new ipo in 2015
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New ipo in 2015

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Biotech deals maintained a strong presence while tech offerings dropped off sharply. Pre-Labor Day offerings came at a fairly strong rate, but with the drop in overall markets at the end of August, the number fell sharply and offerings were pricing below midpoint, which contributed to higher after-offering gains.

Factors contributing to the reduced deal flow include uncertainty about US and European monetary policies, sliding energy prices, poor results from preceding IPOs and a shaky Chinese economy. Conditions appeared substantially better until the August market correction.

First day pops averaged However, the initial pops of the aforementioned companies showed negative returns by the end of the year. Overall, however, technology IPOs showed increased volatility in comparison to other sectors and experienced large aftermarket losses. Four of the largest offerings were energy and were strongly depressed as oil prices fell. Other top performers are: Shake Shack Fixed price issue has a specific price to bid. It is arrived by multiplying the number of shares offered by the company with the issue price per share.

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Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd IPO. Sadbhav Infrastructure Project Limited IPO. Prabhat Dairy Limited IPO.