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Forex trading computers uk buy what is vsa on forex

Forex trading computers uk buy

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Recognising this our goal over the past few years has been to put together quality, in-depth information, that traders like you can use to determine which computer spec will best meet your needs. We have done a lot of testing, we have an entire other website dedicated to our trading computer tests. Our testing clearly shows that the number one impact on the performance of your trading software is the speed of your computers processor. Sure, you need enough memory RAM , you should have a solid state hard drive SSD , and your graphics setup needs to be able to run your desired number of screens.

But after those baselines have been covered, pretty much the only performance lever in a trading computer is the processor CPU. This chart with data pulled from our TraderSpec. As you can see the latest 12th generation Intel chips blue bars are ridiculously fast, all coming in faster than the AMD chips which were previously top of the tree. In particular the i5 KF offers outstanding performance levels for the price.

The bottom four options are CPUs recommended on some competitors websites, as you can see they are not great options for most traders. The bottom 3 are also very expensive, expensive and slow is not a great combination in our opinion. For traders running multiple platforms simultaneously, or running lots of screens, browser tabs, and charts, then multi-tasking ability becomes important.

How suited a processor is to multi-tasking is highly related to the number of CPU Cores it has, the higher the Core count, the more work it can process simultaneously. This next chart, again created with data pulled from TraderSpec. Most trading packages essentially display text, numbers and lines, they don't create 3D graphics.

Line, bar and candlestick charts are made up of 2D graphics. This is important as 2D graphics are far less taxing for a computer to create and draw to your screen than a 3D model. This means even a fairly low cost and low powered graphics card can often easily handle the output of a trading platform. This chart from TraderSpec. As you can clearly see, the high end gaming graphics card GTX , the low priced card GT and the expensive 'professional class card' NVS all perform exactly the same.

In these situations we do recommend more capable 4GB nVidia cards to handle that kind of load, but this is not commonly needed. Two other important considerations for traders are the number of screens you wish to run and the resolution of them. For each screen you want to connect to your computer you need a corresponding monitor output port on the PC, higher number of ports are achieved by running multiple graphics cards.

For traders we recommend and use the nVidia T series cards, these are professional class cards that run quiet, are relatively low power draw, but can easily handle multiple high resolution screens. We have configurations that support 3, 4, 6, 8 or even 12 monitors, with many options supporting QHD, 4K and even 5K screens.

Standard screens run at an FHD resolution of x pixels, these screens are low cost and easy to run from your computer. There are higher resolution options now available which offer more usable space to layout your charts and programs. So while higher resolutions can offer your more space to display your trading information they do tend to cost more, and are more taxing on computers often requiring a graphics setup that can fully support them.

A 4K resolution technically means it has four times the number of pixels over a standard FHD screen, so in theory it can display four times the amount of content that you can fit onto a normal screen. In practice you can only use this extra space fully if you increase the size of the screen, for most people this means a 40" or bigger monitor.

Learn exactly why this is and find out more about high resolution screens on our new screen resolution information page. Opens in new tab. When it comes to trading computers, you need to make sure you can support the right number and type of screens that you want to run. We have covered the CPU and the graphics setup, but what else needs to go into a trading computers build? A hard drive is where Windows and your trading software is installed, it will also hold any data files you create or use.

There are two main types of hard drive, the traditional 'platter' style drives which have moving parts in them, and newer solid state hard drives SSD's. Solid state drives have no moving parts and are much quicker, meaning your computer will power on quicker and programs will open instantly. For trading computers a standard solid state drive is required. You can get faster SSD's however they make no difference to how fast your trading software will run at all, absolutely zero impact, so if you are on a budget don't waste your money here, get a normal SSD and know that is all you need.

It depends on how many platforms, charts and files you want to open and run at the same time. If you use primarily use web platforms like IG, Pro-Realtime, or Trading View then it comes down to how many browser tabs you tend to open, web browsers can be hungry for RAM. In terms of RAM speed, we have never conclusively seen evidence that faster RAM makes any real world impact on trading software workload performance, so don't worry about it. For power a W rated supply is usually more than enough, higher powered supplies do not make any difference to your computers performance.

Only higher powered and pointless for traders gaming graphics cards require more power. Finally, if you want to use a wireless Internet connection and have a fibre optic line then go for a faster Wireless AC network card, for standard broadband speeds a Wireless N card is fast enough. Have they got enough time in their day and the technical knowledge to offer support to their customers alongside trading? Are they going to be able to help you on a Sunday morning when a Windows update breaks your computer?

Are they going to know that the reason your screens have gone black is because of a faulty graphics driver??? Builders often use vans but you wouldn't think to buy a new van from a builder, you'd go to a van dealer who could offer you a range of vans and had servicing and warranty packages for them.

Traders obviously spend a lot of time using their computers but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are the best people to sell and support them. As a trader you might be a member of or have browsed through some of the online trading message boards and forums, these are places where traders can get together online and discuss trading strategies or anything else trading related.

I know these can be valuable resources for traders, I've heard many good comments from our customers about some of them. I have also seen many wildly uninformed comments at times when it comes to talking about computers. The problem is that with google and the fact that nothing on the Internet is ever deleted, some of these plainly wrong opinions can find their way in front of people who are not in a position to know whether the advice is right or wrong.

It's a response to a post whereby someone is asking advice on a computer build for a new trading system they are looking to put together themselves. The guy answering has obviously never attempted to run four 4K resolutions screens, because if they had then they would know that this is actually a really difficult thing for a graphics card to do.

The NVS he recommends struggles to run two of them, I know because I've tried it, I'd bet a lot of money that he hasn't…. Not all advice in forums like this is bad, but the point is that it might be, and you have no way of knowing. Even if advice is given with the best of intentions, just because someone trades successfully on a particular computer setup doesn't necessarily mean that what they have is the best in terms of performance or value.

It's like me saying that because I take the kids to school in an Audi Q5 then that's what you should buy to take your kids to school. Yes you could do that, but there's a whole range of other options out there which might be more suitable for you, all with different price tags. There are companies who slap a trading computer label on a system and then attempt to sell it at an inflated price.

Buying the components and building a system yourself is also likely to save you a little bit of money over paying for a pre-built computer. Let's say you decide to build your own system, its likely that you will spend a number of hours researching the right parts, let's conservatively say this will take 4 hours.

Then you've got the physical assembly of the system, again, let us conservatively estimate this at 2 - 3 hours. Maybe more, maybe less, but that's the ballpark we are talking about. Now let's assume you build the system, power it on and it doesn't work. You've immediately added on at least another 2 - 3 hours work trying to figure out the problem.

If you have a faulty component then there is more time wasted returning it and waiting for a replacement. Maybe you have to spend extra time researching the fault, you could easily end up doubling the amount of time required to put your build together, not to mention the stress of it all. Eventually you get finished, the system is up and running and you are happily trading away, life is good.

Then one morning you power on and all your screens are blank. Who are you going to turn to for advice? How many hours or days of trading are you going to lose because you have a machine with no support, nobody to turn to for help, and no idea whether your problem is down to the hardware or software. Sure, you need to be careful that you don't pay over the odds for a new computer, but you also need to factor in the cost of your time and effort, and then the potential cost of down time and support issues.

Like I mentioned at the start, researching and purchasing a new computer for trading can be a real nightmare, but what if it wasn't Imagine if you found somewhere that specialised in working with traders like you, understood your needs and requirements, and could recommend some suitable options tailored just to fit your trading needs. Somewhere you weren't bombarded with hundreds of different component choices, a place that you're not expected to know the difference between different RAM speeds or motherboards.

You'd be able to see the computers online, have the options explained in plain English, so that you can understand and not guess at how they would impact your trading workflow on a day to day basis. A few days after making your choice your new system arrives, everything you need to get up and running in one easy and convenient delivery. Connecting your screens is simple, all the cables you need are provided along with a guide to getting you up and running.

Powering on your PC, it boots up straight into Windows, which is fully updated with all the latest security updates and patches, and is ready to use straight out of the box. You jump straight on to the Internet via the inbuilt wifi card and are accessing your trading platform within a few minutes of switching on the computer.

You open a chart and move it easily to one of the extra screens, a second chart is opened and placed somewhere else, within a few minutes you're seeing everything you need to see, all at the same time, ensuring you never miss an opportunity again. The silent working environment offered by your new computer allows you the peace you need to contemplate your strategy and achieve your goals, that is until a breaking news report on interest rates sends the markets into a frenzy.

Charts keep updating smoothly, your mouse continues to track across them normally, and when you decide to make your move, your ticket opens instantly ready for your input. Sure, we have more expensive options, and if you're looking for the absolute best possible performance levels from your PC then we can help you out, but that doesn't mean that you have to spend that kind of money. It's also worth pointing out that our systems can grow with you.

You don't need to start out with six screens, you could go with 2 or 3 initially with a view to increasing to more screens later, if that's what you want. The second aspect to consider is would you make more money from trading with a better computer setup? If a slow computer is costing you real money on a daily basis then perhaps an investment in something fit for purpose is going to be worth it.

Likewise, if you've ever missed a price movement because you were looking at the wrong chart at the wrong time, then maybe having an extra couple of screens is going to pay for itself quicker than you might think. I hear this a lot and it tends to come from people who have been burned by buying a computer from somewhere like PC World.

They have picked something that whilst still being pricey looked at the time like a good deal, but turned out to be slow and unable to be upgraded 6 months down the line. There are some simple steps to ensure that a computer you buy now will stay fast over the long term, this comes down to initial component selection and how you look after the machine's software.

We build all of our machines in this way, and provide ongoing help and support to ensure they remain like this. I still get regular emails from customers who bought machines 5 or 6 years ago that are still going strong, and nobody has ever complained that one of our systems wasn't up to the job required of it. Our philosophy is that one customer with an issue is a major business problem for us, the last thing we want is someone taking to social media or an internet forum complaining that their trading computer from Multiple Monitors isn't working.

We therefore have a range of ways to help our customers out if they encounter a problem, even if it's not a problem of our making. The first step is always the telephone and email support, this can solve most of the initial setup queries any many other problems that can arise. Moving on from this we have software which lets us access your machine remotely with your permission of course , this can help with problem solving and also to show you how certain things can be setup if required.

Finally, if the worst does happen and you suffer some kind of hardware failure, we have onsite cover in place which means we can often get an engineer out to your computer, in your own home or office, to replace parts and get you back up and running. Even though the Internet has now been around a while and online shopping is pretty mainstream now, let's face it, there are still dodgy companies and characters around so you do have to be careful.

What I tend to find is that if there is one thing that people are good at online it is complaining, especially if they feel like they have been ripped off or scammed. As I mentioned before, we have been operating this business online for over 14 years now and I'm really proud of the fact that you will not find any stories about us being dishonest in any way. The second thing to consider is that all credit card payments are covered by your card providers if you do ever encounter problems with online purchases.

Another good tip is to look at the review sites like TrustPilot, filter the reviews to look at the 1 or 2 star ones, these will help give you a sense of issues with the companies you are thinking of purchasing from and how they deal with problems.

You're here because you are interested in learning more about trading computers, perhaps you are looking to order something today, maybe it's just something your considering for the future, either way, if you've made it this far then I can tell you have more than a passing interest in the subject.

I've spoken a lot about how confusing it can be to search for a new trading computer online, how everyone seems to have a different opinion, or how different companies all claim that their systems are the best. The truth is that it is confusing, I've spoken to hundreds of different types of traders over the years, some who trade full time, some who are looking at starting to trade, others who manage a team of traders, and despite the differences in requirements, budgets, and knowledge, a few things always remain the same.

Our customers generally want to be confident that what they are buying is capable of handling their workload, they want to make sure they are not paying over the odds or being 'ripped off', they want something that's both easy to get started with and easy to use over the long term, and finally, they want to know that someone is available to help them if they run into a problem.

The standard specification is based directly off the test result insights we learned from putting together our TraderSpec. The testing we carried out wasn't to highlight the strengths of our computers, they directly informed the design of the Charter PC, and led to some changes on our Trader PC. In its standard spec you can connect 3 digital high resolution monitors up to 5K and any trading platforms like those mentioned above will feel highly responsive.

There are upgrades available if you are looking for a bit more performance, and you can expand the monitor support right up to 8 screen capable. IThe Trader PC has been our best selling computer since its introduction and our latest updates to it will ensure it continues to remain very popular with our customers.

A standard spec Trader Pro will probably be the fastest and most capable computer you have ever owned, they are highly responsive and capable of handling almost any workload you would ever throw at it. Going back to our hardware tests, we found that the new Intel 12th generation processors and higher end Zen 3 AMD chips were the fastest options for trading software, outperforming Intel Xeon, older 9th, 10th and 11th generation Intel processors, HEDT, and the older AMD chips by some margin despite often costing far less.

All of these processor options are readily available on our Trader Pro PC with star ratings showing the exact differences in performance levels between them all. In terms of screens the Trader PC will run up to four 5K screens by default, with options to support up to 12 monitors available if you need it. Despite the difference in performance and cost between the Trader and Trader Pro PC's there are many benefits to you as a trader which remain then same across both systems, read on to learn exactly how your trading will benefit from one of our trading computers.

Computer specifications perfect for powering your trading software, built with components that are PROVEN to impact trading performance levels. Initially we spoke with traders, understood their requirements responsive machines, reliable performance, quiet operation, etc and this led to the launch of our Trader PC which proved a popular choice for traders.

We had some customers who were running hedge funds, using software like TradeStation, running large excel spreadsheets, with custom built market analysis software, whilst others just wanted to run MetaTrader 4 and not much else. This led us to start testing various hardware configurations to discover exactly what the best computer setup for these different types of workloads was.

We publish the results of these hardware tests online for anyone to see and use at our sister website TraderSpec. This testing directly led to the continued revisions of the Trader PC and to the introduction of the more powerful Trader Pro system. The point is that we do not guess at this like some others do.

We know which system is best suited for each type of trader based on the trading software and platforms that they use. We don't try and force the most expensive options on you and often talk customers out of certain upgrades, for example very few people actually need GB or 64GB of RAM, 32GB or even 16GB is often more than enough for the vast majority of scenarios.

Likewise, I've lost count of the number of times I've talked someone out of buying an i9 processor, instead proposing a setup that works out hundreds of pounds cheaper and will offer exactly the same performance for their trading workload. Easy to understand customisation options that let you see the impact each will make to your systems performance without requiring you to become a computer expert.

Another discovery learnt from spending time talking to traders was that many had no idea about computer components. Confronted with a typical computer customisation page found on many online retailers led to confusion and frustration and then eventually, guessing at the options. With this in mind we redesigned our product pages to clearly show the performance impact you would get from switching one component to another.

These are the star ratings on our computer product pages, which are based on the actual test results published across on TraderSpec. Again, this is something nobody else selling trading computers bothers to do, we want you to have the confidence that you are buying the right machine for your specific needs. Graphics setups that are fit for purpose, allowing you to connect as many screens as you want, instead of high-end gaming or professional class cards that add noise, cost, and heat for no performance benefit at all.

As I've said, we know traders, but even before we knew traders, we knew about multi-screen graphics setups, just look at our company name! It still surprises me how many people who seem knowledgeable about computers in general still have wildly inaccurate ideas of what is required to run a multi-monitor setup. Even some supposedly big computer retailers offer pretty ridiculous graphics card setups in their 'trading computers'. We have a long and in-depth graphics card test over on TraderSpec. In-fact, we found that some professional class cards used by one of or competitors, ones that cost 5 times the amount of the card we use in our Trader PC, performed worse in virtually every test we put it through and only matched the performance in the other tests.

Why do some other companies recommend these more expensive graphics setups then? There are only two reasons that I can see:. They don't have any experience with multi-screen systems so they use 'powerful' or 'professional class' cards in an effort to try and guarantee performance levels. They want to sell you more expensive equipment to pad out their margins and attempt to justify this by saying things like a professional class card is required which in some cases is simply not true.

You will see that our graphics options are simple and are based on how many screens you want to run. You don't need to decide between different cards and options, just choose how many screens you want to connect to your machine and we will take care of the setup in the most optimal way. Some setups require different motherboards to support them, again this is nothing you need to worry about, the cost of changes to the PC build are built into the upgrade cost of the graphics options.

Trading computers that run virtually silent allowing you to focus on your trading without distraction. Personally I love a quiet working environment so having a computer that doesn't disturb me is a must. I've also spoken to a number of customers over the years who feel the same. We achieve this through component selection, low noise power supplies, CPU coolers and case fans help, and the many of our graphics setups use passively cooled cards which are completely silent.

Pretty much all high-end gaming cards, and most 'professional class' graphics cards have noisy cooling fans on them, there are also a lot of CPU coolers and cases with noisy fans on them which we avoid. One way some try to reduce noise levels on a computer is to pad out the case interior with noise insulating materials, these do block noise, but they also tend to trap in heat which is a bad idea, excessive heat buildup can be a direct cause of component failure and system instability.

Our careful selection of ultra low noise parts avoids the need for excessive noise insulation and leads to a near silent computer that still retains great airflow and cooling, that's the best option for a stable and long-life computer. Bundles including a trading PC, screens, multi-monitor stand and all the cables you need to get instantly up and running in one super simple order, saving you time, money, and stress.

If you are new to trading then it can be difficult to source not only a computer for trading, but also the screens and a stand to hold them. With lots of different types of monitor connections, cables and graphics adapters to contend with, ensuring that everything you are buying is compatible can become a real headache. A bundle includes your choice of computer, any of our multi-screen stands, your choice of monitor along with cables, free upgrades and discounts:. Bundles are prepared for you and dispatched together in one convenient delivery, providing you with everything needed to get up and running quickly and easily.

Introducing Display Fusion, software that helps you layout your trading charts and programs across multiple screens with ease. Save and restore your chart positions with one click so you don't waste time constantly re-setting them up. Display Fusion is what makes a good multi-monitor computer great, it is a collection of tools that lets you have precise control over all of your screens and the programs you run on them. Windows will support multiple screens without any additional software, but the controls are limited and it has some issues which can quickly become annoying.

For example, there is no way to tell Windows on which screen it should open a new program or window, this leads to them almost appearing randomly on any of your screens. This is fine for one screen, but if you have four or more screens of programs open then playing hunt the window quickly becomes tedious. The Windows taskbar doesn't work as well as it could and there is little support if you want to position more than one program or chart on the same screen, apart from manually resizing everything every time you open it.

You can control the taskbar on each screen independently, pinning different programs to different screens and exerting control over exactly what you see on each taskbar at the bottom of each monitor. You can also setup screen dividers, with this you can divide any of the screens up into different regions, when you then move a program, window or chart into a region it will fill that region only.

Want to display six currency charts on one screen? Going further you can even setup rules so that whenever you open a specific window or chart it automatically opens in a specific screen or even region. Imagine being able to open all of your charts from multiple websites or trading platforms and have them instantly and automatically jump into position across any of your screens. They say a picture is worth a words, well here is a short video showing you how Display Fusion can help turn your computer into an important assistant on your trading journey.

Not only is Display Fusion pre-installed and configured on every computer we sell, but it is supplied with a lifetime license and is actively maintained and developed by professional set of developers. All Multiple Monitors customers also gain access to our video series on using and configuring Display Fusion to get the most out of it.

Windows 10 pre-installed and configured to run straight out of the box. No junk software or pre-installed programs that you don't want or need, just a clean, optimised, responsive, and fully up to date system that's ready to trade. Love it or hate it, Windows 10 is the operating system of choice for a trading computer. It is Microsoft's latest version of Windows and it works really well on modern computer hardware. We still have customers running Windows 7, however reduced support for that operating system combined with its age, and the fact that it is technically end of life, mean that it is not a great choice for a reliable and stable computer any more.

All of our trading computers come with Windows 10 pre-installed, it is then brought fully up to date with all the latest patches and security fixes before we adjust some final settings to ensure it runs at optimum speeds at all times. When your first power on your new trading PC it will boot straight into Windows, all your connected screens will instantly be detected and once you connect to the Internet you can begin downloading your trading software or opening your trading websites.

Apart from Display Fusion we add no extra software on to the machine at all, this is because you don't need it. One of the quickest ways to ruin a computers performance is to load it up with lots of unnecessary software, free trials of antivirus suites or internet security software simply take resources away from your systems performance. Windows has its own inbuilt internet security and antivirus tools which are more than adequate for the vast majority of users, and if you do want to put something else on there then you can do so at your leisure.

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One such benefit includes the allowance to operate within any of the European Union countries so long as these countries operate under the policies of an agency within the MiFID derivative, which the FCA is also a part of. This factor allows UK Forex brokers to operate within the entire EU with proper licensing and permissions without having to go through the hustle of installing minor agency representative offices within each of the EU member countries.

UK Forex brokers undoubtedly provide the most flexible trading conditions for Forex traders in the world, given the immense flexibility of the UK Forex market that compares to none on a global scale. UK Forex traders unlike others in the world including the US do not experience trade restrictions in aspects where, hedging, leverage, or even FIFO rules are involved.

As a matter of fact, unlike their US counterparts, the UK Forex market allows spread betting and binary options trading. Spread betting in the UK is not only legal but also enjoys exemption from stamp duty and is tax-free. Such trading conditions make the UK Forex market an attractive alternative to Forex traders all over the world, who consequently turn to UK Forex brokers to conduct their business.

UK Forex brokers also allow Forex traders to begin trade endeavors with significantly small amounts of trading capital. Such trading conditions allow traders within the UK FX market to open trading accounts and commence trading with high leverage which means a significantly lower first trading capital for the trader. However, with such leniency, smaller traders within the UK get the opportunity to achieve trade success within the Forex market without risking more than they actually have.

It does not get any more lenient than that anywhere in the world. Keep in mind, however, that brokers that only accept institutional traders will require a comparatively higher initial investment. That, however, is not as common a worry for UK Forex traders as it would have been if they were to invest within a different global market.

A UK Forex broker under the FCA is also expected to be in possession of at least one million pounds as working capital so that whenever a client requests for a withdrawal it is processed as soon as possible. As a trader operating within the UK Forex market, you are exposed to a wide range of payment options. UK FX brokers accept various forms of payment ranging from credit cards, bank wires, checks and even online payment. This gives traders the different trading platforms to choose from as a matter of preference so that one can enhance their own efficiency as they see fit.

With alternatives to payment and trading platforms, UK FX brokers offer traders within the UK Forex market an opportunity to make an informed decision based on the principals and preferences of their businesses and trade instruments. This enhances efficiency and enables the trader to make the best of their investment by making choices that satisfy most of their trading requirements so long as they are operating within the local and international anti-money laundering laws.

The FCA Regulator which is the abbreviation for Financial Conduct Authority is an agency with the fundamental authority to ensure that the UK Forex brokers under its wings comply with regulations that ensure the security and satisfactory service to the UK Forex broker clients. They operate an agency the licenses and disciplines Forex brokers within the UK which creates an atmosphere of monetary security among investors and the Forex broker firms they choose to work with.

The FCA has managed to regulate the UK Forex market by setting up a set of rules guidelines that the UK Forex brokers are expected to comply with failure to which, disciplinary action will be taken against them by the FCA. These rules and guidelines are meant to give the traders and investors a sense of security and prevent any events where the broker cannot give their clients access to funds that they deserve. The FCA, however, still has a contingency for the unfortunate events such as the broker experiencing bankruptcy or insolvency.

This registration number is what potential investors seek out before choosing to work with a particular Forex broker within the UK as a mark of authenticity. The following are the benefits that an investor working with a UK Forex investor is likely to enjoy. Being the most popular Forex market in the world, the UK Forex market has captured the attention of traders from all over the globe who purpose to work with UK Forex brokers for different trade needs.

As an investor looking to buy or sell currency, the vast interconnected network of Forex traders already established by the UK brokers gives you an unlimited access of potential buyers or sellers, without having to go through the hustle of contacting potential currency buyers or sellers one by one without the assurance of whether they are the right people to trade with. This kind of information would be quite utile to an aspiring investor to a given country, and the UK brokers provide this kind information to investors within the local and international sector in timely and adequate proportions.

This information assists them to make their investments worthwhile by informing them of the best times to invest, buy and sell currency or take back their money. With their vast experience in the active Forex market and general economy of the local and various global Forex giants, UK brokers give quite accurate market predictions conducted in a professional manner.

Not forgetting their reliability in the selling and buying services they offer considering that they also aim to earn profits from these transactions and relationships with clients. In conclusion, the UK Forex brokers provide a far more reliable and utile investment opportunity to traders investing in the UK Forex market relatively than any other Forex markets with brokers from any territory in the world.

Their operation as firms regulated by the FCA licensing agency makes them one of the safest and most reliable investment alternatives globally, by ensuring an accessible and transparent Forex market that allows investors to make moves without limitations or fear of financial loss.

That has led to some of the top UK Forex brokers to earn a number of awards in recognition of their exceptional services and protection of their clients from different Forex market territories around the globe. Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks. Best Forex Brokers in UK. Classic filter Constructor.

Minimum Deposit. Live spread. Bank broker. VIP accounts. Micro account. Cent account. Founded in. Payment systems. Maximum Leverage. No deposit bonus. ECN accounts. Swap-Free accounts. Broker type. Deposit bonus.

Trading instruments. Accepting US traders? Provision of VPS. STP accounts. Phone trading. Number of CFD assets. Mobile trading. Trust management. Affiliate program. Forex broker. Country of headquarters. Countries of offices. Deposit currency. Trading conditions. Deposit method. Withdrawal method. Trading platforms. Individuals who want to trade with the largest foreign exchange broker and have the choice of forex platform with the ability to switch should consider IG. Designed specifically for spread betting, the FxPro Edge platform offers clients access to a range of financial instruments within 6 six asset classes.

The spread betting platform offers advanced customisation, there are no commission fees and tight spreads. The forex and CFD broker provides multilingual support with customer support agents available to help in over 17 languages 24 hours, 5 days a week. Free call numbers are available for a range of countries, with clients also able to contact the broker via email.

If you are after a broker with access to deep liquidity and fast execution along with an appealing range of trading platforms then Swissquotes is one broker you can trust to deliver. Depending on your trading preferences, a range of account types is available to suit different personal needs.

With 3 account types for retail traders along with a professional account for eligible traders, Swissquite can offer attractive conditions for traders of all levels. Two commission-free accounts are available, these are the Prime and Premium accounts. Prime has lower spreads which start from 0.

Prime has spread which starts from 1. If you are a retail trader and are after even lower spreads then there is the Elite account. While you do pay a commission of 2. The minimum deposit is quite a high amount being USD 10, but this goes toward your future trades anyway so this account is best for serious traders. Maximum leverage when trading forex for these three accounts is for major currency pairs and for minor pairs.

If you wish to trade with higher leverage there is the Professional account. You must first qualify which if successful will give access to up to leverage. One impressive aspect about Swissquotes is their average execution speed. Faster execution means less chance of slippage. A low fill ratio can mean that either the broker is rejecting trades because they are unfavourable or the broker cannot access the necessary liquidity to fulfil trades.

All up this means Swissquote can offer competitive spreads and the near-promise of your trades being completed in a fast time at the quoted price. Like any good broker, Swissquote allows offers a range of platforms to suit the needs of different traders.

In the case of Swissquote, you can choose from the broker proprietary platform Advanced Trader, or the mainstream platforms — MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. All platforms are available for desktop not Mac in the case of Advance Trader , web and mobile. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are both excellent options and a good reason to choose Swissquote but Advanced Trader is superior if you have specific or complex trading needs. Other features include AutoChartist and Trading Central.

Over 70 currency pairs are available for forex CFD trading with Swissquote. This range place means they offer one of the larger ranges compared to most brokers. Most of these pairs are also available as options that can have a maturity period of 1 day to 1 year. If you wish to trade metals, Swissquote offers precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Gold spreads begin at 0. Just note that trading lots differ when using Advanced Trader compare to MetaTrader. MetaTrader standard lots 1 lot are ounces except for silver which is 5, ounces. Standard lots for all metals with Advanced Trader are 1 ounce.

Swissquote also offers shares, indices, energies and bonds are also available. Indices are available using spot or as forwards while commodities can be traded as forwards or synthetics. All bonds are available as forwards. Pricing is favourable as gains are subject to fewer taxes than other financial instruments, plus no commission fees as the broker is compensated through the spread.

Many UK residents prefer a spread betting broker as profits are tax-free. Profits made from spread betting platform trades are not subject to capital gains tax CGT in the United Kingdom, although traders should determine whether profits are subject to other taxes prior to entering high-risk positions.

As spread betting is a tax-efficient investment, many traders prefer spread betting to buying and selling physical assets. Different order types include:. It is worth noting that spread betting is only currently available for CMC Markets clients who are residing in Ireland or the United Kingdom. Traders who want to try Spread Betting due to the unique tax benefits for UK residents should choose CMC Markets with a trading platform for this type of trading, training guides and the best trade execution speeds.

It should be noted that retail investor accounts have more FCA protection by default, as trading CFDs are complex instruments to those new to trading. Professional traders though have limited protection, which is why this extra level would appeal to higher volume experienced foreign exchange traders.

Plus is a market maker forex broker that offers an intuitive trading platform with a range of useful risk management tools. Plus is a spread only broker meaning they do not charge commission costs. When trading forex, commissions start from 0.

To open an account, does not cost anything however there are margin requirements to open a trading position, this is normal with all brokers. Funding methods include Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, PayPal and Skrill and there are no costs to make a deposit or withdrawal unless. One thing to note when trading with Plus does not allow scalping. Plus define scalping as entering and exiting your position within 2 minutes.

Automated trading is also not permitted. Plus has its own proprietary trading platform. This platform is available as a webtrader for browsers and an app for iPhone, iPad, smartwatches and Android devices. While the screen for mobiles is smaller, the plus mobile app still has a fully functional trading environment that allows users to conduct in-depth analysis, manage accounts, and execute trades on over financial instruments.

Ensures a limit on any potential losses by closing positions when price movements are unfavourable. Positions remain open if prices move in favourable directions yet automatically close the position if prices move in the opposite direction by a certain amount of pips. Can be added to new, pending or open positions to minimise losses. Traders can set particular rates where positions will automatically close. This tool is helpful to those new to UK forex trading , as traders can gauge the portion of participants buying or selling in a specific market.

As well as different order types and sentiment features, Plus offers clients excellent alert tools. The Plus mobile app is highly regarded among forex traders based on broker reviews. On Google Play, the Plus mobile app has over 80, reviews with the app receiving a 4.

Plus offers an unlimited demo account, which unlike many UK forex companies the trial account offered has no time restrictions. A balance of virtual funds is provided to practise strategies, with full functionality of the mobile app available under a demo account.

Plus is best for traders wanting access to a guaranteed stop loss or who want to be mobile when trading. When you choose a trader to follow, their trades get copied and inserted into your account. This can be then managed in a transparent and simple way. The individual you have copied also receives a small incentive from eToro for the more followers they receive. It should be noted that copy trading is the most popular feature of eToro. This is assisted through filters based on returns, number of copiers and what markets they like to trade.

Other options shown below are market portfolios, trader portfolios and partner portfolios, which combine traders, top performance assets or specific strategies. There are no limits on the amount traded and free stock analysis from a team of experts. While there are no commissions, there are fees when it comes to trading shares with eToro.

This means transferring your GBP to eToro for share trading has some currency conversion charges. Again, this should be factored into the cost when comparing the top UK broker with other share trading services. Leverage for retail UK traders is up to which is the maximum set by the FCA and the broker sets limits on margin calls.

If you qualify for a professional account, this can be increased by up to leading to a high-risk environment. If trading with either a retail or professional account trying the free demo account first before a high-risk live account is recommended. Individuals who want to copy the trades of selected forex traders and like being part of a social trading community should choose eToro.

Just note the broker has higher brokerage in some categories with unique charges such as withdrawal fees. City Index is the best UK forex broker for beginner forex traders based on their low spread only account. The broker offers forex traders comprehensive forex training resources, suited to all levels of experience from beginner to advanced traders. This starts with an introduction to CFD markets and moves to advanced trading strategies.

City Index has the Financial Conduct Authority Licence and the parent company is Gain Capital which is regulated in 8 jurisdictions. City Index is designed for those new to currency trading with an easy to use forex platform, risk management tools and training. The broker is a good starting point for forex markets with low spreads.

The broker provides comprehensive market access to a range of asset classes, including Forex, Indices, Stocks and ETFs. Demo users gain access to an environment very similar to trading with real money without the high risk of losing capital.

Both MT4 and xStation offer mobile apps, allowing traders to explore financial markets on the go. As well as the benefits of a demo account for both beginner and advanced traders, XTB offers a range of educational resources to gain confidence. Our best forex broker UK comparison found the XTB website had the most videos explaining trading strategies, trading instruments and forex platforms as well as live webinars. Educational resources are separated into experience levels, ensuring there is useful information for all levels of experience by providing Basic, Intermediate, Expert and Premium content.

If you are unfamiliar with forex and CFD markets or looking to trial different trading strategies in a risk-free environment, then XTB is recommended with an unlimited demo account available across a number of advanced platforms. FXCM offers a choice of 2 types of trading accounts. Spreads are slightly wider than an ECN style account but this is because there are no commission costs. FXCM allows scalping and hedging and permits micro 0. You can use any of the trading platforms on offer:.

All trading platforms allow have automation facilities and come with advanced backtesting capability. Another useful trading tool is Capitalise. This tool allows you to create algorithms to automate your trading without any coding knowledge.

This is possible as the broker price matches the best quotes top-tier liquidity providers offer. If you use the Trading Station platform, you will be able to see the depth of market DoM meaning you can view multiple levels of liquidity at each price point. Those looking to trade not just forex majors but also exotic currency pairs and rare Contracts for Difference should choose Forex.

The best forex broker in the UK is Pepperstone based on their low fees including spreads from 0. Beginner forex traders should consider City Index as the broker offers both spread betting and CFD trading. The forex broker provides extensive forex training for beginners, a unique forex platform that allows web trading, mobile trading via iOS and Android Apps or a desktop platform that can be downloaded and the option to trade indices, shares and forex.

The lowest spreads available are through a Pepperstone Razor forex account. You can compare the Razor vs standard account to see which one best suits your trading needs. You can view the full list of FCA regulated brokers at the bottom of this page. The authority is independently formed by the government and funded by membership fees.

This increases based on a formula aligned to the number of traders an fx broker has. Other requirements include:. This means that any crypto class such as Bitcoin is no longer offered by any regulated broker in the United Kingdom. Cryptocurrencies are also banned for traders that choose spread betting. Based on factors such as currency trading conditions, forex market range, fees and customer service, a list of recommended UK forex brokers regulated by the FCA has been created.

They are shown in the table below. In volatile markets, the combination of leverage creates a high-risk trading environment. Volatility can lead clients to lose money quickly. Make sure that you understand the risks of CFDs and spread bets and can afford to lose your money when trading. I noticed that some overseas brokers offer higher leverage than the list provided here. Why is this? Professional traders however can trade with leverage up to Leverage involves high risk, so if spread move in an unfavourable direction, losses can be crippling.

For this reason, leverage is limited for retail traders to protect them as they may not have the funds to cope with such large losses or the skills to trade effectively with leverage. Some overseas regulators have a more relaxed approach to leverage however these brokers are no approved for traders in the UK. If you are in the UK, you can use a broker regulated by CySEC at this time however if you are in Europe, you should use a broker regulated by a European regulator.

CFD trading and spread betting have some similarities in that they are both leveraged products that allow you to profit off the price movements of the same kind of financial products without owning the actual instruments however this is where the similarity ends. When spread betting, you bet on how much you think a market will increase or decrease. You bet per point or pips how much the market will move from that point and the more it moves you win or lose a proportional amount.

CFD trading is different, with this you buy a contract at the price matched the underlying instrument. You profit or lose when the price moves away from your purchased price. Spread betting does offer some tax benefits over CFD trading.

CFD trading is subject to capital gains taxed but unlike spread betting, you may be able to claim a tax loss if you lose. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing to browse you accept our use of cookies. Written by Justin Grossbard. Written by Justin Grossbard Test Title. Fact Checked We double-check broker fee details each month which is made possible through partner paid advertising. Learn more this here. Visit Site. Our Rating. Review Of Pepperstone.

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