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Xe Currency Converter. These are the highest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the lowest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the average exchange rates of these two currencies for the last 30 and 90 days.

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Gft forex uk company

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The company offers a number of extra services like automatic trading features on its platform, translation services of auction signals, and other things but these services are chargeable. You can trade a number of securities with this company, including precious metals, oil, indices, stocks, currency pairs, commodities, and binaries.

The latter is more advanced as it provides graphic analysis along with basic information. Its pro version, DealBookR is also available to the clients which offer direct trading using graphs. Privacy Policy. Author Recent Posts. Trader since Currently work for several prop trading companies. Latest posts by Fxigor see all. Trade gold and silver. Visit the broker's page and start trading high liquidity spot metals - the most traded instruments in the world.

Diversify your savings with a gold IRA. Get newsletter. I had a live account with them for a few months and never had a problem with executions. On the other hand, I was losing money so good execution is hardly to their credit not GFT's fault, I was trading a bad system.

After about 2 months I realized my system was flawed and stopped making live trades. However I had the option of placing my account on an "inactive status" which meant that I couldn't place any live trades but also wouldn't be charged any inactivity fees. I went ahead and did that without issue. A few months later I pulled all my money out to fund a futures account.

Absolutely no issues with that transaction Well, maybe 6 months after I closed my account I decided to get back into Fx trading. I immediately thought of GFT because my experience there had been so positive. Getting the money back in was a snap From their perspective, when I had pulled my funds out before it somehow cancelled the "inactive status" I had arranged previously and so the old inactivity fees started building up against the empty account.

As soon as my money went back in It's almost as though they had been just waiting there for it to happen. I protested on the basis of common decency I mean how could I have known? That fee was all important to them. I closed my account re-withdrew my funds and moved on.

I certainly don't want to do business with a company where shady, highly questionable fees are more important than client relationships. GFT, the name i hate to hear anytime it's mentioned. The system they operate again, is that when you place a wrong order, then you are finished. You to dealbook, you can't still log-in. Very bad broker, run away.

It is not written anywhere in their website But after 30 days you just get an alert: "Demo account expired, open a real one to continue". So, even if their platform, Dealbook , is a very good piece of software I definitely do NOT recommend this broker! I have never come across this and wonder if you have! GFT claims I am liable for any loss they incur from the time I liquidate my position to the settlement day. GFT uses a trading desk so my orders do not reach the Interbank. My profit or loss shows immediately.

GFT Charged me for pip movement between the time I liquidated and the date set for settlement by the Interbank seems most unfair. GFT took money out of my account without notification to cover their loss because they chose to take advantage of the two day float. I will give them the benefit of doubt here because I really do not know if they placed my trade or not, but I do know GFT uses a balancing engine and hedges against your trade.

If you think the bank gets all the spread think again. Has anybody come across a Broker with this policy? I have not and if you wish copies of their conflicting emails just ask. A dreadfull experience from start to finish. Impossible to make any money with a mini account - even when you win, you loose - hidden fees and charges more than take any profit.

And now I can't get my remaining funds returned. Closed my account 5 weeks ago and my wired funds appear to be lost in 'cyber space' and no one gives a rats arse. Get out now if you can - GFT could be next to go to the wall!

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Gft forex uk company Author Recent Posts. Very bad broker, run away. Insurance Account Plus. Martin: In its quest for expanding the company's global reach, GFT was source keen to establish a London presence for its FX trading operations. Global FT Market is dedicated to trader education which is we why are pleased to offer educational videos. E-mail Guido for questions or to suggest an interview at traderATfinancial-spread-betting. Yes, you read well: no indicators at all!!
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Value of pi coin It's almost as though they had been just waiting there for it to happen. Please introduce yourself and your company to our readers and tell us a little about the founders' background. Financial-Spread-Betting: Do you hedge clients' positions or 'net positions'? Our platform makes it possible for individual speculators to trade the same rates and price movements that were once only available to the larger players and funds. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts. Martin: For the majority of our markets, you trade the CFD or spread bet when the regular trading phase of the underlying market is open, so auctions do not count.
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Gft forex uk company Tilkin set out to create a solution at his own risk. Do you charge a quarterly trading account fee or an account inactivity fee or a fee for spread bets made over the phone Martin: There are no charges for trades made by telephone. Are GSLO offered on all stocks? Cent Account low. Financial-Spread-Betting: What are your current plans of expansion? Insurance No.
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Two stochastic strategy for forex A few months later I pulled all my money out to fund a futures account. Currently work for several prop trading companies. It is new market prediction service called Foresight-A. Standard minimum lot sizes arefor standard accounts, and 10, for spot forex minis. Open account.
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The company conducts client and managed accounts; offering professional, guided, management with the Satori Trading Company, and also different types of. Searching for a Forex broker with impressive trading features? Read our DailyForex review of GFT and decide if this is the broker for you. Martin: GFT Global Markets was launched in as a provider of spread betting, CFDs and spot forex dealing services. We provide UK and international.