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Motif ipo review

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There are some brokerage online firms out there providing you with the chance to invest on your own at a reasonable price. However, with Motif Investing being a discount brokerage you can invest based on themes. Motif Investing offers a unique combination of brokerage services and managed investment portfolios. Motif allows beginning investors to diversify their portfolios for far less than paying trade commissions on individual stocks.

Motif Investing is part online brokerage firm—in that you can choose your own investments—and part robo-advisor since it manages your holdings for you. And that makes it one of the most unique and innovative investment platforms available. Motif allows you to invest in pre-designed portfolios, called motifs, or to create your own.

You can do this using a mix of stocks in exchange-traded funds ETFs , and build your motif around any investment theme or objective you choose. However, in recent years, Motif Investing has been steadily expanding its product menu.

They now enable you to invest in socially responsible investing, initial public offerings, and soon, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. There are a lot of innovative investment platforms available today, but Motif Investing is near the top of that list. The platform currently has more than , customers, including heavyweights such as Goldman Sachs, J.

Morgan, a U. Motif has become such a diversified investment platform that you have several choices for how you can invest. You can start by opening a Trading Account, which requires no initial investment. You can use that account to trade individual stocks and ETFs, but also invest in what the company calls motifs. A motif is actually a portfolio that contains up to 30 investments. Those investments are a mix of stocks and ETFs. The company offers dozens of pre-built motifs for you to choose from.

But if you decide you have an idea to create your own motif, you can do just that. You can build a motif theme around just about any investment idea you have. In addition to opening a Trading Account, you can also invest in any of the other portfolios available through Motif Investing. The company has branched out into a variety of different investment areas and promises to develop even more.

Based upon the features, Motif is targeting more active traders. Depending upon how much you trade per month, these plans could save money compared to competing services. It currently has three options available. Motif Investing recently introduced commission-free Horizon Motifs.

These motifs are like retirement target-date funds. After the Enron and WorldCom scandals, Congress in gave us Sarbanes-Oxley, a federal law that set new, higher standards for publicly traded companies. As a private company, you have much more freedom to do what you want. Private companies are going public later due to all the private money sloshing around. See the chart below that shows the performance difference if you were to buy at IPO price versus buy after the shares started trading.

You can read as much of the prospectus as you want. All the financial data is from the past. Secondary shares are existing shares that are held by management, employees, and investors. Insiders might not sell any shares during the day of the IPO, but they might dump a boatload of stock the very first chance they get. The longer the lockup period, the better. Standard lockup duration for insiders is usually 6 — 12 months post IPO.

The reality is that during any IPO, there is generally a mix between primary new shares and secondary existing shares. Most of the shares offered are primary shares. In , Google had to delay its IPO due to an interview its founders gave to Playboy during the quiet period. There was also a snafu in when Anthony Mason, CEO of Groupon sent a charged up e-mail to employees about the IPO process which the press got hold of and disseminated it to the public during quiet period.

The bookrunners, aka the investment banks managing the IPO, get to see with absolute clarity who is coming in, and how much demand there is for the IPO. Institutional investors know this, because they talk to their investment bank account manager who provides as much color as possible to help them make an appropriate sized investment. Books that are just covered, tend to almost always disappoint on the initial day of trading by trading sideways or down. The retail investor tends to be much less diligent in analyzing an IPO before purchase.

IPO , the general trend is to raise at a higher and higher valuation to more than offset the dilution. Read the prospectus, watch any roadshow presentations, and listen into analyst calls. Is your retirement on track? Updated for I remember the Google IPO well. Those were some long days at the office. I do remember looking over the Google prospectus before they went public. If only I had bought some shares back then and held onto them! Sounds similar to loyal 3 but with a huge bank behind it.

Both turning out pretty well. That was all she wrote for the previous high flier Zynga.

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In this review SmartAsset's investment experts analyze the Motif Investing gives you access to all IPOs led by JP Morgan for no fees or. Motif Investing enables you to open a Motif account that will allow you to participate in an initial public offering (IPO). You select an investment amount. EquityZen is a marketplace for shares of proven pre IPO tech companies Motif Investing Broker Review: Easy Thematic Investing.