westlake financial grace period
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Westlake financial grace period financial prosperity

Westlake financial grace period

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We understand that the grace period is not a requirement, but when these jerks change your due date from the 16th to the 1st without your authorization is that not a requirement of the law for them to get your authorization first?? Or when they call of your contacts and threaten to come get your car, when you are a day late, is that a requirement of the law? Or even better, when they call and harrass you at all times of the day and night, how does that work out with the law??

How did I become a customer of the company, well it came down to which company had the lowest payments. Westlake financial deals with people that cant get a loan through other financial companies. They can give you a late charge, but as a courtesy they give you 10 extra days, It is not requiredl. Comment the review as Westlake Financial Services verified representative. Write a private message as Westlake Financial Services verified representative. Private messages do not impact your company rating.

If you want your response to count towards your company rating, you can also leave a comment for this review. You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. This is ridiculous and no one needs to be spoken to that way.

Comment Helpful 12 Not helpful 0 Report. I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer Terms of Service. I wish to receive email notifications about future comments. Your Email. You will be automatically registered on our site. Username and password will be sent to you via email. Post Comment Post as guest Login Sign up. Great Comment! Convert into review Leave as comment. Terms of Service. I agree to TOS Cancel. Oct 08, PissedConsumer Reply 1 0.

Jul 08, PissedConsumer Reply 0 0. May 26, PissedConsumer Jan 11, PissedConsumer Yeah i get it. People need to pay their bill on time. Thankfully i only got a few more payments! Jan 13, PissedConsumer Reply 3 0. Reply 0 3. Aug 06, Kinley Tst PissedConsumer Not a good place.

Jan 10, PissedConsumer Reply 0 4. Jun 17, PissedConsumer PissedConsumer I have been westlake for 7 months now. I have been on time every single month, until this month. I just don't want on that on there. I'm trying to build my credit. Nov 12, Embry Huy Jul 27, PissedConsumer PissedConsumer What if a payment is a day late? After the due date. Aug 03, PissedConsumer PissedConsumer Coming back here to point out how lost you are.

Oct 26, PissedConsumer Sep 01, PissedConsumer Jul 29, PissedConsumer Extension you get this once and 2. Jul 26, PissedConsumer Jun 30, PissedConsumer Sergio provided outstanding, courteous, thorough service to me this afternoon!! Competitive loan programs. Excellent customer-friendly service!! Thank you for posting a review, Melissa! We have passed along your praises to Sergio.

Thank you for your comments about Harvey. We strive to provide our customers with quality customer service, and we love when our employees get recognition for it. I just want to thank Ms. I called Westlake Financial because I was really upset and confused regarding my mature date payment.

I was stressed out and Varia was able to calm me down and get me a resolution that I was satisfied with knowing that my car was not going to be repossessed from me because of my illness and the few late payments that had to go to the end of my term.

I don't know how it would have come out any better, Varnia is caring and understanding. I'm just grateful that I got her on my call. Thank you very much for such a great review, Nichelle! We will also make sure that Vania receives the recognition she deserves. She will be really happy to see your review. Mike was professional, attentive and pleasant to deal with.

He was always prompt with follow up calls and accurate in his notes and details. The best part about my experience with Mike is his pleasant demeanor. It made an otherwise unpleasant and stressful situation doable, you can tell he cares about customer feedback and quality of service.

His demeanor made it easy for me to take calls I would otherwise avoid. Thank you for posting a review, Miguel! We have passed along your praises to Mike. If I could give them zero stars I absolutely would. The agents do not allow you to speak to supervisors. I asked for photos from the company that towed my car and they sent me back the photos I sent to them which makes no sense even though I expressed over the phone at least 10 times I do not need the photos that I submitted due to the fact that I already have this photos but yet they still sent them to me regardless.

The agents constantly lie and I continue to catch them and bring it up to them. Nobody in the company knows how to do their job. Do not do business with them. Thank you for providing your feedback to Westlake Financial Services, we endeavor to respond to all requests, in writing, within 10 business days. They were amazing. They make it easy and have a great policy paying toward principal first if you pay over your due amount. They worked with me and even deferred a payment when I would have been late.

Honest and good company. I will gladly do business again if I need to finance again! Thank you for sharing your positive feedback with Westlake Financial Services, Kristen. We are glad we were able to help you and provide you with such a positive experience! To whom who may concern, My experience with them was very helpful because I have been wondering how am I gonna pay my fine but they help a lots and save me.

So they came up with something that was very helpful since I lost my job during pandemic which is so hard for all of us. Thank you so much. Thank you for posting a review, Maybelline! We have passed along your praises to Jaime.

Very helpful and courteous service during my experience with Westlake Financial. I highly recommend them within the near future to friends and others!!!! Westlake Financial and their representatives are highly flexible towards others in a dire need and can help with any means necessary. Thank you for sharing your positive feedback with Westlake Financial Services, Alexander.

Dario done a fantastic job. I have called several times in the past and had ok service. He was so excited to assist. He answered all of my questions. I informed him this has been a long journey with my car and feels great to be paying it off. He fed off of my happy energy and made me feel even better at accomplishing paying off this car. Told him about buying a house and answered my questions about the credit portion.

Overall Dario done a fantastic job! Thank you for posting a review, Ashley! We have passed along your praises to Dario. Good morning - Over the life of my contract with West Lake Financial, I have received various calls from this company for payment update. It should be noted that "This" young man represented Westlake in a "Very Professional" manner, none like I have experienced with this company. Let it be known to Westlake Financial that Mr.

Thank you for posting a review, Earnetta! We have passed along your praises to Alvaro. Marvin, CSR, He explained the process clearly and thoroughly. My car was stolen and Insurance company pay off was still pending- therefore my account was still open. Marvin was patience, informative and caring.

He explained in details the situation and the process. He is outstanding with customer service skills! Thank you for posting a review, Patricia! We have passed along your praises to Marvin. She made my experience joyful. One doesn't expect those qualities in today's world. Coming from a financial background, customers can bear down on an individual and not know the facts or did not look at the notes on the account prior to their engagement. Mary asked specific questions and handled a couple of issues for me.

I appreciate her quality of work greatly. Thank you for your comments about Mary. My last couple experience had me excited enough to right a review. These representatives are pretty amazing. I learned things that could help me out in the future and it shows this company does care about its customers.

Thank you for posting a review, Stefano! We have passed along your praises to Milton. I called in and I had one of the best experiences as a long time customer. The agent was very respectful and informative, We even laughed about life. One of the best loan companies I have dealt with, and also they are very understandable. Thank you Westlake Financial. Thank you for sharing your positive feedback with Westlake Financial Services, Maria. I needed to change the due date for my loan payment and it was a simple, painless process.

The customer service representative was soft spoken and pleasant. The whole process took me about 3 minutes, including hold time to speak to a live person. Thank you for sharing your positive feedback with Westlake Financial Services, Keri. Had a loan through another company and bought 2 yrs and somehow Westlake Financial took over my loan. All was good and I was in good standing with all my payments on time. Until the last month of payments.

I had my Jan payment come out. Well I was wrong they said the end of my loan was in Jan. Well Westlake when you took over my loan no one explained this to me. I set up a payment for the same week and another payment 2 weeks later. I spoke to a representative on Jan 24th and he assured me this was my last payment.

I recieve an email today stating I am late on a payment. I call and speak with a representative and asked why am I getting an email about making a payment? I was told my car is now paid off. Are you kidding me? Why didn't the rep that I spoke with on Jan 24th give me the whole pay off?

Westlake left me alone for 4 yrs. But at the end of the loan I was harassed for 3 payments that I was under the assumption would come out Jan, Feb, March. They have poor communication skills until they want your payment. They treated a good customer that was never late on a payment horrible at the end. Hi Wendi, we would like to apologize for the negative customer experience you had with us.

The second representative that I spoke to today was awesome he reassured me that two payments will not be taken out of my account per I received two separate emails stating one was reoccurring and one was made to their system. Santiago listened to my concerns and discussed all option to rectify the situation for my account. He asked why my account was delinquent instead of just trying to force a payment. Then, he listened and showed understanding and concern for my situation.

Ultimately, we found a solution to get the account back on track. Thank you for sharing your positive feedback with Westlake Financial Services, Shaun. There was a car purchase in my name and there were fake check stubs that were given in my name. I spoke with them.

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All payments made will reflect on your payment history within 2 business days after posting. Any scheduled transactions can be canceled 24 hours prior to the. FAQs · Change of Name · Due Date Change · Extensions · Insurance Claim · Payment Allocation · Payment Options · Payoff Information · Third Party Authorization. See if a Westlake Financial Services auto loan could be right for you by reading ratings and reviews from customers and our editors.