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Guilford financial group

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For instance, research has shown that mutual funds that use incentive fees take on more risk that funds that do not, and tend to double down and increase their risk following a poor performance. This could be detrimental to a client during down markets. This typically occurs when firms manage mutual funds or hedge funds alongside smaller retail accounts. Side-by-side management can create an incentive for the advisor to favor the larger funds, potentially leading to unequal trading costs and unfavorable trade executions for their retail clients.

Guilford Financial Group receives soft-dollar benefits that could incentivize them to push trades through broker-dealers that provide advantages to the firm instead of through broker-dealers that could provide the best trade execution for their clients. Guilford Financial Group has marked in their disclosures that they trade recommended securities. While this often can be seen as "eating your own cooking," there are several inherent conflicts that can arise.

For example, front running is when a financial professional buys or sell securities ahead of their client. In short, any financial professional should disclose all positions they hold or have sold short that they will also be recommending to you. Our system found no other conflict questions to ask. Unfortunately, there is no single, uniform pricing standard for working with a financial advisor. Catchphrases, including "fee-only," can be helpful; however, Americans often get confused with competitors promoting "fee-based" in response.

Ultimately, to understand the underlying costs of advisory services, we always recommend asking for an itemized fees breakdown and reading the firm's ADV Part 2 Brochure Item 5, "Fees and Compensation". View Fee Disclosures. As a financial advisory firm, Guilford Financial Group can provide a variety of financial planning services for Americans. Financial advisors help you achieve your life goals, e.

Financial planning services can include tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, or life-based event planning such as saving for college, getting married, purchasing a home, paying down debt, or planning an inheritance. As a result, unlike hedge funds, there is no historical performance for any financial advisory firm. Financial plans and investment portfolios are always unique to the client's personal financial situation.

As a result, we do not support personal reviews on the site. For data support, email "support investor. Firms that receive a 4. Any data inaccuracies, please contact our team. With respect to such information, investor. Guilford Financial Group Review.

Disciplinary Questions After checking the disciplinary records of Guilford Financial Group, our system found no disciplinary questions to ask. Conflict Questions After checking the regulatory records of Guilford Financial Group, our system has identified the following question s to ask. Does Guilford Financial Group offer mutual funds that have 12b-1 fees? Does Guilford Financial Group offer products that have performance-based fees, or does it accept performance-based fees?

Will any of my assets be invested in those products? Does Guilford Financial Group perform side-by-side management? How does Guilford Financial Group mitigate conflicts that arise from managing accounts with differing fee structures? Does Guilford Financial Group accept soft-dollar benefits? Which securities does Guilford Financial Group trade for itself that it will also be recommending to me?

Was this helpful? Yes or No. Submit Details. Where is Guilford Financial Group headquartered? Is this your profile? Help us keep your information up-to-date. Claim Profile. Fixed fees. Hourly charges. A percentage of assets under management. Advisors at This Location. Wayne Staschke More Info. Scott Staschke More Info.

Let us help. Get matched with an advisor today. First Name. Last Name. Zip Code. Phone Number. How to Find the Best Financial Advisor. Read More. Financial Planning and Budgeting Assessment. Top 9 Ways to Prepare for Retirement. See all articles. What are Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Spending? Is Your Financial Advisor a Fiduciary?

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Our team of professionals have years of experience in financial services. We can help you address your needs of today and for many years to come. Guilford Financial Group Inc. was founded in March of The Firm is an independent Registered Investment Advisor that specializes in a comprehensive. Guilford Financial Group, registered in , serves 4 state(s) with a licensed staff of 2 advisors. Guilford Financial Group manages $ million and.