stocks that doubled in a day
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Xe Currency Converter. These are the highest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the lowest points the exchange rate has been at in the last 30 and day periods. These are the average exchange rates of these two currencies for the last 30 and 90 days.

Stocks that doubled in a day histoire du forex cargo

Stocks that doubled in a day

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The best one for me is the overall health weekly overview. I do have a question though about daytrading as I would like to test it out while markets are not in an up trend which is you point out in a very clear fashion each week is the best time to be doing long oriented swing trades.

Ideally I could start at perhaps 8 AM Pacific which would be 11 Eastern or something more reasonable. Or am I just dead in the water with trying to also get some sleep and day trade effectively during the best time? What do you think? Thanks for the help. But you can still trade trends during the day, I just personally find it a little more difficult because the price tends to get a bit more choppy. But it is possible. Best place to start is by going through some of the charts and seeing how you might trade them around them that time of day.

Is there a course or post you have for day trading specific guidance? And when I day trading stocks, I will often post examples of what I am doing on Twitter. Hi Cory Curious what you do in this situation: Stock is in a larger daily downtrend and you want to daytrade it short.

I can only guess that a person should move on and ignore this stock until the daily chart presents opportunity again. Basically — go scan for another stock. In any situation where I can short at the price I want, when I want, I trade something else.

This includes no short shares being available as well. Hi Cory, do you have the equivalent list for Canadian stocks in an uptrend for the week of March 7? Hi Cory, the majority if your suggested daytrade stocks are in downtrends. How can i get access to stocks with the same criteria, but in uptrends. For day trading, I am willing to trade in both directions.

But if you only want uptrends, you would need to add in additional criteria such as the stock being above moving averages: day for long-term uptrend, and 50 and 30 or day MA for short-term uptrend. Are used my savings of 10 grand to invest in stocks on Robin Hood. I need help. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. These are 5-minute charts provided by TradingView.

Candian Day Trading Stocks Canadian stocks are typically limited by volume. Blackberry BB. Happy Day Trading! Cory Mitchell, CMT Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is personal investment advice, or advice to buy or sell anything. March 19, at AM. How exactly would you trade this stock in order to maximize gains? Kind regards, Sara. March 19, at PM. March 14, at AM. March 14, at PM. March 8, at AM. Thanks for the feedback. March 6, at PM. Your thoughts?

March 6, at AM. I will add a list on Canada today. Added, near the bottom of the page. March 1, at AM. Good piece of work! Thank you. January 9, at PM. Regards, Hennie. January 10, at AM. December 11, at PM. Leave a Reply Leave a well-reseaonsed comment or question.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. It's also responsible for many of the body cameras worn by peace officers, and it provides evidence-database software used in police departments. With many major cities focused on social reforms, Axon's products have become front-and-center solutions for greater law enforcement transparency.

The secret sauce to Axon's TAM nearly doubling is its broadening focus to also include the consumer market. Management plans to roll out its less-than-lethal Taser products to consumers, as well as offer a consumer-focused smartphone app, which'll be unveiled in Based on management's estimates, the individual consumer market could offer a higher TAM than what law enforcement can bring in.

Likewise, Axon has pardon the pun worlds of international potential. I say "double down" because it was a stock I felt would outperform in , but it fell flat in a big way. This year should hopefully flip the script for this fast-paced small-cap stock.

Although the insurance industry is a moneymaker, it's generally slow-growing. EverQuote operates in arguably the fastest-growing subsection : digital advertising. EverQuote is already working with 19 of the top 20 auto insurers, which allows it to present thorough price comparisons to consumers. Meanwhile, its platform lures in motivated buyers, which essentially means insurers are able to more effectively utilize their marketing dollars. As consumer buying habits shift online, EverQuote's role as a leading insurance marketplace will only expand over time.

Furthermore, EverQuote has moved into new verticals over the past couple of years, including home, rental, health, life, and commercial insurance. These verticals have grown at an even faster rate than its traditional auto insurance segment, and they provide a nice opportunity to book high-margin add-on revenue. It's no secret that coronavirus disease COVID stocks have been on fire since the pandemic began. It produced an Instead of simply benefiting from an initial inoculation campaign, the introduction of new viral variants provides Novavax a way to generate recurring revenue.

The company's drug-development platform is designed to with speed and efficacy in mind to develop booster shots and variant-specific vaccines. Best of all, you're getting Novavax at a discount. Short-term regulatory filings delays and production concerns held the company's share price down throughout Most of these worries are now in the rearview mirror.

With the company likely to win numerous emergency-use authorizations this year, it's a good bet to become a key player in the ongoing fight against COVID Between March and February , GrowGen was one of the hottest stocks on Wall Street, with shares skyrocketing more than twentyfold. This huge reversion looks to be based on slowing organic growth, as well as higher inflation, which could weigh on the company's margins. The two-pronged strategy that'll allow GrowGeneration to be a portfolio superstar is its inorganic expansion , as well as its omnichannel presence.

In terms of the former, GrowGen has regularly leaned on acquisitions to expand its reach into new and existing high-dollar markets. This is a company with lighting, nutrient, soil, and hydroponic solutions that appeal to both the consumer and enterprise markets, and it has been especially popular among cannabis growers. GrowGen currently has 62 stores in 13 states. Beyond leaning on buyouts, GrowGeneration is building up its e-commerce presence and focusing on private-label and proprietary brands to lift its long-term margins.

Once valued at more than 10 times sales and over times forecasted earnings, GrowGen now goes for well under 2 two times sales and closer to 40 times Wall Street's consensus earnings for In the U. Furthermore, pet owners haven't reduced year-over-year spending on their furry family members in over a quarter of a century. What makes Bark so special is the company's subscription-based operating model.

The subscription model tends to lead to higher customer retention rates, predictable cash flow, and lower overhead expenses. The company's marketing campaigns are paying dividends, too. In less than two years, the number of subscribers has more than doubled from less than a million to approximately 2.

And don't overlook Bark's innovation as a growth catalyst. The introduction of Bark Home, which provides basic necessities like collars and beds, and Bark Eats, a service that helps owners craft a customized dry-food diet for their pooch, are the perfect complements to drive add-on sales. Gold stocks didn't have a particularly good To state the obvious, gold-mining stocks benefit when the price of the metal they're digging out of the ground appreciates in value.

The lustrous yellow metal should benefit from historically low bond yields i. A bounce back year for gold seems likely. But Kinross isn't just sitting on its laurels and letting the physical price of gold do all the work. The most exciting advancement is the Tasiast 21k project. By the end of March, the company's throughput at the key Tasiast mine in Mauritania should reach 21, tonnes per day. The company is regularly replenishing or growing its precious metal reserves.

With Kinross expected to grow its output from 2. All investments come with risk, but some are riskier than others. But if things go right in , shares could very easily double. Root is attempting to disrupt a stodgy industry that's been pricing auto insurance policies using metrics that have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of someone's driving, such as credit score and marital status. It aims to do this by leaning on telematics. Using sensitive instrumentation found in smartphones, Root can measure G-forces based on braking, turning, and accelerating to determine how safe a driver really is behind the wheel.

In short, the company believes it can offer drivers an accurately priced auto insurance policy on the spot. Initial operating results from Root have been mixed but encouraging. For the time being, the company is reporting sizable per-share losses as it focuses on signing up new customers and building up its brand.

While loss ratios have been a bit erratic because of the pandemic, the initial takeaway is that a telematics-based approach can work. If Root's accident loss ratios stabilize or decline a lower number means a more profitable policy in , it could be a big winner. But after watching management navigate the numerous challenges presented by the pandemic, I'm extremely impressed by the company's execution and have changed my tune -- so much so that I believe, under the right circumstances, Nio could double in Throughout the second and third quarters of , the auto industry was constrained by semiconductor chip shortages and other supply chain snafus.

This situation held back Nio's expansion efforts. But these issues are now abating, and the company's deliveries are soaring. In November, Nio delivered 10, vehicles, which equates to an annual run rate of more than , EVs. By the end of this year, management is targeting an annual run rate of , EVs.

If this ramp-up continues, quadrupling sales by is easily doable. In addition to ramping production, Nio is being driven by innovation. It'll be introducing three new EVs this year, and it will continue to lean on the battery-as-a-service program BaaS that was introduced in August In exchange, buyers receive a discount off the initial purchase price of their vehicle.

Nio is effectively trading some near-term revenue for improved customer loyalty and juicy fee-based margin over the long run. The topper is that the company is based in the largest auto market in the world, China. Everything appears set for Nio to floor it in Another marijuana stock with the potential to double your money in the New Year is U.

Like Planet 13, Columbia Care has a unique strategy that should pay long-term dividends. First, it tends to focus on a number of limited-license markets, such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Massachusetts. For some MSOs, this can inhibit their ability to dominate market share in a state. But for many MSOs, like Columbia Care, these limitations provide some degree of competitive protection that allows them to effectively build up their brands and garner a loyal following.

The more important growth driver for Columbia Care is its love affair with acquisitions. For those of you with a higher tolerance for risk and reward, technology-driven residential real estate company Opendoor Technologies OPEN Opendoor is the leading company in what's known as iBuying. The process tends to be relatively fast and can quickly put cash in the pockets of those who need it, or who don't want to deal with the hassles of showing a home for months on end.

What's particularly interesting about Opendoor is that one of its top competitors, Zillow , recently announced it would shut down its iBuying program. Zillow announced in October that it would pause buying homes, and then in November it announced a total shutdown of the segment after miscalculating home values. This hasn't been an issue for Opendoor, which nearly quintupled its year-over-year home sales in the third quarter to 5, The company also more than doubled the number of markets it serves, from 21 to The "risk" for Opendoor is that the Federal Reserve will almost certainly begin raising rates in In my opinion, this'll only create an incentive for fence-sitting sellers to make the leap.

With plenty of liquidity and homes to back up the debt on its balance sheet , could be a booming year for Opendoor. EverQuote isn't the only company on the list that's making a repeat appearance. In terms of valuation, pharmaceutical stocks don't come any cheaper. Shares can be scooped up for roughly 3 times Wall Street's forecasted earnings per share in This exceptionally low price-to-earnings ratio is a function of the opioid litigation Teva and its peers are facing, as well as other factors, such as generic-drug price weakness and a leveraged balance sheet.

There's no question Teva has more financial flexibility now than it did four years ago. The key to Teva's doubling would be a resolution to the more than 40 state-level opioid lawsuits. The thing is, Teva and its peers recently won an opioid trial in California.

With momentum now shifting, Schultz may be able to broker a nationwide deal that involves free or discounted generic medicines, as opposed to a cash settlement. If this litigation overhang disappears, Teva could soar. What would you say if I told you that an ultra-high-yield dividend stock could double your money in ? Better yet, what if I noted that this company in question is primarily a coal producer? There's no sugarcoating that that Alliance Resource had a miserable Coal demand and per-ton pricing dropped considerably, as did the royalty revenue the company generates from its oil and natural gas assets.

It was something of a perfect storm that caused this rock-solid dividend stock to halt its payout. But a turnaround is now well under way. According to CEO Joseph Craft, the conditions for coal, in terms of demand and pricing, remain favorable into A big increase in natural gas prices last year has lifted demand for coal production in the Eastern U. The company also has a track record of securing coal supply and price commitments domestically and abroad well in advance.

One of the smartest trends investors can put their money to work in this year is cybersecurity. Although most cybersecurity stocks trade at a premium, you can get double-digit growth and value -- along with the potential to double your money -- with Ping Identity PING 3. As its name implies, Ping's specialty is identity verification. The company's cloud-based platform relies on artificial intelligence to become smarter and more effective at recognizing and responding to potential threats over time.

Ping is especially effective at working with on-premises security solution providers to create a unified platform. Ping is able to layer continuous verification, authentication, and authorization monitoring on users to improve overall data protection. Admittedly, Ping didn't perform all that well during the early stage of the pandemic. With some of its clients opting for shorter term-based licenses because of pandemic uncertainty, revenue growth stalled.

However, annual recurring revenue ARR growth hasn't missed a beat. ARR is arguably a better measure of Ping's success, since virtually all of its revenue derives from subscriptions. The company's ARR has consistently grown by the mid- to high teens.

Investors should also be excited about Ping's move to push software-as-a-service SaaS subscription solutions. SaaS cybersecurity solutions are high margin and should provide added incentive for clients to remain loyal to Ping. At roughly 6 times Wall Street's projected sales for , this profitable cybersecurity stock is a steal. Last year, the Brazilian-focused StoneCo struggled mightily.

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Some of the stocks that have more than doubled in include NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA), Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), and Devon Energy. Top Stocks While The S&P Doubled ; Enphase Energy, (ENPH), % ; Etsy, (ETSY), % ; Generac Holdings, (GNRC), % ; Discover Financial. Some of our top picks that logged triple-digit gains this year were Upstart Holdings Inc. (UPST), iRhythm Technologies Inc. (IRTC), Datadog Inc.