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Investing in shares for beginners uke

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Most budget ukuleles sound out of tune when you play notes high up the fretboard but not this one. Also tuning held nicely. Once the strings stretched and settled, tuning held well with small adjustments every 10 to 15 minutes of playing. In addition, with the ukulele, you get a strap, case, and tuner. You all give this ukulele outstanding reviews in the comments at the bottom of this post.

This ukulele sports a mahogany top, back, and sides. In addition to a concert size, the Cordoba also comes in a smaller soprano size and a larger tenor size. If you have larger hands, definitely go with the tenor so you have extra space for your fingers between the frets. I play a Kala tenor ukulele for some of the video lessons in the Strumming Tricks online ukulele lesson course I teach and love it.

This ukulele has an electronic pickup which means if you ever want to perform your ukulele live and plug in to amplify the sound then this ukulele is for you. For those with bigger fingers or larger hands, you might find soprano and concert ukuleles hard to play. If this sounds like you, look at a tenor-sized ukulele. I have a tenor ukulele and it feels much more comfortable to play and hold with my bigger hands. This Kala tenor ukulele is a great choice.

There are many ukuleles out there that would suit a beginning player. Post a comment below to share your suggestions. Learn new tricks like:. My first uke was a Makala Dolphin, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it. And not just to beginners! It sounded good out of the box and even better with a set of Aquila strings on it.

Lanikai makes great ukes for beginners and entry-level players who are on a budget. Pineapple ukuleles are fun to play! They look cool too. Thanks Brett for all your help. I like the size and shape came down from a concert size uke and I like the playability…. There is a buzz or vibration that puzzles me.

I replaced the factory strings with Worth brown strings. Still like the uke but would like to solve my problem. Sounds like the neck is warped. Sight down the neck looking for how straight the neck is and how even the frets. Love them. I have a friend who keeps one handy in his studio.

They record wonderfully. Excellent tone. I love Flukes. So I shopped around and looked at many, many ukuleles. I discovered the Fluke, played one and loved the tone and how well it was made. The shape, like the Concert, is great as it will stand up on its own with its straight bottom edge. While this will not add anything to my ability or be easier to play, it would be cool to have. I gave my Concert Fluke to my wife and would like to find a decent, used baritone.

If only Fluke would make one. If you are more or less a beginner or better and on a budget I would look for a fluke on line or used. You cannot go wrong and the molded fretboard plays as well as the hardwood. We highly recommend them! We have 2. Any help appriciated. I only say this because at that age she wont be bale to process the shapes of the fingerings and the strum patterns, but it will get her used to the size and allow her to become familiarized with the ukulele.

Yes, I just came across the sunlite soprano and was amazed at the volume that came out of it and ease of playing. I would recommend them. Dear Jeannie, What an exciting music program. It must be wonderful to share your enthusiasm with school-aged students in your community! Such work is Very inspiring to say the least. I hope I can find and volunteer for something similar in my neighborhood.

It is only now that I have decided that I want to properly learn to play it. What is your view on this instrument, was it a good choice to learn on? In my experience, I would never hesitate to recommend a Kala ukulele to a beginner.

That sounds like a great choice! Anyone have any comments on the Luna concert? Do you recommend buying online or picking the uke out in person? I upgraded to this version as it has a built in pickup for versitality …. Good luck. Brett- I am a 13 year old with no ukulele experience whatsoever. I only saw a girl at a camp play one once. But recently I have been doing some research and trying to figure out what to buy if I were to earn the money.

Could you help me? It would be greatly appreciated! Hi Faith, it sounds like the Makala Dolphin ukulele would be perfect for you. I would recommend saving up the extra money just because you want it to sound and play decently. The other option would be to visit your local music store and see if they have any ukuleles in stock that are in your price range.

Try them out or ask someone in the store to play and recommend you one. So, the difference between the tenor, soprano, and concert ukulele is the size? My husband is 6 foot, and want to buy one as a surprise xmas gift…. His chording will be different than the soprano, concert and tenor, but would fit his size.

Keep in mind, also, that not all of the four different sized ukuleles are exactly the same length or width. Aquila came out with GCEA strings for the baritone ukulele. FYI they sound good but they have have the space for the bigger fingers. Your 1 recommendation Makala Dolphin should include the Makala Shark.

They are virtually the same. Only differences are the bridge is a shark, fewer colors and colors are less flambouyant. I am going to order new hardware for the keys and see if that makes a difference. It also may be something with going to nylon I had a baritone with metal strings that makes it harder to tune in the beginning so be aware. Thanks for the comment! I imagine new hardware for the keys would really help. Did you have the LU equivalent in a baritone size or were you putting baritone strings on the soprano LU?

It was a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… I was a teenager and my sister wanted a shortcut to learn the chords on the guitar… you were right, she had no vested interest in the Ukulele so she picked it up and put it down. I grabbed it and never looked back. Now I am older and wiser.

It was a wood body, probably a really nice Baritone … my 3 year old used the bridge as a bridge … and it splintered into thousands of pieces. Note: for the first time the LU held the tune today. Oh and the book that comes with the LU has a couple misprints in the songs, the wrong Chord etc. Is that because you tried different strings on it? It really depends on the strings.

Initially, yes, it can be annoying to hear it fall out of tune after only a few hours, but with time they work just fine. I was also told to push on them to stretch them, and play, of course. Did you restring yours? I just bought a Lanikai LU It has nice tone I am a true beginner but am playing around with chords and melody.

I played a little violin and piano. That could also be new strings. For the price it is a nice uke. Really well made and has great enclosed tuners. Violins should have these tuners. This is the perfect concert sized ukulele. Donna dumdee. One note… I highly recommend a case. Once the strings stretched mine hardly needed tuning. This is a very nice ukulele for the price. It has been giving me fits on certain chords. Apparently that needs to be done with this particular model-maybe all the Lanikai models, maybe others as well.

Not to mention effecting strumming and picking. I did try a more expensive Uke at the store today and will be purchasing it. The difference in the action was so striking. I adjusted the action on my soprano myself — I decided any self respecting luthier would probably charge more than my cheapo uke was worth anyway!

Changed the uke completely , easier to play, better sound, the lot. There are several you tube videos showing how to do it if anyones interested — I went for approx. I recently purchased a Makala Soprano Mk-P and can recommend it. Even with black standard strings, it is very playable and sounds good, although it is thought a change to aquila strings would be an advantage.

Maybe other players would like to comment on aquila strings or decent alternatives. Sounds like a good uke! New strings always seem to help a little. Try some of the clear flourocarbon strings that are available.

They tend to have a clear, bright sound that makes any uke sound better, in my opinion. Worth makes some excellent clear flourocarbon strings, along with some brown ones that are more subdued in sound. There are other reputable brands like Fremont. Most strings are pretty cheap, so you can try several until you find the ones you like the best. Elderly Music has a great selection. I love the Aquila strings and my uke stays in tune for weeks. I have had plastic strings and open tuners with really awful tuning problems.

Just purchased a Lanikai LU with Aquila strings as a beginner, after doing much internet research. I lived in HI about 10 years ago and regret not learning while I was there. So far so good, after 2 weeks it no longer needs tuning every hour.

Thanks for all the info on your website, I have learned a lot so far and I appreciate you explanation of where each finger goes for different chords. I am teaching myself to play! I wrote up some suggested tuners over here if you want to check those out to get some ideas. You can download free chromatic tuners for your phone or computer. For my android phone i got an app called gStrings.

It occasionally has ads running at the top but this does not affect functionality. I used it for 3 days before I even noticed the ads were there! I had the good fortune to be able to take a trip to Hawaii. I only got the CE because I already play electric bass and have an amp that I can plug into. I plugged it in when I got home, and the output sounds great. But most of the time I practice acoustically, so for most beginners the KA-C model would be all they need.

I got interested in the ukulele by trying out a friends Makala Soprano, but I find it a bit small in the fret area and the strings were a very hard black material. In contrast, the KA-C has an 18 fret neck which guitar players will find more easy to handle.

The tone and volume of the uke is fuller because of the slightly bigger concert body. I really like the white Aquila Nylgut strings as they are much easier on the fingers and I believe they enhance the tone of the instrument. You can watch a UTube video of this instrument by going to the follwing link. I am surprised no one has asked about action, the distance between the frets and strings. They all seem to vary enormously and as you know, high action will put off anyone especially begginers.

I have a Brunswick concert and the action is far too high compared to a friends lanakai, the lanakai is far more rewarding to play, needing a lot less pressure with the right hand fingers. So, I will be trading in the Brunswick……… Anyone else noticed this action discrepancy?

I am so happy to find out what action means! Now I finally know what it is…. There are a couple way to do this, which I find not to be much trouble or risky. One of the first things I do when buying a uke is turn it flat, at eye level, and check out the action.

If, by chance, the actioin is too low on a uke, or even one of the strings, you will hear a buzz. He tells you a little bit about it in his YouTube video clip at the bottom of the following page link. The left and center frames he uses a KA-C in the video. Even an inexpensive model in the right hands hopefully mine in the distant future can produce impressive results. Another video clip performance in the Hilo, Hawaii guitar and ukulele shop.

Any thoughts on this model? I have the little green Mahalo in the header image. I love it! I have the Lanikai banjolele concert size and it is terrific fun! I found the tone to be much more full on the solid back. Hope you get your hands on one soon! I love my banjolele.. It is sometimes better for some songs than the uke. I have a Mahalo too. Mahalo makes a great entry-level ukulele! Such a cool sound…. When I started I was borrowing my friends and I ended up getting it as a hand-me-down.

I, for instance, have become pretty good at tuning by ear. I completely agree with the advice of borrowing a friends ukulele. I also recommend just going to a store and picking up a few ukes, you might find that a specific sized uke is most comfortable for you.

I ended up being most comfortable, more than size was concerned, with an instrument that was in used condition. Hi Brett, my first try here, I have worked from your site in part as a beginner player. I belong to what I term as the Old Age Teenager Club, us old fogies that meet once a week to have a bash at playing the Uke.

I have been now just over a year and have so much to learn. At 81 it takes a little longer perhaps. By the way, reading some of the comments about Baritones,I must confess that I could NOT get my head around playing Baritone chords when all music was in the norm, ie re entrant, so I had them re strung using the lower G, sounds fine,Aquila strings of course, they are great.

Absolutely fantastic machines, love em to bits,so too is the Concert. I cant let these Ukes down and so I will be signing up for Tuition from your good self, all the jollies from Sydney Australia. Ern Stroud. By the way for those that wonder?? Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome. I have two soprano Ukuleles, one Leolani and a solid mahogany Islander. Different sounds but like them both.

It made a ringing, almost grating sound. Harmonics of the smaller sound box I think. I bought both of my grand kids Mahalo ukes. The strings that came with them you could hear go out of tune within a few seconds of playing them in the store.

I talked the store owner into making me a deal on two sets of Aquilas to go with them. After a few days of breaking in the strings they stay in tune and sound fairly good for such inexpensive Ukuleles. I want to do some more strumming lessons eventually.

Dear Brett, Your strumming video s are such a benefit to new players. I also loved the blues uke video lesson. I was going over this pattern one day at a local park and before I knew it some parents sat down nearby as their children started dancing. I just started playing ukelele six months ago. Your lessons have really helped a lot.

The learning and fun factor curve seems so quick, compared to my experience learning to play other instruments such as the piano, flute, violin or guitar. My mum brought back theeee most beautiful uke from tahiti when she went over last year. Its also the best sounding uke ive ever heard! The tones just sound so much richer then the 4string ones.

Do you know what brand it is? It sounds awesome! What a great souvenir to take back from a trip. My aunt just went to hawaii and scored a really nice ukulele. Hi Brett — thanks for your great work on this website! Best riff so far on this instrument …. Kashmir by Zep …amazing!!!!

I really appreciate your strumming and chording tips. The only warning I would give is that you may have a hard time finding strings in music stores, but they are available at online sellers. One thing I forgot to mention was try to find a friend who plays ukulele you can bring to a music store. You might even ask someone in the music store to play the ukulele too. Just started about August last year. Looks nice too which is a bonus. Today is my first time on your site by the way.

Good stuff. If you want to see a particular model in action check out youtube- lots of people do reviews of their ukes there.. My Christmas present uke was found there. Still waiting for Christmas to open it.. I believe there is no mid priced uke comparable to the oscar schmidt ou5 or ou7. The looks, playability, workmanship and sound beats them all, in my opinion…john.

I have an oscar schmidt OU2 concert…has been a great thing to learn on…. Great ukulele! I have 4 Ukes and the Oscar Schmidt is my favorite so far! I had a friend a couple weeks ago who was looking at an Oscar Schmidt. Glad to hear it gets a great review! This Ukulele has no scratches or wear marks. I love the mellow full volume tone of this Ukulele. I think I got a great buy on this, what do you think? Also, my yeqar-old granddaughter was here for the weekend and picked up my Ukulele as a first time user.

I ordered her a Kala Makala Tenor Ukulele as a starter instrument. Sounds like you got a great deal! A lot of you guys here on the site have been raving about the Kalas. It sounds like you got your granddaughter hooked on ukulele. What a wonderful gift you can give her! Yes, when I was in Hawaii a couple weeks ago I tested a lot of Ukuleles.

They have got the key to building quality instruments for for every need. I am a beginner, bought the Makala Dolphin and played around for awhile, but decided to make an investment in a uke with better intonation. After nosing around eBay and instrument shops, I discovered Favilla ukes and fell in love. Solid mahogany, warm tones, perfect intonation. Bargain price. Just make sure to ask the right questions regarding condition, necessary repairs, and so on.

Elderly even offered to play the instrument over the phone so I could hear how the uke sounded. Great suggestion about looking at used ukuleles! Sometimes you can score a really good deal. It is important to ask those questions surrounding the history of the ukulele and give it a thorough inspection.

It sounds like you found a great used ukulele! Thank you very much for the uke tips! Thank you! I am not very familiar with that ukulele, but it looks like it could be a good first ukulele. Other than that, it might be worth the try!

I just found your site and it seems a great resource. As far as entry-level ukes, I would actually recommend the Luna Tattoo series. I have the concert size, but the soprano size has a honu etched around the soundhole, while their pineapple soprano and their concert size have polynesian waves along the bottom.

I bought a Luna concert last week. I am troubled with the intonation on the first 2 frets. Ukes have trouble with intonation, which is a shame. Ah bummer. It sounds like you got a sour one. Is there anything you can do to help make this better? Also, you might try putting fresh new strings. If the intonation problems still persist, you might try to exchange the uke for another Luna concert to see if you just got a lemon.

Or you might jump up in price range for a nicer uke, but I know for me, I do like to have a uke around that I feel like I can beat around a little bit. I have a Luna Concert size. Eventually, I would like a solid wood bod, but I am making myself get better first. I work in a preschool and use it to sing to the kids and everyone just adores the whole experience,. The intonation , sound and playability is very good. My husband who as been playing uke for 3 yrs or so also has been playing guitar for many years helped me pick it out.

My Lanikai is defiantly not top of the line but is still a great one. I my listening experience they are the best. May be giving it to my nephew if he like the class I will be taking him to. My house hold has a wide selection o f ukes already. Glad you are enjoying the book too! Thanks for your comment, Deanna! I bought a Makala MK-C as my first foray into ukes.

Went for the concert over the soprano because I found it easier to play with my clumsy guitarist fingers! If I get good enough I might plump for a more expensive, decent instrument one day! But first I must master the dreaded E chord! Sounds like you made a good choice for getting started. I imagine you probably have done this tho. Thanks for your comment! I know a lot of people in search of a ukulele will find it helpful.

Rank beginner here. I knowingly bought a too-cheap ukulele yesterday just to find out if learning might be fun. Five-O brand, laminate, made in China. A very gentle sandpapering of the next fret helped to reduce the double contact! I just bought a Luna brand, concert size, acoustic-electric ukulele and I love it. Not only is it beautiful has traditional Hawaiian tattoo designs carved in the face and around the sound hole , but it has excellent tone and what seem to be high quality strings.

I not only got this beautiful instrument, but a gig bag, which is great. The last thing I want is a dusty, or broken, ukulele. Thanks for this website, I was so happy to find it. You are very welcome! Thanks for posting your comment and sharing the ukulele recommendation to help others out. Hi Brett! I mean, do I risk it breaks in the shipping? Musicians Friend, Sweetwater you will be okay.

I had no reason at all not to mention them. It was really hard to narrow it down to 5 ukuleles, but there are many great concert ukuleles out there too. For example, the Kala tenor ukulele also comes in a concert version as well which is worth checking out. It is solid mahogany. I am very pleased with it. I am a beginner but I wanted a decent instrument I could use for a while.

Joan, I almost bought a Mainland concert mahogany ukulele. I also like that you can customize the ukulele a little bit too when you purchase it. I spent about an hour at the Kiwaya shop in Tokyo yesterday. They make Kiwaya called Famous in Japan and Luna brands. The decorated and laminates are made for the export market only. I started playing famous concert models and was almost ready make a buy, when I decided to try a equivalent Luna.

The clerk in the store was really helpful and let me try 5 identical ukuleles from stock and pick the one I liked best as there was bit of rattle in the floor demo model. I highly recommend trying two or three of the same instrument before you decide. It sounds fantastic for begginers. All solid wood, beautiful decorations. Look it up on the Youtube. What do you think of the Ibanez brand. I have a deposit down on one. It looks beautiful, and I have read nothing but good reviews on it.

I got to play it a little in the store. Not sure about it until I play for awhile. The Kohala HUby Lanakai is an excellent beginner uke for anyone it only about60 dollars it is very sturdy and keeps in tune which is all you need. My first uke purchased was a concert size Lanakai S series solid spruce top and mahogany sides. I imagine it to be a real nice uke! I would try to play one if you can before you buy it.

Maybe some other people here have some experience with the Ohana too. I just like the extra resonance and the pronounced twang of a banjo ukulele. This really is a great site. I bought a makala concert ukulele. Its my first and i am happy with it. Feels good sounds good and i hear alot about ukuleles being hard to keep in tune i play mine alot set it down and pick it up and still in tune. What i really want is a national steel body ukulele.

It was always one of my dream guitars but as a ukulele is much more obtainable. I recently purchased a Korala Beginners Soprano ukulele and I love it, I re-strung it with Aquilla Nygut Strings and that has made a huge difference to the sound.. I know this is off topic, but do you have any tips on how to paint this ukulele? Imogen, I have actually have never painted a ukulele before! Does anyone else have any tips? Maybe a Kala Or a Hilo. I would recommend looking at a concert or tenor ukulele if you have bigger hands.

You can learn more about the ukulele sizes here. The important thing is to get a ukulele and start playing! And one night I was hanging out with a friend at his house and he had a few ukuleles and I commented on how I wish I had one and so right then and there he gave one to me! So thanks! Mines a soprano, not a tenor. The quality of the Kala is very good. It comes with Aquila strings which stabilized in about 2 days and has a nice mellow sound. It is a bit challenging trying to stuff my fingers between those small fret spaces.

Still a newbie but intend to carry on, long arms so my soprano too short, concert size seems fine. I just wanted to say that you need to try the Firefly Banjo Uku. I was able to get one of these and it is a blast to play. Tuned just like a regular ukulele, but louder and sounds just like a banjo..

And you can never have to many ukuleles.. Replace with good strings helped the sound right away. Stays in tune very well. I also had a Lanakai LU and It sounds good, but has two frets that buzz…they appear to be slightly raised. Disappointed with it. And finally I have a Luna Koa Tide concert size uke. Very very nice sound best of all of my ukes , but I worry about it too much to bring out.

Question: Is it recommended to practice on one size soprano, for example all the time, or is it ok to switch to concert size then soprano, back and forth? Would I still make progress in chords and strumming? I would try to switch up your practice between different ukuleles. Started playing the ukulele earlier this year and I am now totally hooked!!

Just purchased an Anuenue Lani Tenor which is absolutley amazing! Wonderful tone, aquila strings and good to look at too! My wife who is also nuts on the uke has an Anuenue Papa Concert which she loves!!!! Find your website really informative, thanks for the advice. Regards from your neigbours in England. Hey Bret, im 15 years old, currently i have a Diamond Head Ukulele.

I was hoping you could help me out with that. By the way your website helped me SO much! That sounds really cool! Plays really nice. I had to tighten up the tuning and put Aquila strings on. Love you web site. I think the tuning issue could be a couple things.

I play for hours a day. What a wonderful site. The Kala KA-C was my first ukulele. What a wonderful uke. Very playable and a lovely tone. Very nice website. I am a fairly new player, 1. I have purchased 11 so far. I did give 5 away to friends and family.

They range from a Fluke to a Kanile in price, but have had excellent results with KALA products 6 ukes were made by them. It was cute but sounded horrible, like the strings were fishing line. I changed out the strings to some Martin M and the difference was amazing, it completely improved the sound of the ukulele. I have now put these strings on 5 other Soprano and concert models and had similar results. The ukulele set up make a huge difference.

There are some sellers that do a setup on everyone they sell. I can personally recommend Hawaiian Music supply because they do a professional quality setup on every uke they sell, and sell them online. Thanks again for your site and Merry Christmas to all. Would this be suitable for a complete beginner? I will eventually upgrade but for 80 bucks this uke is a great starter.

Nice sound, quality hardware and construction. Neck is about as straight as you can get without a truss rod. Highly recommended! I found them to be a surprising little instrument for those who are looking to get started with ukulele. Thanks for the review! See which ones you like the best!

Makala makes some good ukuleles in that price range. Any of those brands are pretty good! Thanks for the many useful tips in getting an ukulele. Anyway, I think I was lucky of getting a friendly instrument. Best wishes for all! I have a Kala Soprano all solid mahogany. It is a wonderful ukulele that has a warmtone and is pretty loud but with good dynamics.

My first uke was a Lanikai concert. It had a decent tone but horrible intonation. The neck was attached slightly crooked. I bought and returned an all Koa Lanikai soprano and it was horrible. Either a bad neck or action too low. No dynamics, buzzed, no volume, tiny sound, bad finish. So no more Lanikai for me. I just ordered a solid mahogany soprano Islander from Hawaii Music Supply. Comparable in price to Kala.

I will let you know how it is once it arrives. Hawaii Music supply has a great web site — lessons, lots of video samples etc…. No body has a Cordoba? The fit and finish are awesome after about a week of play it almost never came out of tune again and it has great sound quality. Has anyone else had a Cordoba? The main differences is that the Dolphin is made out of plastic and the Makala is made out of a wood laminate.

Both will sound pretty similar. Some people might make fun of me for it, but for me, there is something inspiring about playing a beautiful instrument, so if you like the look of the Makala, you should go with it! Especially since they are so similar.

Hey Gerry, I did teach the course using a tenor ukulele tuned to standard tuning, so this will be a different tuning from your baritone. However, the majority of the course is spent focusing on strumming and rhythm, so these techniques will be able to be applied to your baritone ukulele. Some people who have baritone ukulele will use a capo on the 5th fret to follow along.

By placing a capo on the 5th fret, you are easily transposing your baritone ukulele to the equivalent of standard tuning. This would be a solution if you wanted to purchase the course. A while back my daughters in another state took a community college uke class that included a uke in the price. I soooo wanted to go. My little Hibiscus sounds great comparing with the 14 others and stays in tune.

I love the felt pick that came with it and the little shaker doodad I got to put on my finger for a rhythm toy. The ukulele group is an excellent idea. Hey Brett-Yeah, I got a Luna, because of the look and the nifty tattoo. However, my very first love is a Kamaka Tenor.

It was a present, I love it then and love it now!! Thanks for the site! The open-style tuners keep the instrument in precise tuning and the onboard preamp provides easy amplification that can be dialed in quickly. Luna ukuleles are great! This ukulele will be good if you ever want to plug it in to an amplifier since it has an onboard preamp. Hi, i have recently bought a second hand lazy ukulele, and i am really happy with it.

Hi Sarah, you could try removing the nut and sanding the bottom of it down. This will lower it. However, this project is probably one better suited for a luthier at a local music shop. Thank u everybody! Even for just after Christmas. Welcome to Ukulele Tricks. Learning the ukulele sounds like an awesome way to honor the memory of your grandmother! Hello, How about a Flea ukulele for a total beginner? Thanks for your great job helping people.

Enjoy your ukulele and play the heck out of it! Hey Mark, I imagine the strings need a little bit of time to settle. The Grover tuner shaft fits into the inside drilled hole in the headstock, which acts as a support bearing for the tuning shaft. This hole was far to big allowing the shaft to pull downwards towards the bridge when putting tension on the string. In doing so It pulls the mounting screws out of the wood and stripping the wood away so the screws cannot be retightened.

If you have one ,You can check yours by unwinding the string, and using a finger from underneath, pushing the shaft towards the bridge. If the bearing hole is too big,This will allow downward movement,causing the mtg plate to pull away from the head stock.

When tuning, the leverage pressure will strip the wood from the mounting screws so you may not be able to tighten them. A expensive Ukuleles should not have passed a good quality check,of a manufacturing defect like this. I really loved my Kala , and felt very sad that I had to return it. Hopefully mine is a isolated case, and this does not affect others, of the production run. By the way , I am 77 and love music. Hey John, thanks for your comment.

That is very unfortunate and frustrating about your ukulele. I hate when that stuff happens. So Far It sound great, gives me a different tone, and like that G string for picking. Thanks for mentioning that on your blog John. Thanks for this website, Brett! Just so happened that the one I bought is the Lanikai LU you recommended above. Now to figure out how to change the strings… lol.

I managed to learn so much in a period of about 20 minutes. So thank you for your dedication! My friend bought me a Mahalo from Amazon as a birthday present. What do you think about the Mahalo? What do you think? The Mahalo ukuleles are great entry-level ukuleles.

I just learned about this ukulele from Raggyrag on Youtube, and he knows his music, and I had to see if it was as good as he said so I bought one, it is the Kamoa Pineapple Soprano, and this is a very nice ukulele with the innotation right on. I like this better than the Lanikai Soprano, which for the price is nice.

It is not a 3 to 5 hundred dollar ukulele but you would never know it from the sound and quality. I have this site setup as one of my home pages.. Thanks Brett. Here is what the Kamoa Pineapple sounds like.. I started off with an electric solid body Amina concert a few months ago.

It was an odd looking thing, with a very nice flame maple natural finish. My wife wanted to start, and bought a lovely Kala acoustic concert travel uke. About an inch, but the violin back gives it a deep resonant tone. As a gift, we picked up a Diamond Head soprano for my nephew, and strung it with some Aquila nylagut strings, which sound nice. It looks just like the Makalas up on the top row. Last night, the latest arrived — a Risa tennor uke stick.

Very light for an electric, and built for travel. I just took my first uke workshop a week ago 3 hrs. Nice sound and keeps tune very well. No ukulele sounds completely the same. This is okay and good! I have some feeble guitar skills and experience with cheap gear, so when I went to buy a Ukulele I wanted one that would not have me wanting a better one only a short time later.

I played many and liked a few that are very popular with many people here, with good reason, but in the end I really enjoyed the sound quality, build quality and appearance of the Cordoba ukes even though they seemed a bit more expensive then typical. It stays in tune great even after hours of playing. It came with Aquila strings and a very nice gig bag too. Most soprano instruments have only 12 frets as beginners focus on the basic first-position chords, while concert and tenor ukes usually have frets to extend your scale range.

The necks on larger instruments will be slightly wider, along with the body of the instrument, and might be more comfortable for finger placement along the full length of the fretboard. Loud, bright, mellow, warm. Which tone is right for you? This is about personal preference and is about what kind of sound you are looking for. Many factors can influence this tone from size and woods used to materials and finish. We will cover details for each of these factors below!

Many ukuleles on the market are constructed of laminated woods because of the ease of mass production, lower production cost, and affordable consumer pricing. A variety of solid woods are used for ukuleles depending on availability, many species of trees are prized for their tonal properties and are protected by limited harvesting regulations.

Solid wood instruments are generally produced by experienced luthiers, have greater attention to detail, and can be strikingly beautiful much like heirloom furniture. Laminated wood instruments have a cross-grain pattern making them more stable and less likely to crack. In many cases, a laminate instrument may be the best option because of its price and durability.

Many laminate wood instruments can have a full and balanced tone, like their solid wood counterparts, due to advanced technology in manufacturing and quality control. Durability may be a necessity if you like to play outside, are a little rough on your instruments, or if your ukulele will get a lot of use. Instruments crafted from solid wood require more care because the finer, straight grain of the wood may be prone to splitting or cracking if subjected to drastic changes in temperature and humidity.

It is highly recommended to use a humidifier when storing solid wood instruments in drier, hotter climates such as the On-Stage GA Ukulele Humidifier. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, there are tonal characteristics associated with different varieties of wood; here are some of the most common used in ukulele production:.

A gloss finish will add a bit of rigidity to the soundboard and create a brighter tone with more projection. The gloss finish will also provide a protective layer that can add more protection and be cleaned more frequently. These characteristics work together to accentuate the tonal properties of the different kinds of wood.

It should be noted that any open pore finish, including most fretboards and bridges, should not be saturated with liquids or cleaning agents as it may damage the wood. Many musicians look at instruments solely as a tool of the trade, as long as they produce an appropriate sound then they are happy. So, let your personality and quirky interests shine — choose a ukulele that appeals to your aural and aural palette! Will you be playing gigs with it?

Will you use it to teach? Electric or simply acoustic models? If you need to amplify your ukulele, consider that most acoustic instruments can sound good using a microphone in front of it for a natural acoustic sound. This will require you to stay at a constant distance from the mic to maintain a consistent volume.

Purchasing a ukulele with a built-in pickup will allow you to always be ready to play through a PA or System or amplifier with convenience and total control of volume. For many musicians, the convenience, built-in tuner, and cutaway body for easier access up the fretboard make the price difference worth it. O Ukulele Pickup.

Adding a pickup requires professional installation from a luthier. Adding a pickup can be pricey but it can be great if you already have a ukulele you adore. It can be best to consider purchasing a ukulele with a built-in pickup, which usually has a digital tuner built into the system, with only a nominal difference in price than the acoustic version only. One of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing your ukulele is your budget.

Be sure to do your research and try a variety of different models to find the right one for you. Knowing you really appreciate the model you choose can go a long way in motivating you to play — a priceless investment! Some accessories may open up options for you, such as experimenting with different string options Nylgut vs nylon, low G vs high G, etc. The best way to learn about different ukuleles is to play as many as you can.

Adding to your collection with a higher quality instrument can pay dividends in adding to your playing, tone, creativity, and motivation. Happy ukulele hunting! Sam Marchuk formerly served as Education Consultant for West Music specializing in folk instruments and curriculum for the elementary classroom. He has been playing ukulele since and is an avid collector of vintage and contemporary ukulele models. As an Education Consultant, Sam assisted with the selection and acquisition of instruments and curriculum with teachers across the U.

Sam has demonstrated the potential of the ukulele at numerous state and national music education conferences, helped with the startup of ukulele programs across the U. Great article. Is it because chord Fingerings are different then soprano concert or tenor? From the 4 main sizes of ukulele, the baritone is in a class of its own.

The fingerings are actually the same, but in a different key — similar to playing a soprano recorder key of C vs an alto recorder key of F.

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It all starts with understanding how the stock market works, what your investment goals are, and whether you can handle a lot or just a little bit of risk. Stocks are equity investments that represent legal ownership in a company. You become part owner of the company when you purchase shares. Corporations issue stock to raise money, and it comes in two variations: common or preferred.

Common stock entitles the stockholder to a proportionate share of a company's profits or losses, while preferred stock comes with a predetermined dividend payment. You can profit from owning stocks when the share price increases, or from quarterly dividend payments. Investments accumulate over time and can yield a solid return due to compound interest, which allows your interest to begin earning interest.

Benjamin Graham is known as the father of value investing, and he's preached that the real money in investing will have to be made—as most of it has been in the past—not by buying and selling, but from owning and holding securities, receiving interest and dividends, and benefiting from their long-term increase in value. The stock market works like an auction. Buyers and sellers can be individuals, corporations, or governments. The price of a stock will go down when there are more sellers than buyers.

The price will go up when there are more buyers than sellers. A company's performance doesn't directly influence its stock price. Investors' reactions to the performance decide how a stock price fluctuates. More people will want to own the stock if a company is performing well, consequently driving up the price.

The opposite is true when a company underperforms. A stock's market capitalization or "market cap" is the sum of the total shares outstanding, multiplied by the share price. Market cap has more meaning than the share price , because it allows you to evaluate a company in the context of similarly sized companies in its industry.

Companies are generally grouped by market cap:. A stock split occurs when a company increases its total shares by dividing up the ones it currently has. This is typically done on a two-to-one ratio. The number of shares changes, but the overall value of your holdings remains the same.

Stock splits sometimes occur when prices are increasing in a way that deters and disadvantages smaller investors. They can also keep the trading volume up by creating a larger buying pool. A company's stock price has nothing to do with its value. The relationship of price-to-earnings and net assets is what determines if a stock is overvalued or undervalued. Companies can keep prices artificially high by never conducting a stock split, yet not have the underlying foundational support. Make no assumptions based on price alone.

Dividends are usually cash payments that many companies send out to their shareholders. Dividend investing refers to portfolios containing stocks that consistently issue dividend payments throughout the years. These stocks produce a reliable passive income stream that can be beneficial in retirement. You can't judge a stock by its dividend alone, however. Sometimes, companies increase dividends as a way to attract investors when the underlying company is in trouble.

Ask yourself why management isn't reinvesting some of that money in the company for growth if a company is offering high dividends. Blue-chip stocks—which get their name from poker, where the most valuable chip color is blue—are well-known, well-established companies that have histories of paying out consistent dividends regardless of the economic conditions.

Investors like them because they tend to grow dividend rates more quickly than the rate of inflation. An owner increases income without having to buy another share. Blue-chip stocks aren't necessarily flashy, but they usually have solid balance sheets and steady returns. Preferred stocks are very different from the shares of the common stock most investors own. Holders of preferred stock are always the first to receive dividends, and they'll be the first shareholders to get paid in cases of bankruptcy.

The stock price doesn't fluctuate the way common stock does, however, so some gains can be missed on companies with hypergrowth. Preferred shareholders also get no voting rights in company elections. Investment ideas can come from many places. You can take a look at your surroundings and see what people are interested in buying if spending your time browsing investment websites doesn't sound appealing.

Look for trends and for the companies that are in positions to benefit you. Stroll the aisles of your grocery store with an eye for what's emerging. Ask your family members what products and services they're most interested in and why. You might find opportunities to invest in stocks across a wide range of industries, from technology to health care. It's also important to consider diversifying the stocks you invest in. Consider stocks for different companies in different industries, or even a variety of stocks for organizations with different market caps.

A better-diversified portfolio will have other securities in it, too, such as bonds, ETFs, or commodities. You can buy stock directly using a brokerage account or one of the many available investment apps. These platforms give you the options to buy, sell, and store your purchased stocks on your home computer or smartphone.

The only differences among them are mostly in fees and available resources. Both traditional brokerage companies such as Fidelity and TD Ameritrade, and newer apps such as Robinhood and Webull offer zero-commission trades from time to time. That makes it a lot easier to buy stocks without the worry of commissions eating into your returns down the line. You can also join an investment club if you don't want to go it alone.

Joining one can give you more information at a reasonable cost, but it takes a lot of time to meet with the other club members, all of whom may have various levels of expertise. You might also be required to pool some of your funds into a club account before investing.

Another way to invest in stocks is through your retirement account. Your employer might offer a k or b retirement plan as part of your benefits package. Please remember, however, that cash accounts will of course offer a greater level of security, and that past performance is not a guide to future returns.

Data from the Barclays Equity Gilt Study shows that in each rolling 10 year period from - , shares have generated higher returns than cash savings. History also tells us that the longer an investment in shares is held for, the better chance it has of beating the return offered by a normal savings account.

This is why we always recommend taking a long-term view when investing in shares. So why do share prices go up and down? The price of a share is determined by supply and demand. Demand for a share is essentially the number of people who would like to buy, and supply is the number who want to sell. This will depend on what investors think about the future prospects of the company.

Are things set to improve or get worse? If the outlook is improving, more people might want to buy the shares and the share price might increase. For example, an increase in consumer confidence can lead to extra spending, raising the prospects for future profitability. A mining company, for example, is open to changes in the price of the commodity it mines. If the company is doing better or worse than its competitors, this can serve to support or depress the share price.

This means it is important to keep up to date with current news on the companies whose shares you own. To help, Hargreaves Lansdown offer research and comment on around of the most widely-held shares in the UK. The Hargreaves Lansdown website includes a factsheet for every share that you can buy and sell with us. It will look something like the below example:. In this example, you can buy the shares for 4,p each and sell them for 4,p each. The number on the right of the prices is the daily movement.

This shows that, since the last time the market opened, the share has fallen in price by The graph underneath the prices, charts the share price over the previous 12 months. Shares are traded very frequently, and on most business days the UK stock market is open for trading between 8am and 4. All share prices and performance charts are free to view on the Hargreaves Lansdown website. While shares are most frequently traded on the stock exchange, the first opportunity investors get to buy shares is when they are first created.

When shares in a company are issued for the first time, the ownership of the company, which may have been family owned or in private hands, is split into shares. These shares are then offered for sale to the public.

Once the shares have been issued, anyone can buy and sell them. There are many reasons why companies do this. It could be to raise money to fund future investments or so that an early investor can withdraw some of their money. Once a company has created shares, they can be bought and sold via the stock exchange. Because buying and selling shares in this way comes after the IPO stage, it is known as the secondary market. When you buy shares on the secondary market, you do so by using the services of a stockbroker.

The vast majority of accounts are held online offering a range of ways to deal shares. Execution-only is DIY investing. This way of investing usually has the lowest costs. An advisory service involves taking advice from a financial expert based upon your personal circumstances, attitude to investment risk and financial goals.

Your adviser will suggest investments based on your investment goals and financial position. The cost of financial advice will vary based on how much advice you need and the amount of money you have available to invest. Discretionary management means leaving the management of your investments to the experts, with all investment decisions being made on your behalf.

Discretionary management is suitable for those with larger portfolios and limited time or expertise. The cost of discretionary management services will depend on how much money you have to invest and the types of investments made. A common misconception is that you have to have a large sum to start investing. While investing a lump sum is certainly possible, you can also regularly invest smaller sums, known as regular savings. Not only is this an affordable route into building an investment portfolio, but it can help to reduce risk.

This means the share price going up and down can actually benefit you as you could end up purchasing more shares, but conversely it should be remembered that if the share price rises and never looks back, fewer shares are purchased via regular savings and investors could have been better served by investing a lump sum. Use our regular savings calculator to see what your investments could be worth.

Many people find themselves with a lump sum at some point in their lives. This could be through inheritance, a bonus or cash from the sale of a home. You can find out which Hargreaves Lansdown account is best for you below. Buying shares is quick and easy through Hargreaves Lansdown. You can open an account in under 5 minutes and start dealing shares immediately.

Find out more. Our award-winning service is designed to be simple and easy to use, and it puts you in control of how much you want to invest, where. You can open any account with a lump sum using a debit card or by starting a monthly direct debit. More on dealing accounts. More on ISAs. More on our full range of accounts. For some ideas on how to pick which shares to invest in, check out our guide to selecting shares or for more information on getting started with investing generally, you can read our Guide to Investing for Beginners.

Download your free guide to picking shares. Home Beginners guide to shares and the stock market. Stocks and shares for beginners For newcomers to investing, the world of shares and the buzz of the stock market, can all seem a bit daunting. This guide will help you to Understand the basics Find out why share prices move Why buy shares? Get started dealing shares. Explore your simple guide to investing in the stock market Helping you understand the basics of share dealing. What are shares?

What is the stock market? Why buy shares? Share prices explained What makes a share price move. How to buy shares IPOs and the secondary market. Getting started share dealing Getting started picking shares. Important information Please remember that the value of investments, and any income from them, can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest.

If you are unsure of the suitability of your investment please seek advice.

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