northwest Crane and Rigging and Transport Inc. Kent Gibson. The plaintiff seeks restitiillon of premises, past due rent, cost of the suit amt attorney's fees The following people were scnlenced last Thursday in 5th District Magistrate Court in Twin Falls: Deborah Tracy.

Buhl, wilful concealment,. Charles II. Sev- enth Ave. Schmidt, 2. Uolaiido -Galvan, 29,' of. Steven Aliin Meckler, Usa I- Long, Buhl- driving under the Influence. Silane Robert Jay, 18, of Jackson St.. Randy ti Barlh. During the two years. Fisher agreed to pay more than Si. OOO in lesliUition as a - ro.

The judge also levied a five-year prison sentcnec. Dixon's driver's license also was suspended for one year. The judge also imposed, then suspended, a three-year prison term. Staev Ellen Blackwood, Tlie case will go lo trial Oct. Randy W. Tlie ease also will go lo trial Od. We both work. The Iasi several years we have been slowly growing apart. We've-' had marriage counseling wilh posi- tive temporary results. Mary, is ' quick-tempered and critical of me and our children.

I am' more even-tempered and laid-back. In-lhe last two years she has lost her temper and. She has also threatened me with a hot flatiron. In a -fit of anger, she has destroyed pllotos of me and thrown out things belonging to our tccn-aged children, knowing the loss would hurt hem deeply. If she would ever harm 'me or the children if she were provoked. I- need some suggestions to help our family situation. She may have a s erious problem that can be arrested and controlled if treated early.

Very often when we visit. We usually call ahead rather than drop In unex- pectedly. It seems to be getting worse: On another occasion, wo were having a party at our home. There were a dozen guests present when one of bur guests turned on our TV and spoiled the party, Please comment.

When you don't call ahead, if your friends arc watchng TV, you should not expect them to turn it off. On the other hand. As for the guest who turns on the TV while a parly is in progress, he might Jiist as well tell the host that the parly is boring and needs an.

That's gross and Insuliing - even ifirslnJe. They trledallthattlme. John W. Evans, Twin Falls. Eleanor Borg,- Twin-Ealls, He is employed by H. Kelm Co,, Ltd. The wedding is planned for Oct. She soys she waited so long for. My husband and 1 are beginning to avoid lljese old friends, and so are other friends of theirs. Is there a Solu- tion? If you value the friendship of this couple, it would be an act of kindness to take Angie aside and tell her quite frankly what you have told me.

The alternative would be to avoid these old friends until Sue grows up. AP ,- Older, -parents. Judd Grenier, professor of ' history at California State Universi- ty, Dominguez Hills, in Carson, who is an expert on oral histories and howto conduct them. Nowadays, he points out, U isn't necessary to memorize lengthy fam- ily sagas to accomplish this goal — a tape recorder will do the job. But there is more to doing an oral history t han just prwslngjhe recor- ding button, says Grchief, who offers suggestions on how to successfully record the oral histories of family members.

Access and familiarity are the ad- vantages of interviewing your parents. They may open up to you more than to a stranger. However, that very informality can cause pro- blems, he notes,. So the best situation is to interview so- meone you know, but who is not your parent, such as an aunt or a grand- mother, to gel away from the parent-child relationship.

Friends and relatives are invited to call from 4 to 6 p. Trucks will be parked at 79 1 Eastland Drive N, for donations of newspapers, aluminum cans, foil and clean glass, containers. Funds will be used for purchasing school items, ac- cording to Robert L, DcKlotz, club president.

Friday at the center, North Main St,, Kimberly. There will be entertain- - ment and refreshments. There will be swimming, movies and group games, and a snack Friday evening and light breakfast Saturday. Reservations and more information is available by callihg the Y at To KiSOii.

Nicholas School Endowment Foundation. An-authentic Mexican dinner wlli be served from 6 to 8 p. For more information call - All in- terested persons are welcome. Club memlicrs only will be served free hot dogs and barbecue beef at 6 p. Dan E. Wolf, Denver. For more Information contact Anita Fahrcnwalt, evenings. Blouse 3 Days Only For this weekend onjy save on a good selection of ali cotton and cotton blend blouses in variety of styles and colors.

Sizes'6 through IlUUig Ihe since both alternatives require since the source ol the Joodine IS in Dump Creek-Deadwater reach to allocation ol local lunds, Corps ol- a section of the river designated a faciliale the river s movement and fjeujo have said Ihat unless the federal wild and scenic river.

Boise rooms Were rendered unusable by fire of ficials said smok e and wat er rtnmng e. Jim McCiure. John Evans. It bans compulsory union membcrshlp'as a condition of employment. In an order signed by Chief Justice Charles Donaldson, the court ordered attorneys in the case to submit written argu- ments by Oct. Another deadline for writteh arguments will be Oct. That was nearly twice the number needed to pul the issue before voters in the next general election, still 14 months away.

They have been firm in their op- position to sending their children to public schools, citing religious and other reasons, and have attempted to educate the six children at home although last year's dispute centered on whether they were com- plying with slate law that requires home education to be equivalent to that provided in state-approved private or public schools' as deter- mined by the local school board.

Since moving, Mrs. Gary P. AP - Despite reports that at least one AIDS vic- tim has been treated in Idaho, health officials say they still have not recorded any cases of the disease originating in the state. The Ranchman t is fully lined and features a center vent in back for added freedom'of movement. The truck, traveling in the westbound lane, spiraled'in thc'alr and new about 'cet be-' fore hitting the median strip. On April 19, , a semi-trailer truck owned by Systems 99 Trucklng'lnc. The truck was damaged, but.

Besides the two trucking companies, Kermit Shpifinn Phipar. Ted Gwin, assistant District 3 engineer for the Transportation Department, said Tuesday the unpaved, minor road was designed to allow machinery — not water - to pass under the freeway. Yield-Grade Choice No. Small Medium Large.

O- cost-cutting plan that includes company will. Sccretarv Malcbiib anything. They may inch upward a slruction in August posted its best Baldrigc said the new report showed touch, but we don't expect them to gain in five months,- a 6. League of Sav-. It was the biggest igage Vates since last year did not three months of next year and down increase in housing activity since a seejn to be triggering a big increase to The governm- sales, which the government will will slay in a range of 9 percent to -enl— has — already— reported— that report -later,- should show that the 9,6 percent over the next year, unemployment declined for the first gains were just delayed.

For the first eight months of the time in six months while industrial Kent. Colton, executive vice presi- year, construction starts have production and retail sales showed dent of the National Association of totaled 1. Home Builders, said home sales may -below he pace set in Some All. Currently, a fixed-rate conven- The advance In housing Oonstruc-. Jobs, the year-old whiz kid of the personal computer industry, has resigned as chairman ot Apple Com- puter Inc. The move came as the com- ' p'a'ny was being reorganized, firing 20 percent ofits:workforcer and-as its.

Airline Apple'was born in when Jobs following a, steep decline In the stocks had led the Tuesday decline. Park, south' of San Francisco. The sold his Volkswagen van for startup change listed Issues. S, wizard Wozniak they should market average' sank 10,98 to 1,,16, its subsidiary of Unilever and adopted a thecomputer.

ImpChm 2. M 14 4 Jotlan a. M 13 2 JoyMlg 1. I6P trnwld. OSe ASclE. J IhmpH 16 lonaOa 31 ,! OO Treasury Bills Bonds D-mark S-franc J-yen 41,57 Meese defends E. It collected the awareness of the scale of economic HoTslcin" MO speedy resolution of the case sent a maximum fine of S2 million, made crimes, which net the perpetrators hgiot e vet. Meese said. Tne signilicnncc of te Hutlon Incebysoraewild. TmM cttlfe 1. Wtintr plot SO; and al hogs Feeder lamba U.

Cboiet stetti ». OO-S 3 OO:. ChOKt hetftta n Ib. Rambo and Mr. Defending his handling of allcga-. Sor rruu. H-'Hi iBkyMt. Corp Idaho Pwr. Ketiwood Long, Fiber Moore Fin! Ir'Smail Wbllaa: 2 al Soli while wheal 2.

Oihei -le an average of eeveiai Magic Valley Lb aS. Good Few cuitei and boning uiiiity All pnci. Pricea are net. Prices ar r necessarily quoted daily by sii deaiera. They have a beige or unit with backup safety catch. Commodities CA3H-?

SftTgS ' -! OOO Iba. Ncwc, umfs Sllh the model Frames Co. South, New York, N. J 5 J 7 tbushaI. Fresh pork loms T 4 -I 6 lbs 1. I 75 lbs pork carcetacmoui reDorts nt inrirfpniR In whirh ihrv value idvincedl. Some cases of burns Toro Co.

H Feb MV, 55 m 5. M Nn 1 white club wheal 3. M 2 Midw. The Toro Co. Riverside, Calif, reports of such incidents, although X SS I open Ini X 57 35 X 45 villi ts brotatn XX X. X » X X XI X Sit SS ills iSil J! ISii Prev laias 5. P May ».

I3 ItX t9X 16 91 19 oi «. All jhrec BUHL Thursday. Must a store sell you something for the price listed onthe article if the store tells you it's a mistake be- fore you pay for It? Probably not. Good business procedures dictate that stores usually do stand behind their mistakes. But the store's unilateral mistake, presumably made in good faith, has been corrected before a deal contract has been consum- mated. Can you ever cancel a sale by a door-to-door salesman after the three-day reclsion cooling-off A, Cancel?

Probably not, But a consumer should be able for solid reasons — fraud, misrepresentation, the like — to return goods, not pay for them or, If already paid for, In- stitute litigation for their return. Can you collect from a parking lot company after it has caused damage to your car if it had a sign posted stating It is not liabl e for damage?

More facts are needed to enable the attorney to determine whether this situation was a bail- large was the sign? How bold the print? What did it say? Was It read by the customer? Could he have read lt? May a landlord enter your -apartment without yourpermls Sion?

The answer to this. May a repairman charge you more than the estimate given you for work done? Was the estimate In writing? Wear, them to the ' office. Wear them to the club. Designed to look as good under a sport coal and tie as they do next to your golf clubs. Great fashion, great comfort, home laundry.

Sizes walsisizes — most Inseams, In colors heather brown, heather blue, ' heather gray, tan, black, dark navy, dark brown. If the estimate was verbal, what were the terms. Who was present when the verbal estimate was given? Do the surrounding facts, if not the language itself, determine. If the estimate is in written form, without language allowing for additional charge, you, the customer, are In a far better position.

Do you know what type of test to take if you have been stopped for driving under the influence of alcohol? A creditor never can. James Oglethorpe establish- ed a free colony In Georgia over yearsagofor those who'had been previously Imprisoned for their debts. When may your car be repossessed? If you have given that right to others via a security interest, such as a chattel mortgage, and then default in making payments. Also, your car may be taken by a sheriff or marshal, who may serve a notice of levy and then take the car pursuant to a valid judgment.

Can you handle youT own name change? What kind of evidence -should you bringtoasmaiicialms court? After having sold your car, are you liable for an accident involv- ing the person who bought it if you failed to change the car registration beforehand? If your luggage is lost, hojotuch must an airline pay to All these are questions that touch your everyday lives.

Many, if not most, demand answers you and I have wanted. A solid deal. Removable oven door. Op- tional automatic extra rinse. Normal, and. Threie drying selections — normal, low and' no heat. Time or temperature cooking. Variable power levels. OMLY w n. Huge vegetobleWruit pan. Energy Saver Switch. M, May Majnes 2. Port, wheal 3. G5A- Dec. Hutton Four months ago, the government said. If collccled the awareness oHh Deroelrators Hoisiein bull c»tws ti.

Marwick S0 lo a Speech at the Metropolitan tion with interest to each of the Mitchell. Mecse said. The said, Americans? G 10',i - '. Heinz, Edward D. AP usow - Omahb uvaaioek financial management community. Vsjel um! OOO lo hearing exam- a;M0Y. SHughlt -. Cannar Electric clothes steamers recalled la nollosted.

Wtioal pilcos aid given dally by Rangan'a. Olhs: S rain prices art an sicrago of aovoral Magic Valley osier quoiallona oblalnce weekly. Prices are net. Mart Grain Co. Prices ai 3 p. Reed Grain Co. To obtain the. They sold nation- dress on a separate sheet of paper anil send il lo 11 Newer units with the model Franzus Co. Dec Jan Prev day's open Ini X. Nn 2 Midw.

Involved are Toro IC irrigation f'lf eluding some'" lawn 'sprinkling controllers model numbers IC4, -- ii,9»,? Gold futures Open High Low. Sstile V u. X 5 42 sales 31, Oiy's open ml 62,, oil I herd ted winter wheel n to pet protein It pet protein 17 pci protein 13 pci protein 1 deck northern spring erneai to pet protein 14 pcs protein L 15 pet protein I bargs 4. M5, up 5. QX Prev day'i open ml 6. II , Ibt. Noi 16 60 Oci 9. X 12I. OO 3X. The approval docs not l] 2 Twin Falls have been placed on thc affect facilllies owned and operated U.

Commodity Credit Corp. S X5 0 W50 M59 0 Wiiconiln loundreds 3 OO-olo. CoX'Ide 3 Cell lodiy and one ol our friend- ly Ad-VliOra will hilp you word your td 60 Ihti It wilt Di mo6l 4l «ctlva ind brlno you Iho rtivRt yov oro footling lor, '. Canyou ever cancel a sale by a door-to-door salesman after the three-day reclsion cooling-off period has passed? But a consumer should be able for solid reasons — fraud, misrepresentation, the like — to return goods, not pay for them or, if already paid for.

In- stitute litigation for their return. Can you collect from a parking lot company after It has caused damage to your car if it had a sign posted stating it Is not liable for damage? The answer depends on how the damage in question was caused, by whom It was caused, what the dam- age is. More facts areTieeded to enable he attorney to determine whether this situation was a ball- ment-or-a-licenserforexample,- how- large was the sign?

How bold the prlnt? Whatdid lt-say? Was It specifically mentlonedlsy the parking attendant? Was there a parking attendant? Few such laws apply to all 50 states. The answers would vary from state to state, and thus If you want an answer speqiflcallyfor you, you must follow up. To carry on with vital-questio n s:- Sylvia Porter so, It should be seen.

If the estimate was verbal, what were the terms and conditions? Was It a general or. Do the surrounding facts, If not the language Itself, determine that this was a contract rather than an estimate? If the estimate is in written form, without language allowing for additional charge, you, the customer, are in a far better position.

Do you know what type of test to take if you have been stopped for driving under the Influence of alcohol? A choice is rarely given the driver. Can a creditor put you in jail for owing money? The answer to this - question depends upon the terms of the written lease, which usually has a specific paragraphallowing the.

May a repairman charge you yearsago for those who' had been previously Imprisoned for their debts. Whenmayyourcarbe repossessed? If you have given that right to others via a security Interest, such as a chattel mortgage, and then default in making payments. Also, your car may be taken by a sheriff or marshal, who may serve a notice of- levy and then take the car pursuant, to a valid Judgment, -And-.

After having sold your car, are you liable for an accident Involv- ing the person who bought it if you failed to change the car registration beforehand?

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Views Read View source View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons Wikiversity. Main article: Cannabis in Albania Prohibited but plants highly available throughout the country and law often unenforced. Antigua and Barbuda. Main article: Cannabis in Argentina Decriminalized for small amounts and private consumption, as ruled by the Supreme Court in Decriminalized in Northern Territory and South Australia.

Legal at federal level and in all states. Main article: Cannabis in Australia In September , the Australian Capital Territory became the first state or territory of Australia to legalize recreational use of cannabis. Since 31 January residents have been allowed to grow two plants and possess 50 g, though sales or other transfer is prohibited, including cannabis seeds. Federal law also remains enforceable.

Possession for personal use decriminalized as of January Dronabinol , Sativex , Nabilone [20]. Main article: Cannabis in Bangladesh Sale banned in , [21] but laws are rarely enforced and cannabis is openly sold in many parts of the country. Legal for spiritual use by registered Rastafarians [24].

Legal [25]. Decriminalized up to 3 g or cultivation of one plant. Sativex [26]. Main article: Cannabis in Belgium Up to 3 g decriminalized for adults since Decriminalized up to 10 g. Main article: Cannabis in Belize Possession prohibited, but use is common and largely tolerated.

Decriminalized up to 7 g. Main article: Cannabis in Bermuda In November , the Supreme Court of Bermuda ruled in favor of allowing the medical use of cannabis. Main article: Cannabis in Bhutan Illegal, but plants grow prolifically and have multiple traditional uses, such as feeding pigs and producing textiles. Decriminalized up to 50 g. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Main article: Cannabis in Bosnia and Herzegovina In , the Ministry of Civil Affairs formed a task force to explore the legalization of cannabis and cannabinoids for medicinal purposes.

Main article: Cannabis in Botswana Cannabis or dagga is illegal. Legal for terminally ill patients or those who have exhausted other treatment options. Main article: Cannabis in Brazil Legislation passed in to require treatment and community service for possessing small amounts of drugs instead of jail time. Until , a loosely defined "personal dose" existed.

Burkina Faso. Main article: Cannabis in Cambodia Illegal, [41] but this prohibition is lax and enforced opportunistically. Main articles: Cannabis in Canada and Cannabis laws of Canada by province or territory Legal for medicinal purposes since and for recreational purposes since 17 October The age to buy or consume cannabis is 19 in most of the country, with the exceptions being Alberta age 18 and Quebec age Cape Verde. Central African Republic. Decriminalized for possession and cultivation.

Main article: Cannabis in Chile Private personal use [47] and recreational cultivation [48] [49] [50] decriminalized. Medicinal cultivation legal with the authorization of The Chilean Agriculture Service SAG [51] and sale of medication allowed on prescription in pharmacies.

Main article: Cannabis in China Penalty for possession or consumption: 10—15 days' detention without prosecution and a fine. Decriminalized up to 22 g or cultivation of 20 plants for personal use. Main article: Cannabis in Colombia Decriminalized up to 22 g for personal consumption. Individuals carrying greater amounts, or cultivating up to 20 plants, cannot be prosecuted if the drug is for personal use. Main article: Cannabis in Comoros Cannabis was legal during the Comorian historical period between January and May , when president Ali Soilih legalized cannabis consumption among other measures.

Democratic Republic of the Congo. Republic of the Congo. Costa Rica. Decriminalized [60] [61]. Legal [62]. Main article: Cannabis in Costa Rica Decriminalized since police officers do not detain people for personal use, yet no amount has been defined as a minimum for possession.

Use of cannabis is widespread throughout the country. Decriminalized [63]. Legal [64]. Main article: Cannabis in Croatia Possession of small amounts considered a misdemeanor which leads to fine. Legal [65]. Main article: Cannabis in Cyprus Class B substance — life imprisonment is possible for use and maximum 8 years for possession at the maximum 2 years for the first offense for people under Czech Republic. Decriminalized up to 10 g or cultivation of 5 plants [67]. Main article: Cannabis in the Czech Republic Possession of up to 10 g or cultivation of up to 5 plants is an infraction subject to a minor fine — mostly not enforced.

Medicinal use legal and regulated since Legal 4-year pilot program beginning in January [70]. Main article: Cannabis in Denmark As with all drugs, cannabis-related offenses are punishable by a fine or imprisonment for up to 2 years. Decriminalized up to 1 oz 28 grams [73]. Dominican Republic.

East Timor. Legal [74]. Main article: Cannabis in Ecuador Possession of small amounts decriminalized. Main article: Cannabis in Egypt Illegal since [78] but use is widespread. Convictions for personal use are rare. El Salvador. Equatorial Guinea. With a special permit [80]. Main article: Cannabis in Estonia Up to 7. Large amounts and distribution are criminal offenses punishable with a custodial sentence of up to 5 years.

Eswatini Swaziland. Main article: Cannabis in Ethiopia Despite being the spiritual homeland of the Rastafari movement , possession of cannabis can result in up to six months imprisonment. Illegal but sometimes not enforced. Legal under license.

Main article: Cannabis in Finland Personal use is generally not prosecuted in court but subject to summary fine. Medicinal cannabis possible under a special license since ; in , licenses were issued. Illegal, but an on-the-spot fine are usually issued in place of prosecution. A two-year trial program involving 3, patients underway [84]. Legal for possession and consumption but not for sale, per a July ruling by the Constitutional Court of Georgia.

Use is legal, but no system for the dispensing of cannabis exists. Illegal, but prosecution may be refrained if possession is in small quantities and for personal use. Legal for seriously ill patients who have consulted with a doctor and have absolutely no therapeutic alternative. Main article: Cannabis in Germany Under federal law, prosecution is optional for possession of "small amounts" of any narcotics, if there is no public interest in the offence and the narcotics were only intended for the offender's own use.

Legal only for THC less than 0. Greenland Kalaallit Nunaat. Main article: Cannabis in Guatemala In a constitutional commission rejected proposals to legalize medicinal or recreational use of cannabis. Main article: Cannabis in Guyana Possession of 15 g or over can result in charges of drug trafficking. Main article: Cannabis in Honduras The possession, sale, transportation, and cultivation of cannabis is illegal.

Hong Kong. Main article: Cannabis in Hungary There is no distinction in Hungarian law between illicit drugs according to dangers. Heroin use has the same legal consequences as cannabis use. Main article: Cannabis in Iceland Banned in Illegal, but exception is made for the use of bhang.

CBD oil legal, less than 0. Main article: Cannabis in India Albeit illegal, usage is prevalent and some government-owned shops sell cannabis in the form of bhang. States have their own laws regarding cannabis, locally known as ganja. Main article: Cannabis in Indonesia Banned in Rehabilitation or maximum sentence of 4 years if caught in possession alone.

Illegal, but not strictly enforced. Main article: Cannabis in Iran Maximum of capital punishment to possess hashish over 5 kilograms [] but unenforced. Illegal []. Legal as part of 5-year pilot program enacted in June [] []. Main article: Cannabis in Israel As of April , public possession of small amounts is a non-criminal offense punished by escalating fines. A third offense can result in criminal charges, however. Possession in the privacy of one's home is not punished. Possession decriminalized; home cultivation legal in small amounts for personal use.

Main article: Cannabis in Italy Possession of small amounts for personal use is a misdemeanor subject to fines and the suspension of documents passports or driver's licenses. Sale is punishable by imprisonment, even if in small amounts. Licensed cultivation for medicinal and industrial use strictly regulated.

Ivory Coast. Decriminalized up to 2 oz 57 grams or cultivation of 5 plants. Legal for Rastafari. Main article: Cannabis in Jamaica Decriminalized since , and in the first medical cannabis dispensary opened. Main article: Cannabis in Japan Restricted in Cultivation, sale, and transport are punishable by 7—10 years imprisonment and a fine.

Multiple reports from defectors and tourists claim there is no law regarding the possession of cannabis as a result, it is not classified as a drug in North Korea or if there is, it is mostly unenforced. However, other reports claim that cannabis is illegal.

Korea, South. Access limited to Epidiolex , Marinol and Sativex as of now due to the policy implemented by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety []. The plant itself, however, remains unavailable due to the policy made by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Larger quantities can be punished with up to 15 years in prison. Main article: Cannabis in Lebanon Hashish banned in ; [] cultivation banned in Illegal but tolerated.

Main article: Cannabis in Lesotho Licensed cultivation allowed for export to other countries. Also widely grown for illicit purposes. Main article: Cannabis in Lithuania A bill to legalize medical use of cannabis was passed by the Seimas on 11 October Main article: Cannabis in Luxembourg Transportation and consumption are illegal. Macau , SAR of China. Legal []. Main article: Cannabis in Malawi Illegal but widely used and cultivated; Malawian cannabis is famed internationally for its quality.

Main article: Cannabis in Malaysia Mandatory death penalty for convicted drug traffickers, legally defined as individuals possessing more than g 7 oz of cannabis. Legal for possession, consumption, and cultivation.

Distribution is allowed through non-profit cannabis clubs. Main article: Cannabis in Malta On 30 March , Prime Minister Robert Abela announced a proposal to legalize possession of up to 7 grams and the cultivation of up to 4 plants, and for people charged with possession in the past to have it expunged from their criminal records. Marshall Islands. Legal for possession, consumption, and cultivation with a permit, but not for sale. Main article: Cannabis in Mexico Possession of 5 g was decriminalized in Legal [] [].

Main article: Cannabis in Morocco Morocco is among the world's top producers of hashish. Main article: Cannabis in Namibia Cannabis is illegal; in the government proposed but declined a year jail sentence for any drug possession. Illegal, [] but allowed during Maha Shivaratri []. Main article: Cannabis in Nepal All cannabis licenses canceled in Consumption and sale are tolerated in licensed coffeeshops.

Cultivation of up to 5 plants is unenforced for non-commercial use unless grown in a professional setup. Main article: Cannabis in the Netherlands Personal possession decriminalized and sale allowed only in certain licensed coffeeshops in the continental Netherlands.

New Zealand. See also: Cannabis in New Zealand Banned in Medical use was legalized in North Macedonia. Main article: Cannabis in North Macedonia If one possesses large amounts, a jail sentence of anywhere from 3 months to 5 years may be given. Main article: Cannabis in Norway Illegal, however Solberg's Cabinet worked on a decriminalization bill that would end all sanctions for use of drugs as a whole and possession of up to 10 grams of cannabis.

As of April 16th , this bill did not pass parliament. Illegal, but often unenforced particularly in some tribal regions. CBD only []. Main article: Cannabis in Pakistan Prohibited, but the smoking of hashish in Peshawar and the northern parts of Pakistan tends to be tolerated. One may be sent to jail for up to six months if found with charas in other parts of the country.

Papua New Guinea. Main article: Cannabis in Paraguay The possession of up to 10 g of cannabis is not punishable. Main article: Cannabis in Peru Possession of up to 8 g is not punished. Illegal but may be allowed with special permit. Main article: Cannabis in the Philippines Medical use of cannabis is possible with a special permit from the Food and Drugs Authority for use by individuals with serious or terminal illness.

Illegal, but may not be enforced for small amounts, legal below 0. Main article: Cannabis in Poland Since , prosecutors can choose not to prosecute possession of small quantities of cannabis for personal use if it is a first offense or if the person is drug dependent.

Decriminalized up to 25 g of herb or 5 g of hashish. Main article: Cannabis in Portugal In , Portugal became the first country in the world to decriminalize the use of all drugs. Cannabis-derived drugs less than 0. Main article: Cannabis in Romania Small quantities punishable by a large fine for first offenders or 6 months to 2 years in prison if the person has been convicted before. Possession of large amounts or trafficking is punishable by 2—7 years of jail time.

Possession of larger amounts is a criminal offense. Foreign nationals and stateless individuals who violate the law are subject to deportation regardless of the amount. Saint Kitts and Nevis. Decriminalized up to 15 g. Saint Lucia. Decriminalized up to 30 g [].

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Decriminalized up to 2 oz 57 grams []. Legal [] [] []. San Marino. Saudi Arabia. Main article: Cannabis in Saudi Arabia Use and possession for personal use of any kind of recreational drugs is punishable by imprisonment if caught.

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