when several alternative investment proposals
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When several alternative investment proposals

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Given that this Study Session is limited to a single reading with roughly half a dozen LOS, candidates are not expected to develop a particularly detailed understanding of this material — at least not for the Level 1 exam. However, the readings at Levels 2 and 3 go into greater depth, but cover the same sub-categories listed above.

The CFA curriculum tends to categorize all assets other than equity and fixed-income as alternative investments, so this Study Session covers a broad range of topics from tangible assets such as gold to hedge fund strategies. Specifically, the categories of alternative investments are:.

In a nutshell, the various markets in which alternative investments trade are less liquid than traditional stock and bond market, which means that there is greater potential to exploit inefficient pricing and earn abnormal profits. The key answering questions in CFA alternative investments topic is to understand and identify the differences between various types of alternative investments as well as the distinguishing features of categories within asset classes.

In the case of hedge funds, it is important to be able to distinguish between the different classifications of strategies see the sample question below. Which of the following hedge fund strategies is most likely to be categorized as a relative value strategy? Option C is the correct answer. Fixed income convertible arbitrage is a relative value strategy that involves taking long and short positions in related securities with a view to profiting from short-term pricing discrepancies.

Choice A is incorrect because merger arbitrage is an event-driven strategy. Choice B is incorrect because quantitative directional strategies fall in the category of equity hedge strategies. This sample shows that, while the Level 1 curriculum covers alternative investments at a high level, it is still necessary to develop a strong understanding of important details. The CFA Level 1 Alternative Investments may be covered from a highly qualitative perspective, but it is not unreasonable to expect a question asking you to calculate hedge fund fees.

Such a question may look something like this:. The incentive fee is also calculated net of the management fee calculated above, so the relevant gain is:. Choice C is incorrect because this represents his total compensation if a hard hurdle rate is used, but the incentive fee had been calculated gross of the management fee. More Cheat Sheet articles will be published over the coming weeks. Excellent Cheatsheets!

Kudos to whoever has made this. You have put so many keywords in consolidating these. Love it. It felt like revising CFA curriculum again for us charterholders here at Hours, and took a while to review and write, but we know every little bit helps candidates when revising for the CFA exam! Alternative Investments asset is a very important topic. More focus is need on this to pass the test.

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When several alternative investment proposals of the same amount are being considered. When several alternative investment proposals of the same amount are being considered, the one with the largest net present value is the most desirable. Question: When several alternative investment proposals of the same amount are being considered, the one with the largest net present value is the most.