value investing magic formula yu-gi-oh
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Value investing magic formula yu-gi-oh investing for beginners book

Value investing magic formula yu-gi-oh

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In lots of cases, you've either gotta throw your chips on the table super early, when you have no idea what competition is going to look like; or you're just behind, and by the time you go to buy your cards a horde of OCG-informed speculators have already driven up the price. Players trying to invest in Yu-Gi-Oh will often look to leverage their tournament insight, and we're at a point where so many players are doing it, that investing in tournament cards has become more expensive than ever.

And even if you do hit a big score? Better get rid of those cards fast, because yeah, with a few exceptions, competitive tournament cards eventually get reprinted and fall in value. A lot of cards wind up in a weird game of brinksmanship where the longer you can hold a card like say, Accesscode Talker , the higher the price goes.

But the longer you hold it, the closer and closer you get to that invisible ledge; the announcement of a budget reprint. As soon as that announcement hits, the card begins to nosedive and everybody's scrambling like rats on a burning ship. We saw it with Ice Dragon's Prison , we've seen it with dozens, if not hundreds of cards before. I'm not saying there's no money in tournament cards. There is. But I can't think of a riskier way to invest in Yu-Gi-Oh, or a class of investment that's so competitive.

If you're a big store, with lots of money to invest, an ability to absorb losses, and lots of warehouse space, go for it. But if you're not, you're basically playing Barrel Dragon roulette. The first answer that come backs is: "I don't really know the market. I have my niche and I don't want to over-extend. I also hear, "Yu-Gi-Oh reprints everything, so it's not worth it. That second one is a huge sticking point for me. Because the reality is that while Yu-Gi-Oh does do a pretty good job of creating budget reprints for tournament players, that's not the full story.

Those are all products that, historically speaking, generally release once and are never reissued. Collectability drives investment potential, and it's the grand sum of two factors: desirability and scarcity. Scarce products are often more secure investments. Products that keep getting reprinted are not. Most Magic sets have a print life of 12 to 18 months.

Sets are usually offered by distributors to stores multiple times. And still, people invest in boxes and cases and singles, and they make money by doing it. Yu-Gi-Oh's different. A lot of Yu-Gi-Oh releases, especially side sets, don't get reissued ever. Sure, those cards might be reprinted in different forms later, but those initial products are rarely available again once they first sell out.

When it does happen, Yu-Gi-Oh has a security measure that helps protect against devaluation: 1st Edition stamps. Neo Destiny was the final set to use them. Magic has never had 1st Edition stamps. I wouldn't be surprised if it happens sometime in the future, but for now, it's not part of the M:TG model. Yu-Gi-Oh has tons of cards that won't be reprinted for years, and more that probably won't be reprinted, ever.

Tournament cards are risky, sure. Actual player demand can be fickle, because tournament trends move so quickly. But high-end players looking to foil out their decks? Or serious collectors? They create niche demands that can be exceptionally strong, especially for products with limited distribution. Invest in max rarity cards. Invest in chase cards. Invest in 1st Editions.

Invest in promo cards. Don't invest in low rarity reprints, or cards that could be easily replaced by low rarity reprints. Buy those cards if you want to play with them, sure! Just don't expect them to turn a significant profit long term. It can happen, but there are safer places to put your money. Konami keeps inventing more and more of them every few months, releasing new unique chase cards.

Don't invest in unlimited edition cards. Invest in the stuff that's not going to get hammered with reprints. Put your money there. Don't do it. Buying and selling cardboard squares isn't like buying stocks or crypto: at the end of the day, getting the right stuff at the right time is only one half of the equation. Actually unloading those physical products is an entirely different matter. We're not talking real estate here. Everybody wants a house.

Not everybody wants Yu-Gi-Oh cards. As classes of assets go, the audience is already pretty slim. One of the worst things you can do is narrow your pool of potential buyers even more. Not everybody wants cards in lesser conditions. Dealing in played or damaged cards is like the Wild West. There are fewer rules, there are fewer consensuses about card value, and everything is harder and more open to negotiation. There's nothing wrong with buying played condition cards, if you just want a binder copy for your collection or if you just want to play the cards yourself.

If you're willing to compromise on potential resale - or if you never plan to sell those cards anyways - save a few bucks! It's free value. But as an investor, you need to choose what you invest in along a different axes. Investing in compromised cards opens you up to a ton of pitfalls. I think this is the single biggest place where potential investors are missing the boat on Yu-Gi-Oh.

And they should. Opening sealed product is a gamble. Keeping it sealed protects you from variance, and time and time again, we see that investing in sealed on a years-long basis makes money. All it takes is cash, and the discipline to effectively ball it up and hurl it into your closet for a couple of years. I know. That's easier said than done. Not everybody has thousands of dollars to throw into. Sealed product takes up a lot of room in storage, and I'm not your mom so I'm not gonna preach patience.

But didn't that bit about the just make you twitch? That thing dropped almost exactly four years ago. In four years, anybody who invested in that product - one that was pretty obviously not going to be reprinted, to revisit that - just 5x'd their money. And people are buying it! Check out the sales history on the product page. They aren't even hard to move! How about Legendary Duelists? Famously expensive sets.

Sometimes they have tournament relevant cards. Sometimes they don't. They're largely aimed at drawing in nostalgic fans, casual players, and to some extent collectors. It usually takes a long time for the cards to get reprinted: cards from core sets get reprinted in Mega-Tins and other reprint products, Legendary Duelists cards usually don't.

There was almost a three-year gap between the first and the reprint release,. The wait was similar for Legendary Duelists: Season 2. Now there isn't even a Legendary Duelists: Season 3 on the release calendar. The kicker? Even with those reprint sets, the original sealed boxes are still insane.

Take a look. With 36 packs per box, all of these sets had an MSRP of about 72 dollars. Buying by the box you'd probably get a better deal, somewhere in the 60s. The numbers here speak for themselves. Konami's started printing Unlimited Edition boxes in the wake of the crazypants demand for Magical Hero, and that didn't really slow it down. But honestly, I think that's just a matter of time too.

Legendary Duelists sealed product is an amazing investment opportunity, and very few people really go in on it. So is that an anomaly? Heck no. Look at from last year. Want some? That set's 3x'd in a little over a year. Again, you're talking about 3x and 2x returns in under a year and a half.

Most people aren't paying attention to this stuff. We saw a period last year where a lot of aspiring investors started to get into the market, but a big portion of that slowed down with Genesis Impact. For some background: Genesis Impact got delayed all the way to mid December, and that timing killed demand due to the holidays. You can still buy Genesis Impact on the open market right now.

People over-extended on it, panicked, and tried to sell it all off. Many of them are still trying. But set all that aside for a second and go into this with a fresh mind. Do you like this video? Play Sound. The Arabic, Croatian and Greek names given are not official. Check translation. Release date Card code Set Rarity. Release date Card code Set French name Rarity. Release date Card code Set German name Rarity.

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Things like Pokemon cards, Magic the Gathering cards, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and more have been really rising in value in a big way over the past. Joshua - The idea is to buy after a quarter earnings report if the Sales per Share is a higher value than the Debt per share. To be more precise I mean to. For instance, they consequently define equity risk factors, such as market, value, size and momentum. In recent years, a new framework based on this literature.