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Xe Currency Converter. These are the highest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the lowest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the average exchange rates of these two currencies for the last 30 and 90 days.

Forex 100 pips strategypage max forex

Forex 100 pips strategypage

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Currently you can setup your positions SL and The strategy will start new deal when RSI is less than specified value. The start is not that important though, the real value of this strategy the very flexible DCA settings. This is a momentum based strategy which generates signals when the price moves with momentum in either direction.

This strategy works well on liquid stocks. Its not necessary to close the trade as soon as the close signal is generated and one can wait for the price to move in the direction as indicated by the prior signal unless price starts to go in the opposite If you want an indicator version, here is it. The agenda of this system is as follows: - Buy signal The originality of this strategy is that it does not use any kind of moving average.

Hello all, Herewith I publish my Forex strategy, it's works for major pairs only. I ran more than a thousand test to get this result! If you trade on lower timeframe, you can turn Hello guys, long time no update. I try 1D, 4H, 1H and it's perfect for me, when you play higher timeframe try to turn "ON" "Filter" on the menu setting.

Choosing different time frames and pivot periods influences trading decisions and is not recommended The script contains the following calculations: -Pivot Points, -Short and long term moving averages sma, ema, getting , -Bollinger bands, -Trend following The This is a basic idea that can be expanded on using different indicator types to either add signals or filter out This strategy shows you only the entry signal with 1.

This strategy uses 5 kinds of indicators: 1. Kijunsen for Baseline; 3. SSL Channel for 1st Get started. Indicators, Strategies and Libraries Strategies. All Types. Open Sources Only. You must login or register to post a reply. RSS topic feed. Trade one currency pair only 2. Trade in one direction only long or short depending on which currency is doing well, eg trade against the dollar today as it is having a downward trand today against the euro, chf, etc.

Use fundamental analysis for picking the currency trend 3. Trade one lot only at a time 4. This strategy generates profits every time, in every currency pair Leverage should never be more than although fx allows upto , leverage can kill any trader mighty quick. The entry strategy can be decided by the trader I prefer donchian break outs , this system gives the rules for trading discipline.

I have not seen any other system with this win ratio. I realize you probably already know these things and have more Forex experience than I do. I am only pointing out these things for the benefit of other newbies. Think of it another way. Only take profit will do because you make max profits at around two levels 35 pips and pips use optimiser. Also we use a very low leverage of max.

If you only day trade and only take inter day profits of 85 pips, then you wouldn't even have any carrover pip charges. I tested out the 4 x 1 strategy over a few months with 1 hour data. Sorry all, the strategy in proper format is as follows Forex Strategy Builder v2. A same direction signal - Adds to the position An opposite direction signal - Does nothing. I find that most strategies that work good on one pair during one time period usually are very poor at other pairs or time periods.

I have played starting with a minimal 5 minute pair opening at day start and closing at day close and noted its balance and then proceeded to add indicators and limiters to maximize the improvement. I have yet to find any strategy combination that is consistantly profitable on all pairs and time periods. I find only some benefit from money management using stops, limits, and lots. The technical indicators use the price as basis and increase some of its aspects.

I've noticed years ago that adding additional indicators to a strategy do not improve it. More precisely said: we cannot use an indicator to take a decision for a trade and to confirm its signal with other similar indicator. If you play with the parameters you can receive exactly same curve shape for different indicators. The indicator shape was same for the three indicators.

So I thing is not necessary to include in a strategy more than 1 - 2 indicators from a given type. The opposite leads to overoptimization. The result is correlation of 0. I'm pretty sure if I adjust the parameters I can achieve greater correlation. My conclusion is that we cannot use one of this indicators to confirm the other's signal. The adding of additional indicators may not improve the strategy. Popov's Website. I am currently playing with your FSB and the free MetaTrader download program for automatic trading a demo account.

I am still having frustration trying to get it to trade correctly, lol. Here when MACD line crosses above the zero line there is a long signal when it crosses below the zero there is a short signal and the opposite logic is applied for closing the position. A same direction signal - Does nothing An opposite direction signal - Does nothing.

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