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Esn forex accounts

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The commission in the ECN system depends on the transaction volume, and with large trading volumes, it can reach profound values, at which your ECN transactions will still not be costly. This means that it will be executed at the price that is currently in the system. While your order is being processed, the price in the system may already change, and your trade will be executed at the closest one.

This happens due to too high market volatility. The chances are extremely low, so you should not worry about this. Having studied the pros and cons, we shall move on to the most important topic for traders. Let us find out how to choose your broker. Order execution type. It must be only Market Execution! So far, it has been the best order execution type. If a broker utilizes any other order execution mode, it could affect the trading procedure, which is not preferable.

Order execution speed. If a broker utilizes the ECN model, the order execution speed should not be below ms on the distant servers and not below - ms on the near servers. Ideally, it should be ms. The above screenshot displays the execution speed of my broker, LiteFinance, where the MetaTrader 4 platform is used for trading. As you see, the speed on the server nearest to my location is Narrow floating spread.

Any ECN broker provides its clients with a floating spread, which is close to the minimum, for trading high-liquid instruments. Commission fees per trade. Any true ECN broker has the only source of income, commission fees. The ability to place pending orders within the spread. The broker should not restrict the placing of orders, which are only regulated by Bid and Ask prices in the ECN system. The Broker has access to one of the ECN systems. This is an obligatory rule. LiteFinance has such access through overlapping liquidity providers.

Depth of Market in the trading terminal. Depth of Market DOM is typically displayed as an electronic list of outstanding buy and sell orders, organized by price level and updated in real-time. The figure for point 3 displays a Depth of Market, which helps to analyze the current market situation.

Requirements for a minimum deposit. If a broker utilizes the ECN, it costs much more than other order execution modes. In this case, the broker will simply go bankrupt. For this reason, ECN brokers set a minimum deposit for an ECN account, which is significantly higher than for other types of accounts. I have already mentioned many times such a concept as the commission charged by the broker. Let me explain in detail what the ECN commission is and how it is calculated. Simply put, the total ECN commission traders pay to the broker for executing transactions takes into account the interest of the ECN system and the broker that makes money by providing access to the ECN network.

Not to confuse you with long calculations, I will try to explain how the commission is charged in simple terms. This is an example of the commission for the transaction of one lot for any major currency pair charged by the LiteFinance broker. Other brokers can charge the commission as a percentage of the transaction volume.

In this case, the calculation formula is the following. As you see, the final result is almost the same as in the previous example, but the calculation method is a bit more complex. You need to understand that a commission is always charged for a complete transaction, and therefore for a purchase and for a subsequent sale.

In the first case, the broker's side took this into account in a single amount. In the second case, we simply added up the purchase commission with the sale commission. However, even understanding how the commission is calculated, it is not entirely clear where the broker gets this value from?

Why exactly 10 USD or 0. I hope everything is clear with the broker commission; it is a premium for the broker charges for its intermediary services of giving the client direct access to other participants in the electronic communications network. Let us cover in detail the commission of the ECN system. So, the main advantage of the ECN system over all others is almost inexhaustible liquidity. Liquidity in the world of finance is called a value that characterizes the ability of a product to be quickly sold or bought.

In other words, it is liquidity that characterizes the quality of the exchange market. Let me explain how liquidity works. Let us compare the grocery market with the forex market. If you want to buy a product or a currency right away there should be a seller in the market willing to sell this product or currency to you. When you come to the market to buy some meat, for example, you study the prices offered in the market and understand that nobody sells meat at the price you want.

This means that at the moment, there is no liquidity or very little liquidity for the desired product. And when you want to buy a currency pair in the Forex market, you do it in a split second, because there are a lot of sellers offering at the price you are interested in. This means that the market liquidity is high. But who provides this liquidity? The liquidity is provided by the electronic communications network, namely institutional investors. The network collects orders from banks, brokers, funds, trusts, and many others.

The electronic communication network provides round-the-clock trading services, and it is fair that these services should also be paid for. Therefore, the ECN charges a commission, which your broker pays for you and charges you with a fixed and transparent amount.

Does the ECN always charge a commission? No, not always. As long as the ECN system monitors the maintenance of liquidity, it encourages everyone who adds this liquidity and charges those who take this liquidity from the market. So, let us see how it works with an example. You want to buy the pair right now, that is, at the market.

Of course, you place a trading order, and the broker puts your order in the system, where it is immediately matched by the most profitable sell order in the system. In this case, to open your trade, a volume of , currency units is taken from the system, that is, this amount of liquidity is removed. Since you have reduced the liquidity in the system, you are charged a commission. In this case, you would use a pending order, most commonly, a limit order.

You place an order with your broker, and your trade is put in the list of orders of the system, the Depth of Market. Summing up all the above, I want to once again stress that it is impossible to trade without any commission. The commission is not a way to deprive you of your money, it is a necessary measure of earnings for a reliable broker. However, many brokers provide their clients with a commission cashback option called rebate. More and more traders choose ECN trading.

Do you know about quotes manipulations? For those who have been trading for quite a time, it is an essential question. In ECN trading, you have a guarantee that the received quotes are true. ECN has the Depth of Market where you can always see the orders put by all participants of the network. If you enter a trade at the market price, you can be sure that the order will be put right away, without any delays.

The ECN has so high liquidity that you can set pending orders within the spread and instantly react to any price changes. All these advantages of trading with an ECN broker, I appreciated many years ago, and my choice is still the LiteFinance brokerage company. Since then, many other good ECN brokers have emerged, but I remain committed to the transparent trading conditions and low fees that LiteFinance, one of the largest Forex brokers, provides.

In my humble opinion, ECN trading made a revolution in the Forex market. Previously, a trader could not have imagined that the role of a broker and other intermediaries would be completely eliminated, opening up the possibility of fair and transparent trading. ECN account is a simple and convenient way to get the highest level of services providing access to the interbank market. Narrowest spreads and transparent commissions make ECN accounts an ideal means of successful trading.

There are quite a lot of ECN brokers. If you want to succeed in trading and make profits, it is essential to choose a reliable and trustworthy broker, loyal to its clients. ECN trading means trading through an electronic communication network.

Traders buy and sell directly to each other without any intermediaries. ECN brokers provide ECN trading services giving their clients direct access to the network and charging a commission as a premium. An ECN broker is a Forex broker that connects its clients to other market participants banks, funds, trusts, and other brokers using electronic communication networks ECNs. On an ECN account, one can make Forex trades directly in the electronic communication network ECNs without any intermediaries between the trader and other market participants.

The ECN commission is a fixed amount depending on the volume of the trade. In both cases, your trade goes directly to the counterparty. The only significant difference is the way the commission is charged. But this does not always mean that there is a difference in the commission size for a trader. It is essential to choose a reliable broker in ECN trading.

I have already written how to distinguish between ECN brokers and other Forex intermediaries. But how can you define what ECN broker is the best? If the broker works in the ECN, there can be no difference in quotes, since the network is unified, but there is a difference in trading conditions. Each broker offers its own set of instruments available for trading and different commission.

Check our Security Policy to know more. Try Free Demo. Contents How do ECN accounts work? How do ECN accounts work? ECN account execution. Advantages of ECN accounts A unified automatized system of processing applications Thanks to the unified automatized ECN, traders enjoy high liquidity and execution of orders at the best price. Besides, there are no non-market quotations. Narrow spreads When the market is calm, spreads may be minimal — from 0 points.

Fast execution Orders are executed almost instantly; there are no requotes. Orders may be placed inside of a spread Orders may be placed at a minimal distance from the current market price, even inside a spread. You may use any trading strategy Any trading strategy will do: from long-term to scalping ones i. Drawbacks of ECN accounts Floating spread Such a spread may widen in the times of increased volatility or low liquidity, say, at night or at festive times.

Commission fee The broker's interest is a small fixed commission fee for a certain trade volume. Possible slips When the market moves, orders may be executed with slips, i. How to open an ECN account? ECN account conditions.

Summary ECN is an up-to-date, hi-tech system of electronic trading with quite appealing conditions of work. Material is prepared by Victor Gryazin Has traded in financial markets since Further reading Stocks. How to Avoid Traps for Bulls and Bears. Subscribe to R Blog and never miss anything interesting Every week, we will send you useful information from the world of finance and investing.

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An ECN broker is a forex financial expert that uses electronic communications networks to give clients access to other participants in currency markets. Here is a list of the best forex brokers that accept residents of Trading forex (currencies) in Germany is popular among residents. View our list of the best ECN Brokers based on features, offerings, fees & more. ECN Forex Brokers (No Dealing Desk + STP + DMA + ECN). Most Popular.