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Xe Currency Converter. These are the highest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the lowest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the average exchange rates of these two currencies for the last 30 and 90 days.

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Fxaw forum forex signals

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Inquiring Friends want to know Originally Posted by dual-c. Hey Webster Originally Posted by King Pips. Hi Steve How is your EA working. Can you post it to download. Whats the differance than Ronold Rayguns one. Originally, the difference was that RR's worked and mine was rubbish. Eventually, I just gave up. Over the weekend, I rewrote the robot from scratch. Reading the first 30 pages or so here made me realise I had mis-understood some of the basics of the system.

Woudn't think that is possible, would you, but I managed it. I can't help being dim. The robot appears to be working properly. It was fine during visual backtesting using the mt4 strategy tester. Once it has been up and running on demo for a couple of weeks and has proven that the basics are working, I shall add the usual management code jumping stops et al and upload it here.

Having said all that, it is hard to see how a robot can trade this system with complete accuracy if it only trades the system as detailed in Ash's pdf. Candle and wick lengths are fairly easy. A potential trade can be cancelled if the candle is longer than the average length of the candles over x bars.

This is still not an intuitive thing, but is the closest I can see a robot coming to a 'feel' for this. I have the code to include a daily fib but would still need to work out how to use the information it provides. When we pull out our D1 charts, or change to W1 or M1, we can see major points of support and resistance and draw horizontal lines to mark them.

I haven't a clue about how to program that little lot. This post is turning into a thinking-aloud thingy but is proving useful to me, even if everybody else has given up and moved on. Those of us interested in its development can take things from there. Sheer genius. Last edited by King Pips; at EU setup. Nice looking EU setup forming here. The next 'big number' of 1. These seem to show that 1.

The monthly indicates that EU is quite high in historical terms, and so can perhaps be expected to fall. Last edited by SteveHopwood; at I liked your robot, not because it made money or not, but I could use it on either daily or 4hr chart on separate demos to notify me that a trade setup had occurred.

Sorry, but I did not thank you properly at FF, but consider this acknowledgement of your contribution s to our forum Ron. Last edited by rewing; at I posted that a few pages ago. I think i posted it in FXAW also. Thanks Todd. Originally Posted by Vetmxracer. Thanks Ash. You must sometimes get tired of constantly repeating yourself. Please don't stop, will you.

This post really helped me. Already got 30pips on Euro and 29 on CHF. Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Search this Thread : Advanced Search. BB code is On. Smilies are Off. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT. The time now is Contact Us - Forex Lasers - Top.

Add Thread to del. Forex Forums ForexLasers. User Name. Remember Me? Forex Education. Economic Calendar. Today's Posts. Mark Forums Read. Page 50 of Last ». Thread Tools. Search this Thread. You want to test your setup. RAS EA setting, execution quality, execution speed, technical problems.

You want to get to know the system by looking at the trades and not only on a stats page. That is different! I have noticed, that my subscribers in RAS and other systems are trading with a much higher than the recommended trade leverage. This is obviously not in my hands and the sole responsibility of the individual subscriber. The only problem with demo testing of paid signals especially expensive ones is that 7 days free trial is too short for evaluating any results properly.

I don't think there are many people willing to pay a fee for demoing signals. They let you download a copy and evaluate as long as you want on a demo account. Then you can purchase a license for a live account. I don't know however if this would be technically possible on a signal service like RAS, because how could they know if you are using their signal on a demo account or live?

Or could they? No stop loss , other than that your account gets a margin call. High DD are inevitable and can prolong for weeks. No stop loss, other than that your account gets a margin call. You must be referring to your triggerfx? It has no stop losses and is over pips in dd.

In order to cover your butt you need to plan for the worst like now, recommend a much higher acct balance in your description. I know of 2 margin calls on friends on Triggerfx today who just tried the free trial this week. That description is there since the very first days of the system and has never changed, only got amended.

I do not know, how a subscriber can get a margin call on TriggerFX, unless he uses a different Money Management or is not able to understand it. I do not know, how somebody can not understand the stop loss feature in place. I understand what your saying but some might not. Your mt4 link is not the 10K acct you mentioned. In your description you say this, usd in micro. Now I know what you mean sure, but for folks not familiar with this they would assume that to be the minimum acct size.

That's how it reads. Save people who aren't familiar with RAS by posting min acct size and a link to the correct acct you are referencing. It will save the newbs money and hard feelings towards you. No idea what is unclear, even the account name is clear. I have also a problem understanding your point about lotsize.

RAS EA duplicates lotsizes not tradesize. That means, if you are trading the correct account, your lotsize is the smallest possible. Possible mistake: Your broker allows only 0. Now you can easily adjust your lotsize to your account type and account balance by chosing the lotsize factor in RAS EA. Well, yes It is part of trading. You must know, what account type you are trading and what is the minimum lotsize allowed by your broker. If you are really unsure about all this, you have a 7 day trail to test and experiment with the correct settings on a Demo account.

If that is too much to ask from a potential subscriber, i can not help and suggest to refrain from trading, sorry.

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