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Xe Currency Converter. These are the highest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the lowest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the average exchange rates of these two currencies for the last 30 and 90 days.

Trade copier mt4 jforex api investing books for 2013

Trade copier mt4 jforex api

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Git stats 4 commits. Failed to load latest commit information. View code. Trade Replicator enables you to copy trades between separate accounts, possibly located at different brokerages. Trades are copied via database, so Trade Replicator scripts both master and slave versions use PostgreMQL4 to communicate with the database server, currently only PostgreSQL server is supported.

Why you might want to try this? For bigger client base it is hardly possible to manage all clients manually. When this is done just compile java file from Dukascopy trading platform and start it. Master script is used at the signal provider side and slave version is used at the signal subscriber side. Important Notes If you opened some trades and then run the master script it will detect that some new trades appeared and will write them to DB for further copying to slave accounts.

Your master account should be used only for trading that you want to be copied. Please note that SL and TP will not be copied, this means master terminal should be always on with master script running because without it slaves will have no information about which trades should be closed and which should stay open. Many masters and slaves could use the same database as long as the rule of uniqueness is not violated for master ids and for slave ids.

It is possible to copy from many masters at once in a single running slave script instance. At client side slave version of the script is running and scanning DB every second for new master trades and also for trades that have been closed by master. In case trade copy failed, status column will have the error number that has been reported by the MT4 server. When there is no error status column is NULL. When master closes the trade it is also going to be closed at the client side and information in DB will be updated with the time and profit of the closed trade.

This is how it works in short, you are encouraged to view the database schema because it contains a lot of useful information that can be used to prepare the summary of trading for masters and slaves. Quick Start Before running the scripts they have to be properly configured.

You can do it every time when you run the script or you can write values you need right into mq4 script file and compile it. See detailled information on LMAX. On request, minimum requirements apply! The Financial Information eXchange FIX protocol is an electronic communications protocol initiated in for international real-time exchange of information related to the securities transactions and markets.

Managing the delivery of trading applications and keeping latency low increasingly requires an understanding of the FIX protocol. Wikipedia The FIX protocol is well known in the institutional forex trading industry. NinjaTrader provides award-winning trading software and brokerage services to active traders. If you are using a broker supported by our Trade Copier, you can use NinjaTrader to manage your account. TradingView combines web-based charting, analytics, and a trading software.

If you are using a broker supported by our Trade Copier, you can use TradingView to manage your account. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. Any product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks or images featured or referred to within the trade-copier. These trademark holders are not affiliated with Duplikium, our products, or our websites.

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At the same time, ticket numbers from the master will not be inserted into the comments of positions on the client. Attention : In this mode, Global variables will be involved! Check that your advisors or indicators do not delete global variables. Corrects the stop loss and take profit distances at different opening prices on the master and the client:. The difference in the opening price is 0. True - for ECN brokers and accounts in which it is forbidden to set stops at the same time as opening a position.

If orders are not copied, then when the order is triggered on the master, the position will be copied to the client. At the same time, all the other functions of the system are working normally trailing stop, modification, etc. If you copy between different brokers and the quotes for these brokers are different, then you can set the maximum price difference between the master and the client.

The copier will only copy when the difference between the prices of the two terminals the position being copied does not exceed PricePointSlip points. It helps to open a position again if it was closed, for example, by trailing stop on the client. But the master is not yet closed. Changing the type of positions to pending orders when the price difference between the master and the client deviates. If the PricePointSlip! The smaller the value, the faster the copying takes place - but it also consumes more computer resources.

This is the addition if the "-" sign is a decrease of the specified number of points for the TakeProfit Client Terminal as compared to the Master for the Reverse, on the contrary. This is useful for reducing losses and for earning extras.

This is the addition if the "-" sign is a decrease of the specified number of points for the Stoploss Client Terminal as compared to the Master for the Reverse, on the contrary. Virtual stop loss and take profit from the master, positions are set on the client without stops, And work with virtual stops that are not visible to the server! This means that the levels of stop loss and take profit will be stored in the memory of the expert.

When the price will cross these levels, then the adviser closes the position. When using virtual levels of stop loss and take profit, slippage of the closing price is possible!! The function works only when the computer is turned on.

For example , You want only 2 positions for the client to be copied to 1 currency pair from 10 open positions on the master. Then, when setting the parameter to 2, only the first two positions of each pair from the master will be copied. For example , You want the client to copy only 2 orders for 1 currency pair of 10 open orders on the master.

Then, when setting the parameter to 2, only the first two pending orders of each pair will be copied from the master. Then, when setting the parameter to 2, only the first two currency pairs from the master will be copied. When the block is turned ON true : If the position is closed on the master, the position will not be closed on the client.

Instead, a trailing stop or breakeven is activated on the client at this position, instead of closing on the client, you have the opportunity to turn on the trailing stop and follow the position further. Trailing stop settings, in this case, are separate.

And it turns on only when this position is closed on the master. Note : This feature automatically turns off the ClosePosbyMaster function when turned on. When it is enabled, it is true - the expert advisor puts take profit, after closing a deal on the master - only in the plus zone.

And if, after closing on the master, the deal is in the red, then the take will not be put until it is in the black; If you turn off false, the expert advisor will put a take in any case, even in the minus zone. In dollars, points, percent of the account balance. Warning : Delay in points can be equal to or greater than the opening price of the previous positions! The value in points - This is the minimum value of the distance from the nearest positions!

Warning : Delay in points is calculated on both sides of the opening price of the position! The path to the file, which will store information about the current positions - orders Do not change without experience. For example. Therefore, when deleting an order on the master, it is renamed to " deleted ". Therefore, to copy deleted orders to delete them on the client you need to add the " deleted " comment in the CommentToTCopy field if you use this field to copy only certain comments. This is necessary to protect against misuse of the copier on 1 account!

If you are confident in your actions, then you can delete this number and use the copier as a duplicator of positions on 1 account! These parameters adjust the range of the copier's working time. This time applies to all actions of the master of the copier, the opening of the closing modification of orders and positions. All the rest of the time, the advisor will skip the signals of your strategy.

The reverse effect of copying. Exp - Averager. Averaging on forex positions. Opening against the trend and on the trend. Ask a question! English instructions and articles. E-mail:[ ]. Client Sets. Path to the file in which information about current positions will be stored Do not change without experience Use names without spaces!

Special characters. To copy. ChangingNamesSymbols - Parameter for replacing symbol names for master and client. The type of fill positions and orders. It is used for MT5 terminal. But, in some situations, you need to set the fill type by yourself.

Set the type of fill that your broker indicates. Example: FillOrKill This execution policy means that the order can be executed only in the specified amount. If the market currently does not have a sufficient amount of a financial instrument, then the order will not be executed. The required volume can be made up of several offers available at the moment in the market.

ImmediateOrCancel It means the agreement to make a deal on the maximum available volume on the market within limits specified in the warrant. In the case of the impossibility of full execution, the order will be executed for an accessible volume, and the executed order volume will be canceled. Return This mode is used for market, limit, and stop-limit orders, and only in the modes "Market Execution" and "Stock Execution".

In case of partial execution, a market or limit order with a residual volume is not withdrawn but continues to operate. For stop-limit orders, the corresponding limit order with the execution type Return will be created upon activation. Clients Lots. The coefficient of the master lot. You can set to increase or decrease the risk with the master account. Type of risk calculation for the RiskLot option.

Rate of your currency against the dollar. For the autolot to work adequately with all currency pairs, you need to include in the Market Show "Show all currency pairs". You can adjust the position opening ratio on the client terminal. If 0, then this parameter is disabled. An additional lot will be added to the main lot. Allows you to increase or decrease the lot.

The minimum lot that will be set when opening a position. The maximum lot that will be set when opening a position. Clients Copy Function. Copy position comment from the master position. Corrects the stop loss and take profit distances at different opening prices on the master and the client: eg the opening price on the master: 1.

Default: Off. Copy pending orders true - yes, false - no If orders are not copied, then when the order is triggered on the master, the position will be copied to the client. The starting point from the current day. Maximum deviation in open price when copying, If you copy between different brokers and the quotes for these brokers are different, then you can set the maximum price difference between the master and the client.

The copier will only copy when the difference between the prices of the two terminals the position being copied does not exceed PricePointSlip points f or example: if you put , then the position will be copied only if the price of the client does not differ from the master by more than points. If the prices are very different, the adviser does not open a position. The open price is the price at which the position was opened!

Re-opening positions, if they were closed on the client but not yet closed on the master. Only for professionals!!! The parameter that rounds prices when copying: rounding of opening prices for pending orders; round stoploss; takeprofit rounding; Rounding : Without rounding - copying without rounding To 1 digit - round to 1 digit. The deal will be copied with the price of 1. For brokers who Gold and Silver can only be opened at rounded prices up to 1 decimal. Default : Disabled. Copy only profitable positions.

The value of the loss in points of the deal, Below which, the deal will be copied, for example - 10 points, If the deal falls below the value of points, the deal will be copied. Copy symbols. Not to Copy symbol. The symbol that is not needed to be copied, the empty value - all symbols, the comma-separated list is strict with the symbol name.

The delay between code execution in milliseconds. TakeProfit Adjustment. Set in points. StopLoss Adjustment. OpenPrice Adjustment. Custom Stoploss. Custom TakeProfit. A copier wil be a very well received service. I would also like to send a positive encouragement and thank you anyway for this great job.

It will be greatly appreciated by me. I have grown to wish updates don't happen, had the software placing trades and returning the ticket number back to MT4 then the software push to 1. Fixed the issue and have test orders being sent, opened in Alveo, modified and closed by requests sent from MT4.

I will write a document and post a zip file I hope tomorrow. The program works prefect when the messages are sent from C in Avleo to Java. However, the C in Alveo cannot accept any message from Java to C on any IP address and port number The listener is connected successfully. I just wonder if I need any statements in Alveo to grant the full access permission to some resources.

Does anyone know about this? Justin, I was having problems with bi directional pipes and you may have the same issue with bi direction sockets. Brion, it is not a bi-direction sockets issue. I use two sockets to deal with sender and receiver separately. Only sender's socket works in Alveo. I use all possible connection methods for receiver, but none of them work. Alveo either reports binding errors in run time or the listener can not receive any datagram on the port. JZ: Have you tried implementing a simple server like an echo server process in C , and testing communications via socket or other IPC between it and your Java process?

If so, then did you receive similar results? One think I could not make work was having Alveo be the pipe server that is why the third piece of software is needed. Keep in mind that both invoke Start whenever a tick is generated, and neither seems to handling the scheduling of their threads exactly as I'd expect Windows or any other POSIX operating environment to handle them--which implies the presence of some form of proprietary scheduling logic within both platforms.

If the latter, then I would have create the read and write name pipes before creating the new thread. I am also very interested in this development. I would also like to be able to copy trades from MT4 into Alveo as I prefer using MT4 because of indicators that are not available in Alveo and MT4 is much more stable.

BrionC - using your script, I repurposed an old trade copier that I found on the internet in mql4 form. I have added your commands. I can only get it to send orders to Apiary. And I have to say, that it can be quite slow at that. I cannot get the close to work might actually be the copier. And I am in the middle of working on the modifying. I will look at it this weekend, there is a 2 second delay in getting the ticket number assigned in Alveo. What do you call slow, minutes or 10 second? Does the trade modify work for you?

I tested the open fist. And it sometimes opens a second trade seconds after that. I tried to test the close. I was able to get it print the Print functions to work in the correct methods, but the order did not close in the apiary and the pipe did not return a number. But then later, I did not see the Print functions working and so debugging close might be in mql4 code.. As for modifying, I could not figure out how the mql4 code was determining that an order needed to be modified.

So I figured that the way it was writting into the. Then it would enact your pip to send the modifications. I did not get a chance to test this last night as I had to carry on to sleep. I can open orders just fine with your pipe. But I cannot open more than one order and I cannot modify nor close the orders. I have taken your script and just used it to modify the order and close the order. But neither one works. We are so close to a copier.

I would like to get this working if you are willing to work some more on it. And I updated the modify portion. I cannot test it, but I think it is ready for testing once the pipe can modify. I am not a coder but I am happy to help with any testing and feed back my findings.

Can you let me know what I need to do. I imagine there has to be a sender EA within mt4 and a receiver in Alveo, is this correct? A copier is turning into a must for me, I use FX Blue between my mt4 accounts and I never get the time to execute the orders in Alveo. I am debugging the code while also trying to finish my final silver 1 trade, I had hoped to debug it on last Monday but all alveo trades had been disabled. I will work on it tomorrow before the market closes.

A progress update, I have order open and order modify working, debugging order close and running out of trading time. Hopefully Sunday afternoon or next week I will have the next version available for more extensive testing. Got one trade tested with a Sell, Modify and close before the market ended for the week this afternoon, will do more testing next week and post the new zip file next week for others to test.

Note: I have one input parameter on the Alveo side of the percent risk that defaults to zero and default lot size of 0. Yes, I think it is fully working, doing a couple days of testing then I will create a new zip file later this week. Working issues with Alveo placing trades across pairs placing trades on the wrong pair even though submitted with correct trading pair.

This is an interesting thread! Yes, there is such a ting. I googled it and found this disussion and saw that it did have some time-based trade managers for mt4. I have a version that attach to each chart on alveo that trades will be taken, until the issues the alveo api's are resolved.

I can provide that version for wider verification. I have been trying to figure out how to place adjustable stop on Alevo with no success. Adjustable stop will help me move the stop price once the price action reached certain number.

I haven't had any experience in MT4, anyone know if MT4 allows you to place adjustable stop and can it be copied to the Alevo? If so, I will download the MT4 and start to learn how to use it. You can adjust stops in Alveo also. What are you trying to do by an EA or a trade placed manually? You can modify a trade manually by editing the trade or by moving the stop loss line. If the trade goes into my favorite and reached 1.

Do you know how to set it up in Alveo? When the trade goes into my favorite, I want the stop loss to automatically move to my entry price. In this case, when the price goes to 1. You can turn on trail stop and turn it off and move the take profit or remove the take profit all by modifying the order. This is the latest test version.

The Alveo code tracks the trades so information is not passed back to MT4 which has been an issue reading back into MT4. Please not this is still needing testing and should not be used on a live account till full testing. BrionC I return back from vacation this weekend. I look forward to try this out next week when back in the office.

Will let you know. Some have had issues getting this version working, So I am working on your original thought of using a. I will have to work out how to avoid permission issues while MT4 is writing to the file and Alveo trying to read it at the same time.

That was the original reason I went to the pipe route but that is failing for most others and working around the Alveo unique features currently in the system. BrionC: Do the file functions work? This is getting really frustrating. I have been following Brion's travails in this area with great interest, and have come to the personal conclusion that the best way to achieve this goal is by using a database approach. Out of the three approaches - pipes, text files and a database, a database is the far more robust, secure and flexible.

Also they are the easiest of the three to maintain and audit. Also once you have one, there is virtually no limit to what you can share between applications - MT4's full rate table comes to mind. However, there is a world of difference between a competent programmer producing something that will suit their own needs and producing a generic product that will suit everyone's requirements; the latter being a thankless and never-ending task!

In addition, there is a fair amount of technical skill required to even set up a working environment. I'm curious as to what level of interest is out there in this community. I suspect it is pretty fringe! Hi chaff: Given that I can not get even the basic functions to work in Alveo I would no way take on implementation of a database. Sorry to rain on your parade. I had mailslot code working in the production version, but had other problems and had to move to beta, Now that code will not compile.

Nothing is stable. Ken: I assure you you are not raining on my parade; far from it! Regrettably, none of these things are that straight-forward. Also, one has to decide what one wishes to copy. One solution is to react to all activity in the MT4 Trade and History pools. That's a huge amount of code and processing to capture all events, opens, modifications, closes and one must ask if that is what is really required.

It's more discrete, and easier to implement and control. I can do the programming. It all depends on what will compile and run on BigAl. I also did some txt file transfers in NT6. The problem with lock-out and clashes is very minor, and the delay is only one tick. My plan is to only transfer the open orders and those that have closed since the opens were sent. No need to look at history. These open orders can be manually entered or generated by code. No need for multi-thread, since there is one sender per chart and one receiver per chart, basically default multi-thread.

This is because MarketInfo across data-streams does not work. Work arounds, improvise, do what works - no I'm not a marine, but I've been in the trenches awhile. I am really looking forward to a trade copier coming from this thread. For new trading decisions it looks at MT4's trading log, and keeps track of trades locally in JForex based on Java. Perhaps it could be used as a model for a similar solution between MT4 vs.

Why try to reinvent the wheel. I'm not a coder, probably have no right to post here, but I am an end user, for me Alveo is where our money is to be made, where we trade Shawn's, the funds money , to me this is where you as a coders talents need to be placed.

Scripts, EA's, Indicators written for Alveo, not copiers, or converting other platforms products which will most likely have problems because of the conversion. This is just my opinion, but Alveo, Apiary is the reason we are all here, put your knowledge and talents to work here, on this platform. Sorry if I stepped on your toes, but I do believe we are all here for the same reason, to trade with Apiary funds, I say make Apiary, and Alveo better with products written for Alveo.

Bubba: Your opinion is welcome here, at least by me. I am new here, but I have been utterly frustrated trying to get anything to work. Yes, in the future, when all the functions work. That is probably two years away. It is simply impossible to create anything of substance with the system at current status. It is possible to code in alveo but it does take time and effort to understand and work around this current issues.

I am hoping to talk to the Alveo developers during the 4th day of the summit to seek ways to help make progress on the APIs. The use of global variables and EAs and indicators limits the number of pairs and time frames. I am working through the semaphore for file locks. BTW, most of my progress has been with EAs on Alveo so don't think the Alveo platform is very bad and the APIs totally do not work, it it just referencing different other charts, Symbols or timeframes which are the major issues and chart objects.

But here's the problem bubba btw you are not stepping on my toes! For example, you cannot retrieve price history from anything other than the current chart pair and chart timeframe. It's not for the want of us programmers trying either; Apiary know the issues, and have done for over a year. That's the main reason for this and other are 'coding' threads here on the forums. The one's who can program are looking for workarounds, and sharing their ideas or solutions.

And like all things programming, there are multiple ways of doing things just like trading! Different solutions will suit different people with different needs. Also, not everyone here necessarily only trades on Alveo. I trade for a living, and only trade on Alveo to add another string to my bow.

I am sure I am not alone in that. A trade copier makes a huge amount of sense to anyone who has a large investment in another platform. BTW: very impressed at the week-end response to this thread! In this thread, you and other end-users are catching a glimpse of how we developers interact and collaborate to create various solutions.

Having stated that, I am pursuing a slightly different approach. For the dispatching mechanism, I'm going with a hybrid approach using pipes and a DB using sqlite3 with a monitor. Like Malcolm, I'm going with a DB for robustness, fault-tolerance, portability, and extensibility.

Thanks for the clarification, that does help clear up some of my confusion on what is taking place. I know it's been a difficult chore for all concerned who have taken on the tasks of code development, thanks to you all for doing what you can to get it done. It does sound like the developers class after the summit would be a big help for those of you who can make it.

I am in a person debate between the Thursday session or working with Jeff and creating scribes implementing his various techniques or a split between. I will be taking a pause on Gold 1 and work on improving the trade copier, for people who use databases that is the most stable path to copy trades and I have the code that works via that path and the side benefit of keeping a permanent record for your trades on all platforms. BrionC AND stearno I really thank you both for working together and using your symbiotic encouragements to create a trade copier.

I trade baskets too, and that simply requires the versatility of MT4. Even though much of this is somewhat automated, I still need to baby-sit throughout the day and sometimes night I can trade ALL sessions easily here in Thailand to watch for anomalies. As much as I am known as "Price Action Paul" I still need my toolbox.

Let MT4 do all the fancy dancing and pending order stuff. Look at the FXBlue manual. Keep it simple, because ALL orders end up as market executions in the end anyway. I wanted to share that I am not disparaging Alveo, at all. It is a very good trading platform for what it was designed for, and for its intended use: to teach trading and managed risk. BrionC -- I apppreciate all your work on a trade copier. Any update on your progress to program it?

Thanks again. The most stable way to copy the trades is via a database due to limitation of both Alveo and MT4, dealing with file locking and other reasons. I do have a version using database tables to exchange the trades and my risk management for sizing trades due to account size difference between the two platforms.

Can I ask if it is still in the experimental stage? If you are looking for beta testers, I am sure that there will be plenty of volunteers. I am totally interest. I have been dependent on EAs for several years now, but I enjoy Alveo for the chance to get back to basics and hone my skills. However, a trade copier would indeed help. Thank you very much BrionC for all the work into this!

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Basically, a trade copier will be installed at least in two MT4 platforms allowing them to communicate. Users must be careful when choosing a copier as not all copiers for MT4 will work appropriately. Some trade copiers will experience relay problems, some will make incorrect copies and can lead to huge losses.

Others, usually are not able to copy partial close transactions or lack some other important features like adjusting of stop loss and take profit, risk management options, etc. The image below illustrates how Signal Magician, a well-known remote copy trading platform, allows setting position size risk proportions for each Trader-to-Client connection.

MT4 trade copiers are usually based on Expert Advisors and for this reason you are free to work with any broker as long as you are using the MT4 platform. Secondly, it should give flexible risk management options to allow you adjust your risk accordingly. A good trade copier should also be flexible to allow you copy specific trades while filtering the ones that are not needed. LTC is considered one of the finest trade copiers in the market and trusted by hundreds of traders around the world.

Other factors to consider should include auto-scaling ability, should utilize small memory size and should be user-friendly. Speaking of a Local Trade Copier from www. Trading dozens of MT4 accounts on different computers from your laptop and smartphone. However, the use of MT4 is still popular and therefore the demand for a trade copier capable of copying trades between MT5 and MT4 is definitely on demand.

With such account copier, orders placed on the master MT5 platform will be copied to MT4 terminals or vice versa. The communication is almost instant. Copy speed and slippage will individually depend on the broker one is using. It is worth noting that from the above diagram, a user could simply connect one MT5 to an MT4 terminal.

A good trade copier, in this case, should be one that can work for both demo and live accounts. Just like the other account copiers, MT5 to MT4 copiers should be user-friendly, utilize less memory and have good risk management tools. With an increasing number of people now using the Ninjatrader platform, this software is becoming famous.

More traders in the recent past have found Ninjatrader as a perfect alternative to MT4. Having a compatible trade copier with Ninjatrader comes in handy. When selecting a good trade copier for Ninjatrader, look for one that is:. Some traders are slowly adapting to trading in Binary Options as opposed to Forex trading. What a trade copier for binary options does is simply copies Binary Options trades from one account to another, the difference is that Binary Options trades look different from regular Forex trades.

These copiers will allow users with less experience in trading Binary Options to operate on autopilot if they have a good source account to copy from. You can link multiple accounts in different locations. Alternatively, you can link accounts locally within a single machine.

Users seeking to acquire a trade copier in this category should focus on a reliable copier that copies instantly; a copier that works effectively with both demo and live accounts. This gives the user a chance to test whether the copier is working correctly even before he commits real money. With these copiers, you will benefit so much by copying trades entered by more experienced traders.

Local Trade Copier is a basically a type of software that is simply installed in two trading platforms that are running on the same computer. It copies trades only to MT4 accounts operating locally, on the same machine. The software will operate just like an Expert Advisor ensuring accurate and efficient synchronization and communication between the platforms. These copiers can be used with any broker.

Remote Trade Copier, on the other hand, can copy trades between accounts located on different machines. Of course, it would work just fine if copying trades within the same computer too. This type of copiers utilizes the internet web server to be exact to enhance the communication between two MT4 platforms that are located on different machines anywhere in the world. The two platforms could be in different countries, but the execution of trades is almost instant.

This copier gives you the ability to operate multiple accounts by one touch. It also allows one to adjust the appropriate risk for each on the slave accounts separately. If there are three client MT4 terminals, you can put different risk factors for each of the accounts. On the other hand, you can set the copier to only utilize just a portion of your account size. Other feature such as the stop and close at certain equity levels helps users reduce exposure of their accounts.

Stop and close feature will help you lock your profits by closing orders when a certain profit is achieved. Other features such as the stop and close at certain equity levels help users reduce exposure of their accounts. Firstly, you need to open the auto-installer of the Server EA.

It will scan your computer for all the MT4 platforms installed. When the scan is over, your copier is ready for installation. Click next and the auto installer displays to. Click next and the auto installer displays the list of all available MT4 platforms. Choose those MT4 platforms which ones should act as master accounts sending trades to clients. Whenever you have additional platforms you need the copier installed, simply re-run the auto-installer again.

It is worth noting that when it comes to copying scalping strategies, time is of the essence. A five seconds difference can create a major difference in terms of results between the client and master terminal. For most users, execution will take between to ms. Transferring trades between platforms will normally take approximately ms.

Copying scalping strategies is possible but sometimes could be very challenging. Of course, it is possible to switch Local Trade Copier to operate at full speed by setting the SyncRate parameter to 1. In this case, it will copy the trades as fast as your computer and your Internet connection are capable of delivering them to the broker.

This video demonstrates how fast an EA-based MT4 trade copier can be. Trade copying speed highly depends on these factors which pose a major challenge for scalping strategies:. Many people are looking for a trade copier software that can work without an MT4 terminal. However, it is important to educate yourself on this topic and protect from trouble in the future.

Be careful with those computer programs that allows copying trades without running MetaTrader platform if you find any. Just think about it. This is just like having your virtual PC somewhere online. The implication of this is that you can install your MT4 platform along with the trade copier to this virtual machine. Whether your computer is on or off, the platform and account copiers will be running throughout.

All rights reserved Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. Close Search. Make times more money on the same exact trades by simultaneously trading multiple accounts. Start 7-day Free Trial. It copies the trades perfectly and is easy to set up. Monthly Yearly. Thousands of Forex traders worldwide trust mt4copier. You are never left alone on this journey.

We care about your success, and we offer all kinds of support. Check the Group Coaching Calls calendar. Read the quick getting started guide. Watch DIY trade copier videos. Contact our customer support for any questions. Join our community of hundreds of Forex traders on a private Facebook group. But how can you place trades on that many accounts instantly?

What would happen if you did the opposite? I cannot purchase because of an error. What can I do? Is there a free trial? When will I get the software? Are these the only plans? Are there any known limitations in the Local Trade Copier? I cannot think of any other limitations for the Local Trade Copier software.

Does it really work on an unlimited Metatrader accounts? How the license is limited to computers? What after-purchase support will I get? Remote installation We offer a remote installation service for those who want to start copying trades without bothering themselves about any installation or setup. Can I transfer my license to another computer? Can I upgrade to a better license later?

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Mt4 trade api copier jforex daily forex technical analysis

Copy Trader MT4 - MT4 para MT4 - MT4 to MT4 - Sensacional Confira!! - Mais Completo do mercado!!

PowerTradeCopier is professional MT4 trade copier with no delay. You do not need to run MT4 terminals. FREE version is AVAILABLE. › › Forex Company Comparisons. This add-on allows you to copy trades to Currenex, LMax, or other broker with fix api. You can test MT4 to JForex too.