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Xe Currency Converter. These are the highest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the lowest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the average exchange rates of these two currencies for the last 30 and 90 days.

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Forex expert Advisors pending orders

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When price is in this condition this EA anticipates the price will keep going in that direction it will then use a trailing stop to capture profits. It does not put your funds at big risk with such methods as martingale, grid, averaging positions or no stop loss trading. This EA is very sensitive to latency and spread.

We need an ECN broker with fast execution, tight spread and a low commission. Tested for GMT 2. The algorithm does not use dangerous methods of money management, such as martingale, grid or hedge. Absolutely all deals are protected by stop loss.

It is a safe long-term Expert Advisor, aimed at professional users and serious investors. This system looks for a precise entry point based on momentum and sets a 80 pip target with a 70 pip stop. There is a trailing stop to lock in profits and cut risk as soon as the market moves in the favourable position. NasdaqDefault settings are for 15 Min Nas chart only. Use a VPS so that you never miss a single trade. Use a Broker with high leverage and low spreads.

Let the EA run without interfering. Additional Features. Automate supply and demand trading. Make a market. This Expert Advisor was created and inspired by the popular supply and demand indicator, which everyone sells and copies. The adviser continues to trade and hedge, forming the market. You can also trade on non-hedging accounts. It is necessary to assess risks and use timeframes, lot sizes, hedging opportunities. I traded it for about a month in total on several pairs at the same time.

System concept: The EA trades at the supply and demand levels. The levels are changing, so the EA will continue to trade at new levels. The distribution. The Ice Cube Scalper Trading Advisor is a daily scalper that performs a large number of trading operations daily, taking several points with each transaction. The EA uses averaging with a coefficient increase in the lot, you need to understand this before using the EA, nevertheless, the strategy has performed well both when testing on history and in real trading.

Before buying, be sure to test the work of the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester. To control risks in the Expert Advisor, you can limit the maximum number of orders for averaging, as well as equity risk. In order to understand how […]. With the help of the FNG Expert Advisor, you will be able to develop strategies that best suit you and your trading style. Most of our strategies do not use the martingale function, but there is always an option if this is your preferred method.

This Expert Advisor is not recommended for traders who do not know how to use the MT5 optimization feature. The market is constantly changing, so we create our strategies based on historical data for the last years and will provide all our set files for your use. Please optimize the set of files for your broker before using.

Our personal set files are optimized using a time frame of 1 minute. The Robot can be used for trading on any time frame and any trading instrument. A trading system without an indicator, using hedging of the entire grid of orders.

You can find my signals and other products here Please contact me after purchase to get the best settings and gift. GM Grid is optimized for use with low spread currency pairs. Working Timeframe: M1, ….. Rapid Reaper EA is a fully automatic hybrid averaging Expert Advisor that trades lot increment and multiplication sequences in both trading directions.

The system trades using market orders, with take profit levels for groups of transactions. Direct Testing signals — Fully automated Drawdown control A stop loss is always set Accounts with a large margin level are recommended Only. The system uses the basic patterns of the Forex market in trading — the return of the price after a sharp movement in any direction. The minimum deposit is High risk. Average deposit — Average risk. A safe. Night scalping using the principle of dynamic equilibrium of Le Chatelier.

Taking into account the features of real accounts. No risky strategies. All trades are protected by a stop loss. The trading strategy is based on the use of the principle of dynamic equilibrium formulated by the French scientist Le Chatelier.

According to this principle, a system in a state of stable equilibrium, under external influence, tends to return to a state of equilibrium, compensating for the impact. The market can be considered a dynamic system.

At night, when the market calms down, the Le Chatelier principle manifests itself especially clearly — any impact on the price leads to some displacement of it, followed by a return to equilibrium. The robot monitors the described situation and enters into transactions in the direction of price equilibrium, allowing you to make a profit on these movements. Identification of market conditions and calculation of entry criteria is performed using unique algorithms and Bollinger Bands.

The stability of the entry with minimal slippage is ensured by the use of limit orders. There is protection against spread expansion. Since deals have to be […]. The Expert Advisor uses a classic trading strategy without the use of grids, martingale, scalping. The EA has built-in automatic lot calculation, multi-time frame trend filtering, stop loss.

If necessary, you can connect a martingale, accompanies orders with trailing and breakeven. The peculiarity of such market segments is that the chart covers a considerable distance in short periods of time ; In addition to the chance for earnings, such fragments indicate the position of important support and resistance zones, and the chart reacts to them in the future ; Next, we will analyze the Index TSLA MT5 1 EA expert Advisor and pulse levels and find out how to use it in work.

Multi-currency: trade unlimited pairs with only one chart setup Configurable money management Auto or Manual Proprietary trailing Take Profit and Stop Loss in every position No grid, no martingale or other dangerous systems Configurable Auto Close Positions time Very easy to install and run, just choose your desired pairs and run Fine-tunable to fit any brokers or trading style Multi-currency: trade unlimited pairs with only one chart setupConfigurable money management Auto or Manual Proprietary trailing Take Profit and Stop Loss in every positionNo grid, no martingale or other dangerous systemsConfigurable Auto Close Positions timeVery easy to install and run, just.

The EA has three trading strategies with a smart dynamic lot, which depends on the load on the deposit and the number of simultaneously traded instruments. Trading start time: inclusive session start time terminal timezone Trading end time: inclusive session end time terminal timezone Money management Fixed Volume: all deals are opened with same user-defined volume Volume per USD: deal volume is proportional to equity in account currency.

Toughness Index RSI oscillator. The aberration signals are brought from our easily offered RSI aberration sign. Volatility based quit loss and also earnings target to accomplish even more steady and also symmetrical development. It is furnished with numerous entrance filters such as fad filter, vortex filter, volatility filter, MMI, and also week days. Dealt with fractional finance to accomplish a rapid equity development.

Enable numerous placements to exist side-by-side with each other parallel, which sustains the mean reversion nature of. Input […]. Easy to install, just attach. Unique dynamic grid algorithm with trend indicator and hedging. What for other grid advisors can become a problem GS one turns into profit.

Prior to it, GS grid5 and GS smart5 were created and traded. GS one has an intuitive interface for operational management of trading settings. The parameters on the Expert Advisor panel can be changed during the trading process if there are open orders. For full control over trading, GS one can be supplemented with indicators: Gain since start MT5 News impact It works on all currency pairs and intervals without reconfiguring the input parameters. Orders created manually on the Manual tab are.

This is a professional tool developed by me many years ago, which is constantly updated, absorbing all the latest innovations in the field of trading. Anyone who has been in this market for some time has probably been there: you are developing or acquiring a strategy that has been comprehensively tested using methods of reliability, randomness, forward analysis, etc.

This may not mean that the strategy has stopped working, but only that the market is currently in a difficult cycle for the strategy, however, this affects the psychology of any person, since […]. Than the robot places pending orders at the Fibonacci levels.

Stochastic and Bollinger indicators help to increase or decrease the position. If market moves into favorable direction Babel Stochastic generates a Trailing Stop level. The screen displays current results of work on the position, deals, trends and helps to trade manually.

Babel Stochastic has two stacks and remembers market levels when position was increased. First of them keeps 0. The second keeps 0. You can see first two levels from each of the stacks on the screen. Please double check it in your broker company. Please use a DEMO […]. It sends an order, closes or moves the Trailing Stop loss position as the indicator works. You can define the time period of each day of the week the EA should not trade the bad time to trade.

Usually the period of day when the impact news are published. General InputsCloses orders with any profit of value currency : this parameter works like the traditional Take Profit, but the difference is that you define its value in deposit currency, usually USD. If you do not want to use it, fill it out with 0 zero ;Take profit order profit ceiling : this parameter is the traditional take profit.

Its value is filled out with pips units. Orders will automatically be opened with this take profit value. If you do not want to use it, fill it out with 0 zero ;Stop loss loss limit : this parameter is the traditional stop loss. Orders will automatically be opened with this stop loss value. If you do not want to use it, fill it out […]. This system works on the most classic and possibly ancient trading logic, but it still works: the crosshair of averages.

What are the averages? How much is the average? For how many periods? Account hedging is required. Install files in comments EA plans to close its positions on Friday. Not over-the-weekend. The closing time on Friday in the set of files related to the […]. The robot can trade on any timeframe, on any currency pair, on several currency pairs, on any number of characters. It does not interfere with either manual trading or trading of other advisors. It works only with its own orders and provides all the necessary information about them as needed.

The Magic Grid information panel, together with a system of various alerts, provides. Now go the settings and you can select to trade Fixed Lot or Percentage of your account. US30 Trader is the last stage of development from the company Growth Core. This is a trend-following, risk-averse expert who can trade both long and short signals.

It has been tested for over 10 years and is designed for maximum stability. No Martingale or grid system! If you value consistency and real success, you should take the US30 Trader. Scalper working on US Minimal balance: USD.

The EA use a dynamic calculation for position size growing with your balance. The product is already in a very advanced state of development bug-free, performance verified. Bollinger Bands and RSI — Once you know the trend, know the value zones to trade with BB, so how do you know if the trend will continue or is coming to an end? How do you know if the trend is strong or weak? Similarly, you can also combine with MACD divergence. Do not try to test the Expert Advisor in the MT4 Tester — this is simply impossible, since the Expert Advisor opens positions on different 27 instruments in the 8 timeframe.

The tester is able to test only one pair at a time. A multi-currency tester is only possible in MT5. Instructions for launching the multi-currency tester a in MT5: Attention!!! The main strategy for the breakdown of local extremes is used. An additional algorithm is used to control unprofitable transactions and redistribute losses to all currencies and timeframes.

For example: if the transaction was unprofitable, the loss is divided into 27 pairs and thus […]. The filters are used to increase the accuracy and if activated and not met your criteria, the order is not sent. Trailing Stops Pro is a highly advanced trailing stop program. It comes with 12 different trailing stops and helps you to manage your trade and stops easily.

You can specify a trail start, that means the trailing stop will be started after your positions has reached the selected profit points. Additionally you can set a trail distance as well as activate and deactivate the trailing stop for each position separately. For your convenience the program has a very easy to use app panel. For a detailed description and user guide take a look here: MT4 version also available in the market. StraightThis is the normal MetaTrader trail.

Additionally you can add a distance. The previous candle low is 1. This means your trailing stop will be set to 1. This trailing method is very useful for breakouts and small timeframe news trading. It has a built-in unique Smart Recovery algorithm. A universal trading advisor, since it begins its work immediately after joining the schedule, two positions are immediately opened — for buying and for selling.

Next, the adviser accompanies the transactions. The Expert Advisor can be used on any trading instruments. The Expert Advisor requires a hedging account type. Reduce loss ratio — enabling the drawdown reduction algorithm, in which the Expert Advisor will close the last order in profit and the first one in loss. Command number to activate — an order […].

Below you will see the results of testing the Expert Advisor in the period from You need to change both parameters. The adviser also uses a Martingale. It works On all Boom and Crash pairs boom , , A fully automated robot for multicurrency.

The Magic Lines Expert Advisor has two horizontal lines on the chart — red and green. At the first start, the lines are set to the maximum and minimum of the day. By double-clicking on the line, it can be moved to any place on the chart.

Signal monitoring: here Please contact me after purchase Please contact me after purchaseParameters Recommendations: The Expert Advisor works on any pair on the H1 timeframe, default settings. Recommendations:The Expert Advisor. But what do you do if, after the entry, the trend is strong? And how. It has been developed using Machine Learning technology.

High accuracy and good number of trades! Live signal with Myfxbook is here. Please private message me for proper settings for trading boom and crash indexes i will also add you to our Telegram channel for all support related issues.

Trading time frame can be adjusted as you wish with the same settings that i will provide to you. The system is available for free for a limited time. The system is designed for high frequency trading with a combination of neural networks. For all Boom and Crash pairs set the period from 8 to 0 2. For all boom and Crash. Parabolicum is a multi-currency Expert Advisor. It is possible to test 10 currency pairs at the same time.

The tests showed high accuracy of order execution by the Artificial Intelligence Expert Advisor and high calculations of the expected market behavior. Artificial Intelligence takes the past time period of the market as the basis for calculations and, based on this, makes forecasts about the price movement, confirming its decision with classic indicators. See comment No. You can change the chart if you see more chances on another frame 6- large frames do not need to look at the […].

Injection is a very simple multi-currency scalping expert. The inputs are controlled by a deep learning neural network specially designed for the Forex market. Entry into the position occurs at the opening of the hourly bar. The exit is carried out by stop loss or take profit. The ratio of these parameters is approximately 1 to 10, which characterizes the scalper orientation of transactions.

This is the most basic and simple design of a trading system. Its ideological meaning is that it is much easier to predict the next. If you have even a little bit of experience in Forex, you know that breakout is one of the most logical methods that has been used by experienced traders for years, and if someone knows it well, he can get good results.

Finding the right price to place the positions is not easy. You have to have years of experience to be able to do this. Even professional traders sometimes do not have enough time to check and this causes the position to be lostOur experts identify the right position and filter the bad situations, and we enter the market in the best position. Most traders know that gold is one of the best for […].

This EA has two systems Gamma and Theta that look for reversal zones on medium-term time frames. It works with all major currencies Forex crosses. Visit the comments page, in the first message you can find more information about the system, performance, backtest.

Reborn is a trading robot that follows the trend and it is built on the Investment Castle Indicator. This option is helpful at the extreme fall or rise in the price so that you catch every move. Otherwise if this option is disabled, the EA will open the next trade at the new candlestick.

Both the TP and SL levels are draggable on the chart, […]. The EA does not use dangerous trading methods — martingale or grid. It works only with pending orders the ability to set opposite orders and uses a minimum stop loss! Opening deals subject to all the conditions for these Indicators. The system is based on my own proprietary trading strategy based on technical analysis and Price Action.

Crypto Suite EA MT5 determines the price and market volatility based on the impulses of the Standard Deviation, the price exits the trading channel, and also uses other technical indicators. Based on the characteristics of the cryptocurrency market and the long-term upward trend, the system is designed to trade exclusively Long positions. Each cycle is independent , has its own TP and SL.

It uses a grid and martingale system. This adviser has been relying on severe relapses since Builds very smart networks taking into account the trend and against it. Trend trading works in such a way that each new order is opened only if the previous order has a stop loss at breakeven. Trading against the trend is carried out in order to close unprofitable positions with a profit.

You can always request technical support, settings and installation assistance in my profile. Trading starts 1 hour before the rollover and after the rollover 1 hour, — Toggle Search. Search keyword. Submit your rating. Download EA Pending order Spider for free. Portfolio X 10 eurusd MT4. NorthEastWay MT5. Trading Systems That Work.

Breaking the rules is a direct path to loss. In p read more. The Expert Advisor was first introduced in For more than 10 years, at least two of its up read more. Item Long-term Strategies May 24, Long-term strategies - strategies designed to hold a deal for several days, sometimes weeks. Th read more. Closes orders: Optimal for the strategy — we set the Expert Advisor on charts with a period of M5 or M15 of several currency pairs we optimize the parameters for each pair over the past two weeks.

FixLot — fixed lot; if it is equal to zero, the lot is calculated by Risk. RISK — the amount of risk as a percentage of the deposit from 0 to Magic-ID of orders and positions of the Expert Advisor. HourStart — the hour when the EA starts placing orders. HourEnd — the hour of the end of placing orders by the Expert Advisor.

Q — increasing the volume coefficient of the opposite pending order from the market one. Profit — percentage of the total profit balance. Setka — if true, a grid of pending orders will be placed in both directions, if false-only two pending orders.

Maxi — additional number of pending BuyStop or SellStop orders. Step-points between orders. K — increasing the volume coefficient of each subsequent pending order from the previous one. StopLoss — the size of the stop loss, if 0-the corresponding parameter is disabled. TakeProfit — the size of the take profit, if 0-the corresponding parameter is disabled. DeltaBar — the number of last candlesticks to calculate the arithmetic mean height used for the offset from the current price.

TimeStart-seconds before the candle closes, the Expert Advisor will place orders. LossControl-transfer of StopLoss if the profit on the trade on the currency pair is non-negative at the first opportunity, if false is disabled. BUStart — the amount of profit in points for transferring StopLoss. TrailingStop — trailing stop. TralTime — seconds that block the trailing stop operation; if 0, the corresponding parameter is disabled. TrailingStart — the amount of profit to start TrailingStop in points.

TrailingDist — the distance of the TrailingStop from the current price in points. TrailingStep — the TrailingStop step in points. Money Hunter Money Hunter hunter for money — quite an interesting trading Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software. Trading strategy Grid.

TimeFrame M1. TimeFrame M Robot MT5. Trading strategy Volume. Trading strategy Candlesticks. Trading strategy Pending Orders. Reviews 0. Leave a Review. Send Rating. Your rating has been successfully sent. Please fill out all fields. Share this page. Forex Robots Forex Top. Read More. Dragon Ultra. Rate now. Step of opening deals Step and the amount of profit TakeProfit. Rating 4. Fake out strategy. Volatility index EA scalper. Argos PAG Gold. Rating 5. Trendzilla MT5. K4pital US. Advanced Gold Breakout MT5.

Legend Comeback. The Journey of 1B MC. Gold Power EA mt5. Rating 3. Script to set multiple pending orders in succession. I would like to open multiple pending orders from a specific price in a same direction buy or sell.

I want to place 5 "buy" pending orders in succession from 1. The script will then place all pending orders at these following prices at once:. When I open computer and start meta trade platform what is the shown price in all currency pairs , commodities, that is a current rate. P - S. L sell — T. L Finally whatever market is going up and down we need a every 10 pips profit for all pairs.

So I then place pending orders on those prices. Can do this manually, but would like to do it through an EA. Criteria for opening pending orders is not current price but bid and ask prices. You agree to website policy and terms of use.

Pending Order EA - page 4. New comment. I found the script I am just awaiting for a mod to approve the post. Its an EA! The script does the following. The script works excellent with out a hitch. If you have any issues loading it, I will help you. Files: smilefacerule. I am looking for a specific script.

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Forex expert Advisors pending orders You should use the Dragon Training proficiently before buying the product. The Expert Advisor is safe and does not require any settings from the user, just install it on the chart and it is ready. A gift for the first 25 here Resources Quick Links. The script does the following. Gold Power EA mt5. A universal trading advisor, since it begins its work immediately after joining the schedule, two positions are immediately opened — for buying and for selling.
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What time does forex trade You've got to reset this once in a while. Stochastic and Bollinger indicators help to increase or decrease the position. Learn More. Breaking the rules is a direct path to loss. Results From 5 Months! Parabolicum MT5. The pending order grid becomes based on the Antifragile EA from Haroun Boatman, although it has improved considerably.

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